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Firstie, I Love Your Style

This is why I love this “job”. I get to be there when people are changing their lives.  This time it is a first-time home buyer.  I get a glimpse of awe, terror, wonder and joy.  I am swept up in the emotions too, but I’ve been down this river before and I know where the turns are, the rocks, and the safety of shore. 

Firstie, you remind me of the awesome responsibility of home ownership.  I love your earnest and true assessment that this is not something to be taken lightly.  Walk right in, eyes wide open, embrace the newness, and go for it.  Know you can do it.

You are creating your future right now.  You have made smart choices and your new home is amazing.  You are steering yourself in a good direction.  You are watching for the turns and the rocks and you can see the shoreline.  So, enjoy this ride.  Hang tough, Firstie, you got this.

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