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Haunted Places of Portland

i <3 haunted houses

I love haunted houses.  I find them appealing on so many levels, esthetically they tend to be beautiful, and emotionally they have a dark draw that makes me swoon.  Plus oftentimes they are are some of the most architecturally interesting homes we have in the U.S.

That is the case here in Portland too.

The Pittock Mansion is supposed to be one of Portland’s most haunted places.  It is stunning, and from the outside it does look like a haunted castle.  Personally once inside I did not get the sense that this house is too haunted.  I felt a sense of history.  And I enjoyed how The Pittock’s used as much local material as possible (locavore o.g’s).  The ornate mixed with the very 20’s design themes are very pleasing to me.  Worth a look for many reasons, including the crazy contraption in the shower upstairs (see photo!??!?) but it didn’t feel haunted.  This part of town is so lush and pretty, and the homes are all very attractive and of a vintage that I adore.  The views, the access to Forest Park, the zoo, the arboretum, really it doesn’t get more “haunted” or better than this NW Portland area.

Last summer I finally went and did the underground tunnel tour or “Shanghai tunnels” of Portland.  It was meh.  Actually that is unfair, it was “meh” because I wanted to see the parts they wouldn’t let me see.  I wanted to explore the furthest reaches and see everything there was to see, and “you’re not allowed” to explore on your own.  Bummer.  The speaker/tour guide was very informative and there is a lot of cool history under our fair city.  I love that part of downtown!  If you are down there check out Skidmore fountain and Old Town Pizza, both possibly totally haunted 😉

Oregon City is supposed to be one of the most haunted towns in the state.  The town founder John McLoughlin is said to haunt his old home, along with his wife Marguerite.  The McLoughlin house has undergone many different stages in its lifetime.  It was a hotel, a whorehouse, and an apartment complex before being restored to its original charms and hosting tourists and events.  This place is for reals haunted feeling…and totally beautiful.  Apparently you can sometimes see Marguerite looking out the window and smell tobacco smoke, and I can believe it.  I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, Oregon City has some charm.  Don’t forget the other haunted highlights like the elevator, and the Blue Heron Paper Co.

The White Eagle Bar, haunted, hands down.  Have you ever walked around that neighborhood at night?  Of course its haunted!  What a cool place, so industrial, so much history, so much brick and echoes of longshoremen past.  The White Eagle is great, like all McMenamins locations it has solid pub food and a ghost, whats not to like?  Also in North Portland is the Queen Anne Victorian Mansion event hall, and though I have never heard it was haunted, it looks like a serious gothic Victorian haunt to me, Victorians are lovely.

This article on zilllow about top 1o haunted homes in the U.S. has some great places, when I get that airstream I’ve always wanted I will visit them all.

Let me know if you are interested in owning a haunted house or any house, I would love to help you.

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