Thank You 1940s 

“Thank you for giving me a good house to inspect.  It’s been a while.” were the words of Doug and Denise’s home inspector.  ”It’s all beams and only a few joists!” (builder speak for really well built) said another contractor.  While these words made my heart sing, they certainly were no surprise.  Light-filled and roomy, with quality structural materials, hardwoods in great condition, and a foundation that actually inspired confidence instead of fear, this one was a keeper.  Houses built in the 40s just feel solid and well-built from the minute you walk in the door and this one was no exception.  I actually looked forward to inspection period on this one.

Doug and Denise sold their charming, 1900 square foot Hollywood bungalow and traded it in for this 1946, 2844 sf, Rose City Park Cape Cod.  They are now the proud owners of 3 huge bedrooms, a home office, a fun built-in kitchen banquette, 2 fabulous bathrooms (one new and one delightfully original), an unfinished basement you could get lost in, and a couple of awesome climbing trees for Gus.  

1915 NE 65th Ave.



Kari McGee, Broker


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