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Q. How to buy the house you currently rent? A. You talk with me, and I/you ask your landlord.

christines house

This is the second time less than a year where my client got frustrated with what she saw on the market and decided to approach her landlord about buying her current residence.  And guess what, he was super excited about the idea!  Here is the thing about buying your rental, you know exactly what you are getting.  In many ways its ideal, you can test drive before buying.  In this case, Christine got a smokin’ deal on a house that is in her ideal neighborhood and attached to her daughters current school.  Who could ask for anything more?

christine and marcusOn a personal level I am super proud of my friend.  Not only is she an amazing, hilarious, smart, single mom who put herself through nursing school, but now she is buying a house!  Christine you is my favorite NoPo ho.


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