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ADU vs Accessory Structure


Here is the Accessory Structure I am building in my backyard. It will really by one ADU and one Accessory Structure, meaning it will not have a kitchen sink in one unit. The expectation is to rent it nightly or weekly as a hotel room. This is all the rage on the Portland Eastside as there are very few hotels near neighborhoods where people want to visit. My lot has an ideal situation of having an alley which doesn’t require any setback, this way I can have a full two car garage and still keep plenty of yard.

Building it over a garage has a height restriction of 18′ which can be kind of low for a two story structure. By giving the roofline a small pitch we gain almost a foot in the middle of the room as code allows measurements from the “average” height of the roof.

ADU Program Guide
Second Sink Agreement

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