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What are these?


This two units are garnering lot of attention and not just because of their colors. Affectionally called Kermit and Ms. Piggy, by their owners, a lot of people want to know what there are and how they will be used. I have spoken to the owners on numerous occasions during the construction period and they will really be “hotel rooms.” The owners plan to rent them by the night through Air BnB with expected nightly rents around $90.

In order to build two units on this lot they had combine it with the adjoining duplex and assign one colored structure to each of the duplex units. The fact that they have less than 200 Square Feet footprint allowed the owners to avoid paying most of permitting charges, as the city doesn’t charge all permit fees for structure that small or smaller.  This are not technically ADUs, accessory dwelling units,  as they will have no kitchen sinks. This is another part of the code that allows two units on one lot. These are actually “accessory structures” with a bathroom, using the building code for detached garages.

–>Codes–>City Codes–>Title 33 Zoning Codes–>33.120 Multi-dwelling Residential Zones–>33.120.280 Accessory Structuresor –>33.120.283  Garages.

Ry Koteen


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