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Easing the Homebuying Blues

NE Siskiyou-2The Portland Business Journal recently published a special homebuying report in which four Portland-area real estate professionals were asked for their opinions on a variety of pressing issues related to Portland’s highly competitive residential market. From Living Room, Anika Stephen Wilbur was asked to share her knowledge and experience with issues ranging from affordability to advice for struggling homebuyers.

Wilbur has much experience with first-time homebuyers that would like to stop renting and are “eager to make the move before they can no longer afford to live within, or in close proximity to, the communities they already have ties.” In response to the concern of affordability she discusses that many of her clients are frustrated due to the fact that they can not longer afford to live in these certain areas.

In responding to questions focusing on options for distressed homebuyers and parts of Portland that may be more affordable, Wilbur notes the ways in which she helps her client’s look in areas they might not have considered. Wilbur shares that there are options that include looking at homes that might need repair or lowering max search price.

All of Wilbur’s insights about the local real estate market, as well as the other brokers’ answers can be fully read about here!

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