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Realtors Reveal: ‘The Hardest Home I Ever Had to Sell’

Though the PDX housinThe-History-of-Americas-Favorite-Donut-Brands-Voodoo-Doughnuts-Brandfolderg market is currently hot, hot, hot, there are always those certain houses that seem to be a lost cause. In these cases, all burden goes to the selling agent. It often takes a innovative, whimsical, or even strange, approach to find these houses their perfect buyer.  recently came out with an article that asked adept real estate agents what they did with those “unsellable” homes.

The stories are seemingly too good to be true–ranging from an owner using their status as the producer of the illustrious track “Lose Yourself” by Eminem to utilizing a drone to get awe-inspiring promo visuals.

Living Room’s very own Jenelle Isaacson weaves a very Portland tale about selling a house using doughnuts. And not just any doughnuts–those bubblegum pink, bacon-topped, and hilariously shaped sugary deep-friend concoctions from Voodoo Doughnuts. Just how the deal went down is silly and obviously very sweet–read about it here!

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