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Make Time To Live

I believe there is value in simplicity and organization, but it can be hard to get there. How do we make time to organize? Casey Hazlett of Sustainably Organized is who I call. She is more than a brilliant organizer, but also an amazing person, Her enthusiasm will have you wanting to get organized. I have to admit that Casey stirred something inside me when we first talked. It seems ever since I’ve been weeding out and freeing up space. I just felt this urge to organize.

Everything Needs A Home

Casey helps you get organized in such a way that you can easily maintain it, so that you have more time to enjoy life. Casey tells me that it is crucial that everything has a home, and that the home is clearly labeled. Our biggest mistake, I learned, is not labeling your containers, files or drawers. Casey points out that we easily forget where things belong, so we then end up with items strewn about in a haphazard way and in places where we can’t find them.

I told her how I put a staple remover in each of my desk drawers so I could always find one. However, all 3 staple removers always seem to end up in the same drawer! She replied that’s actually not a bad course of action for commonly used items, such as pens. Just keep some of those things everywhere you might need them.

Casey and Sustainably Organized will also organize your move! Casey will be your complete moving coordinator, helping you declutter, pack and unpack. She’s even got a pocket full of other moving professionals, such as movers, she can recommend, and she will coordinate with them on your behalf. Once you’re in your new home, she’ll help you set up the space efficiently, identify optimal storage space and give you an organizational sustainability plan to keep the flow going. She has even obtained a special aging certification for working with seniors. Casey is definitely on my team.

Making Room For You

Casey is in love with helping people organize. She says for so many people it can be a life changing experience to bring in some organization. I think Casey is a living example of how organization can free up your time to do things you love. For example, she and her husband volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and spend part of every weekend with their little brother. How many of us find that much time in our lives to help others, even if we want to? How often do we think we have the time to indulge in a past-time like golf? Yet, helping others and taking care of ourselves is vital to a happy life.

I think Casey Hazlett is onto something big. She’ll help you make time to live.

Adapted from a story at Faces from the Neighborhood.

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