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Meet Karen and Steve

Meet Steve and Karen. They’ve lived in Salem for over 30 years, and were drawn to Pringle Creek Community right from the start. The couple wanted to downsize and were already environmentally conscious. They found it appealing that there was not much yard work, but they could also live in an ecologically friendly place. Steve thought the LEED Certification was a great feature, especially with his background in energy conservation. The feel of being in nature, but also living in an urban environment was also a draw. In fact, living here, reminds Steve of Black Butte, in Central Oregon. So, instead of navigating southeast, Karen and Steve have the feeling of the outdoors right at home.

Karen recollects,”This is it…I was done,” when seeing the modern cottage they call home now. The couple wasn’t actively looking, but when they toured the home on the geothermal loop, they just knew. They were also “thrilled that it had so many community perks.” Some of these perks included the open green space, community gardens, walking paths, and a place for Sadie, their cuddly canine to walk about. Painters Hall, our community center, being the perfect wedding venue for their son and his fiancé was also an added bonus! The plans for the beautiful summer wedding are in the mix. With a perfect balance of indoor and outdoor space, the couple has a lot of flexibility with how to celebrate their big day. The bride and groom are having fun planning the reception in Painters Hall, envisioning a dance floor outside with some outdoor games, and thinking about exchanging vows right by the creek. It will be exciting to see what wedding plans they make between now and summer nuptials. We are delighted to have Karen and Steve be a part of our community with some memories to make and fun festivities ahead!

Meet Steve and Karen

Sadie relaxing on the sofa, and checking-out the gal with the camera. 🙂

Photos by Laura Devito

View original source here:Pringle Creek

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