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Why am I smiling? I have been blessed in many ways- health, family, careers, and friendships. But, when you make big life choices to rock your boat, literally, and step away from comfort zones and all that you know- change can be debilitating. Yet, I have this big smile internally and externally. A change landed me in a good place to restart. Big smiles.

A mild bang at the rear end of my car got my attention. A fender bender that turned into several pleasant exchanges with the extremely cordial and calm owner of Car B, Carly Van Aart. Authenticity, clear communication, calm demeanor, and a happy transaction- the same things you need from your realtor when buying or selling a home, gave me a great big smile of ease. Finally, while sharing a little life story with Ms. Car B, we found a common denominator, real estate. I was looking for a place to hang my license and was so flattered when Car B said, “Oh my goodness, I need you to meet Jenelle Isaacson.”

I was hired by Jenelle and Living Room Realty and quickly introduced to the quite remarkable individuals she had personally interviewed and brought into a company that has achieved the #1 place to work in Oregon for midsize companies and a certified B Corporation. Remember that luck thing I mentioned earlier? Bingo! Smiles!

The filters that have been created within the Living Room Realty group produce authenticity, joy, comfort, and accessibility to wicked smart, experienced Gurus and Highness’ in the Portland real estate market. Remember that thing I said earlier about luck? Jackpot Baby! Smiles!

Music is my great joy. Real estate is my passion. A musical theme runs through Living Room Realty. Analog music is based on sound and its waveform. Digital music is waveform based on coded music based on ones and zeros. The human ear cannot hear the analog harmonics beyond a frequency, but can feel or perceive them. Digital music cannot reproduce the harmonics beyond a certain frequency, like the difference between the sound of a record and a CD. That is the key to why I am here. The filter. Living Room Realty has the harmonics that make me smile.

That is what I bring to my clients.

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