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The commute is perfect, but it’s withdrawn!

Katherine found me on Food Fight’s website and reached out to me back in mid September of 2016. We met up shortly after that email conversation to talk about what her and her husband were looking for in a house, and what her plans were for a cabin she owns in Welches. Through our conversation it was clear that an easy commute to the University where her husband works was essential so we began our search. We toured several homes in the SE and SW, including Oregon City and Milwaukie.

They were open to purchasing an older home, as long as it had efficiency updates in it or could be easily updated since that was important to them. Ideally they were interested in newer construction, but even in a market with tons of construction going on, finding that perfect fit was still challenging. However, with patience and diligence they did find a home they thought was perfect and exactly what they were looking for. They let me know the address and that they had driven by already, and it passed the neighborhood and commute test for them. I looked it up and, unfortunately, noticed it was withdrawn. I reached out to the list agent who said it had been withdrawn because it was literally still under construction and they were thinking about bringing it back on, at a higher list price, when it was more complete. After some inquiry, I found out what they planned to bring it back at, which happened to be within my clients’ budget and seemed reasonable given the comps we found.

The seller/builder was awesome in that he accepted my client’s offer even though it was technically withdrawn, and very much still under construction. Although it has been a challenging transaction at times, and definitely a learning experience, the home is still everything my buyers were looking for in a home, and I couldn’t be happier for them that it all worked out! Welcome home, Katherine, Stuart and Luna (their dog).


*If you are interested in buying or selling property, or know someone who is, let me know!*

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