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Keeping the “real” in realtor

Real estate as a practice had occurred to me intermittently as something that I’d like to do since as far as I knew it meant walking through beautiful homes and creatively staging listings. What more could a person want out of a job?! But then there was the sales part.  For me the term “realtor” conjured up images of a creepy sales person was not who I wanted to be. Eventually though I decided to buy my own home in Portland and through a series of fortunate events I was connected with an agent at Living Room who proved to me that a realtor’s role could be that of an advocate and guide rather than a pusher and hard closer.  From that experience I realized that the practice of real estate as a service was something that I could pursue as both a passion and a business.

Now, four years later, I marvel often about the methodologies of the various brokers that I encounter. Some I agree with and some I do not but I certainly learn from all of them. Recently I have had a number of encounters with agents who not only met expectations but exceeded them with their kindness. One such case was Patty in Hillsboro. My client placed an offer on a condo listing of hers. It was a quaint two bedroom condo but it was difficult to fully comprehend because every inch of the wall was covered in pictures, posters and other memorabilia that obviously held special meaning for the seller. In his offer letter my client, an avid cyclist, expressed appreciation for some of the retro Reach the Beach cycling posters on the wall. His offer was one of two but he missed out and went into back up position. Patty said she loved the persona in his letter and was bound and determined to find him something in the area. All said and done Patty was kind enough to let us know when the condo closed but further more she told us that the seller had set the two posters aside for Will and she was excited to meet for coffee and hand them over. Wow.  It was an act that required little effort but was purely kind.

Of course we meet people each day who give without expectation of receiving anything back. Sometimes more than others it is easy to be so caught up in the hustle that we fail to recognize when this occurs. I’m realizing now though how grateful I am to be in a profession where such actions present themselves in a way that allows me to truly observe and recognize how very special they are. I am proud to be a realtor.

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