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Those Portland Houses

As a Realtor, I unlock doors for various reasons and to various ends.

More often than not, I am zipping around Portland showing houses to clients who are in the market to buy. At times I might only be previewing a home. Previewing helps save my client’s time and energy while in the process of looking for the right home-I can help weed them out, so to speak.

I will also open doors to homes just to go inside and have a look – even if I don’t have a specific buyer in mind!

No matter what the reason, it is my responsibility as a Realtor to unlock as many doors as possible. This way, I gain a greater knowledge of the market, what’s available, in what condition, in what neighborhood, for what price.

There are so many unique homes in and around Portland, I can’t help but capture some of the things I get to see everyday. It’s a whole lot of fun to open doors and explore. I have been building a library of the places I go and what I find interesting once inside.

For the love of houses, photography and always looking closely, it’d be fun to have you along the way!






If you are interested in buying a home in Portland, I am ready to unlock doors for you too!

Lauren Hurley
Licensed Realtor in the State of Oregon

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