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Bungalow for Bang Bang Crafts

If you don’t know Korin by name then you most likely know her by reputation. Radius Community Arts Studios ring a bell? Or perhaps Bang Bang Crafts? You’ve passed it a million times driving down MLK, tucked under the Morrison bridge sits the community workspace and home to over 50 Portland artists. It’s a truly comprehensive community space and haven, where artists can create, learn, and grow in a variety of medias.

If not Radius, surely you’ve encountered her work around town. With a BFA in ceramics Korin has created and refined the most amazing one of a kind line of ceramic creatures.

Bang Bang Crafts are sold at various shops around town and on her bangin’ Etsy shop.

Korin, like many of us, arrived in Portland during the economy’s downturn in 2008. Back then she never thought she would be able to support herself through her art, much less be able to purchase a home. Through conscientious saving, smart financial planning and an overall hustler attitude over the years Korin saved up enough to buy a house! A super cute 4 bed, 2 bath bungalow in the heart of Woodlawn no less.


Korin has a no nonsense attitude that most certainly has helped her to get to where she is today. Literally, minutes after this little shredder got the keys to her new house, she started ripping out the laminate flooring, refinishing the hidden the fir floors and adding a fresh coat of paint to finish it off.

I’m so truly impressed for all that you’ve completed, Korin! Congrats on the new homo! So excited to have you as my neighbor and friend for life!

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