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An attempt to describe MY SE Neighborhood to a new client via email:

The Sunnyside neighborhood is a phenomenal, laidback, community-centric environment. Residents are fiercely loyal to Sunnyside for its embrace of self-expression and differences, boundless creativity, small local businesses, warmth, and social consciousness. I love it because its pedestrian and bike friendly with an easy bus ride across the river to downtown Portland.  I can be at the river with my SUP in less then 7 minutes (including finding parking). Sunnyside is a true melting pot with hipster renters in 1960s apartment complexes, young professionals who revere the urban dynamic, families committed to socially conscious education with a focus on sustainability, and everything in between. People are drawn here because of the liberal vibe and desire for strong community. It’s a dense and intimate neighborhood where Stumptown coffee-carrying neighbors spontaneously gather in the Sunnyside school playground and park on warm days out of a communal desire to connect.

Sunnyside residents are unpretentious, welcoming, with a strong sense of self-expression and adventure. Urban farms abound here with a group of young bachelors raising chicks in a bathtub in the spring. It is not uncommon to see the local top hat clad bon vivant riding his tall bike down Yamhill Street carefully avoiding escaped chickens.  I walk this neighborhood with my children daily, reveling in what makes each home special – a rock garden, a chicken coop, ancient magnolia tree, a bird’s nest.

Sunnyside Environmental School has a stellar reputation as a k-8 public school. Families have flocked to the neighborhood to be a part of a progressive school that has high standards, embraces the gifts of every child, and nurtures their role in the larger neighborhood and world community. Both my children attend SES as do many of the teachers’ and principal’s kids. SES is an integral part of the Sunnyside community with children making lunches weekly for the homeless and understanding their roles and purposes beyond themselves –while getting a great education.

That’s just a taste of what makes my neighborhood special and WHY I think we should include it in your neighborhood search with other parts of SE Portland.  I’ve lived in this spot for 20+ years but I also LOVE Mt. Tabor, Woodstock and Montavilla too.  Let’s include those hoods in our hunt as well.  Does this help?  🙂


Tracy Dau
Old House Specialist
SE Enthusiast

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