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Neighborhood Spotlight: Carver Hangar

Neighborhood Spotlight: Carver Hangar

Okay, Damascus. We know you are technically an unincorporated community, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hang out and be buds with our friend to the east. So if you want to grab a beer and something to eat, chatting about the good old days of playing in the woods, your question of, “Where?” is easy to answer: Carver Hangar.

If you have never had the opportunity to check out Damascus, then chances are you have never heard of Carver Hangar. Let me let you in on this little gem of a secret. It’s the most delightful classic sports bar and neighborhood joint you have ever had the pleasure of cozying up in. It’s a peanuts-on-the-table, football-on-the-tv’s, no-frills kind of local bar. The sort of place you would see in a movie about a jaded city-slicker who moves to a small town looking for redemption and a fresh start.

In reality, it’s the best place to chill and eat after a day out floating the Clackamas River or stopping at on your drive out through the country. The burgers are seriously great. The menu calls them “World Famous” and, whether or not that can be proven by the World Famous committee, these burgers are not to be missed. And if you are so inclined, Saturdays nights are their special Prime Rib Dinners. Nothing like a day on the river and then feasting on meat before the drive home, amiright? Wash it all down with a beverage from the bar and you are set!

Damascus, how did we ever live without you?

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