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So Lovely in Ladds

Lovely in Ladds, indeed.

How apropos that the loveliest people you’d ever know would be named Best. They legitimately are. I should have known from our first meeting, which by the way, was at Pix. While noshing on anchovies over a phenomenal bottle of bubbles, they told me their story.

This is an excerpt from the love letter we sent the owners of the Ladds Addition bungalow we would end up purchasing:
“My husband and I are East coast transplants who relocated to the Pacific Northwest 20 years ago for his company, Scottrade. Wanting to land in Portland, he tried hard to convince them that this would be a great city to open the third West Coast office. His company had other plans, and we ended up in Seattle. And there we remained.
Now, after all these years, we’re finally making the move to Portland – a city that still has its heart and soul. We’ve done several reconnaissance trips walking the different neighborhoods, mostly in the SE and NE districts, to get a sense of where we saw ourselves living. During a cold and rainy February visit, we stumbled upon Ladd’s Addition and were immediately drawn in by its unique street grid, mature trees and rose gardens, and collection of 20th-century architecture. My husband said, ‘this is where we’re going to live.’ As an architectural historian and historic preservationist, I was intrigued after learning about its early development as Oregon’s oldest planned community, and that it’s a National Register district. That explains its strong sense of place; I could see us here.”
It was a tricky home to land, but the trick I had up my sleeve was my buyers – they are reasonable, reliable and most importantly, reassured. They trusted the process, and they trusted me. Whether it was how far we went over asking or what additional provisions we had to add to secure the contract, they never wavered. Being reasonable in the realm of Real Estate is easier said than done. The stress level is real y’all. The moral of this story is that because of their willingness to be pliable and generous, they will now reside in the home and neighborhood of their dreams.
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