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Ranchtastic Bicentennial House in Rose City Park

My buyer Matteo moved to Portland last year from New Orleans after accepting a job as a college art professor here. The home he sold in New Orleans was built in the 1840’s and over the years Matteo transformed that house into a masterpiece.  When we started actively looking at homes this past spring, the primary must have’s were a place for a painting studio, light, open space interior and out. We looked at the gamut of styles, eras and locations on the east side, and with each house Matteo would carefully consider re-imagining the space. After a couple of no-go’s on houses that were painfully underpriced, he finally landed on a 1976 house complete with a garage that’s nearly half the size of the house and directly across the street from Normandale Park. For Matteo, the biggest appeal of the house is the garage- a giant 480 sf blank slate of a space just waiting to be transformed into a living space. Whether it’s a house from the 1840’s or 1970’s, once a renovator always a renovator.

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