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Softening Market Reveals Hidden Gems

When my buyers are in the midst of the home buying frenzy, I like to gently remind them that in the end, nearly everyone winds up with the best house for them, and all the other stops and starts were just warm-up practice. Even if my buyers hear me, but don’t register what I’m saying, I at least feel like I’ve given them a nugget to tuck in the back of their heads. Even with the softening market, my buyers Hau and Guy were outbid on a couple of houses. After the heart breakers, they landed on a heart soaring little sleeper house tucked towards the back of the lot just 2 blocks off Alberta. Thankfully with the softer market, there are also a lot more opportunities for buyers to relax a little before deciding whether to put an offer on a house without worrying about losing out during a multiple offer round. For homes that don’t have the best curb appeal, it’s more than likely that they won’t go pending during the first week, which makes it a much more pleasant experience for my buyers. And it’s especially helpful when the lack of curb appeal can be remedied with some hedge trimmers and and a few visually pleasing plants in the front of the house. This sweet little bungalow with gorgeous unpainted trim and built-ins in the center of it all is no exception to that rule and once it was said and done, Hau and Guy were relieved they didn’t get the other houses they had bid on.

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