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Finally! The Perfect House!

Linh keeps a journal. She records events and musings, and compares a day’s events to the same day looking back years. So she knows that it was four years ago when we committed to finding her family’s new house. FOUR YEARS!


Why did it take us so long? A commitment to location and aesthetics meant that not many places proved truly suitable. Oddly, the properties that were most interesting always seemed to come to the market when I was out of town…

I shouldn’t have been surprised when an amazing home came to the market days after I arrived in Paris. They got it, and we laughed when we met at the house after finishing negotiating on repairs. That’s when Linh told me about her journals which documents not only our initial conversations, but also her and Cam’s hope to find a place in this neighborhood.

This one was definitely worth the wait!

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