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Last Unicorn on the Left…

“I know it sounds like we are looking for a unicorn, but it doesn’t have to be pretty, or fancy.  You know, it can have a little funk to it.  Our unicorn can be near railroad tracks or a parking lot.  Our unicorn can be tired, or boring.  We can make our unicorn cool and beautiful in time”…

Got it.  Totally understood.  And off we went in search of Helena and Sarah’s unicorn.  Of COURSE we found it.  And of COURSE it will be perfect in time.  Helena and Sarah’s unicorn is a little boring, and it is next to a parking lot, but it has extra square footage for things like drums and recording equipment, and fabulous drag costumes (not previously found in less unicorn-like abodes).  This less than sparkly unicorn is also in Hollywood near MAX transit, the quintessential Hollywood Theater, a great, weekly Farmer’s Market, and within biking distance to most of Portland.  So for now, this ‘last-house-on-the-left’, Hollywood unicorn is perfect.  We’re 100% sure that Helena and Sarah will make it magical in time…

Feeling like you need a few more conversations about unicorns in your life?  Come find us.  We get it.

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