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A Family of Fixers in Concordia

Last summer I worked with a buyer to purchase his first home. He is a talented woodworker. He wanted a close-in property and was not scared of something that needed a bit of love. We found him the perfect fixer in the Concordia neighborhood but it needed a LOT of love. This client has a deep and abiding relationship with his mother who lives out of state. At the time, she was heavily involved in the transaction. She questioned our sanity, wanted to be fully educated on the Portland market and acted as an excellent parent looking out for her child’s best interest. She put me through my paces but as a mother myself, I completely understood. I was happy to get to know her and earn her trust. The son’s home has proved to be a fantastic investment. It is fully renovated and he is happily settled in Portland.

Fast forward to this fall. I received a call from the mother wanting to purchase her own fixer in Concordia. Having seen the success of her son’s endeavor she was inspired. On visits from the east coast she became charmed by the neighborhood. Her new house is just 10 blocks from her son’s home, a great improvement from a cross country trek they are accustomed. Having gone through the prior transaction together, I had earned her trust and was delighted to represent her in her purchase.

Being of service to my clients, assisting them in creating their own community and enhancing strong family bonds gives me great joy.

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