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Stuck in Portland

Our buyers Kim and Amy, had been hoping to find their 2nd (and hopefully FOREVER) home for quite some time, but the strong sellers market that Portland has been experiencing for the last 4 years created quite the bottle neck for homeowners who needed to sell a property, in order to make their next purchase (aka: contingent buyers!).  Given all the multiple offers and rising prices, contingent Portland buyers just couldn’t be sure that they could find a new place to live, if they sold their current home.  Inventory levels had been so low, for so long, that many people were stuck in their homes even though they were desperate to make a move, and they knew that they could sell their current homes in two seconds flat!

A sweet little slow down this fall, created some breathing room for many of our clients who are contingent buyers, and Kim and Amy were able to snag an undiscovered gem in the Wilshire Park neighborhood of NE Portland, with a contingent offer.  Kim and Amy saw the potential of their new Wilshire Park home in spite of some dirt, some disrepair, and a fair amount of clutter!  They saw their family’s future in a house that others overlooked.  Kim and Amy proved yet again the old real estate adage that one person’s burden, can be another person’s blessing.  And while they may still have miles to go before they actually sleep in their new home, we know that in the long run, their new home will be fantastic!

Congratulations are truly in order for hanging in there!  Here’s to being “un-stuck” and finally moving on to a long and happy life in Wilshire Park!






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