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The Land of Ice and Snow


This time of year, (when there is actual ice and snow on the ground) I get especially nostalgic for a Led Zeppelin Tribute album I helped produce in 2010 – the Land of Ice and Snow. It was this adventure that introduced me to some of my dear friends and deepened my relationship with others. Today it is even more impactful as I am closing on a transaction for a one of these friends – Adam Shearer. He is a talented creative who is in the band Weinland and also runs his own creative website development firm specifically for musicians, WLCR.

Below is the track that Adam recorded on the album, it’s a lesser known song that I love, “Hey Hey What Can I Do”

Clip is from the NPR write up when the record was released. Check out the Jealous Butcher Records page if you are curious about the other songs on the double album!

The album cover art was done by another dear friend and her original hangs above the fireplace in my home. <3


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