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A Series of Unfortunate Events (With a Hopeful Ending)

The day started with a text informing me that final recording had occurred on the last part of a 3-part transaction (1 sale + 2 purchases) that will likely be remembered as one of my most challenging deals of the past year. You see, my clients (a pair of lovely, good-natured, & utterly pragmatic people) had decided to chart new independent courses in their lives. However, having purchased their current home together less than 2 years prior, they were concerned that they might not have enough equity to cover their selling expenses while also having something left over to put down on new properties. They also have two young children in a local school that the whole family loves, and wanted to maintain the stability it provides. So that meant living in close proximity to the school and each other. In addition, they both felt it was of the utmost importance to maintain a thoughtful demeanor toward each other during this whole process for the sake of their kids. So basically, “grin and bear it” was the order of the day. And finally, they needed to list their home right in the middle of what turned out to be a bit of a summer lull (a dip in the market that can occur right towards the 2nd half of the break in the school year). Suffice it to say, it was a trying time for both of them, and I felt very honored that they chose me to represent both of their interests and to advocate on their behalf. I simply cannot overstate how badly I wanted to deliver for this family!

For the sake of their privacy, I’ll leave it at this; I’m happy to report that even though there were plenty of obstacles along the way, we got it done, and delivered an equitable outcome for each of them. Today was a good day, and I feel safe saying that everyone’s going to be sleeping a little more soundly from here on out!

I also made two really great new friends along the way!

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