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Many families in today’s world do not go straight from the large family house directly to the small aging-in-place condo. There are usually many stages in-between. My recent clients are a good example. They had the large family house with their three kids in the Sunset High School area. They got down to one kid still at home, and downsized into a house in the same neighborhood. That house was 1700 sf new construction with 3 bedrooms. Once their last kid graduated from high school they sold that house too. They ended up in a condo in the Pearl, but as renters. They loved it! But, the kids were still around including a brand new grandchild. The dream condo was still not there for them. We just closed on a 1300 sf 3 bedroom house  close-in North Portland. One with a small yard for BBQs and grandkids. I know they will be calling again, but probably in another 7 years, to actualize that condo in the Pearl.
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