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St John’s Goddess House


About five years ago I met a woman who wanted to become a Realtor. She had just gotten her license and was giving it the old college try. She sold a few houses, but decided the stress and pace were not a good fit for her.

We happened to be at the same office at the time, and really took a liking to one another. I loved how kind, unique and authentic she was. So honest, friendly, open, and so HERSELF! I remember one time she hosted an open house at an old sweeping Victorian mansion in NW Portland and dressed up in a fabulous Victorian gown / hat / gloves ensemble for the event. This was beyond cool to me, I pretty much felt like she walked on water.

We became fast friends and she decided that I was her new Realtor when she officially left real estate. I was beyond flattered, because she knew so many great Realtors! She had a very complicated large piece of property that she wanted more than anything to get out from under. All she wanted to was to sell it, and buy a small place in St Johns. I am happy to say, this mission has been accomplished! I am overjoyed I’ve been able to help her pull this off, it was no small feat. Her dream has come true, and I hope it’s all she hoped it would be!

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