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Carly van Aart

Earth Advantage Broker

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T (503) 250-1687
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Real estate has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  As a child I filled notebooks and whiteboards with plans of dream homes and tree fortresses and when asked what I wanted to do for my sixteenth birthday my one desire was to go house-hunting.  In addition I have a strong affinity for helping and advocating for others.  Nothing lights up my world like serving someone in a way that leaves them beyond satisfied!

Needless to say, as a realtor I have the incredible opportunity to serve my clients with a decision that for many, is one of the largest that they will make in their lifetime.  Whether buying for the first time, selling a cherished family home or relocating to this fantastic city, it is truly an honor to see my clients through their transition and make the process fun and painless.

A native Alaskan, I grew up hauling firewood, working the garden and tending to the family rabbits.  My childhood taught me the meaning of hard work and for that I am very grateful.  These days I am a lover of dog kisses and outdoor adventures.  I dabble in triathlon and enjoy helping fundraise for local charities.  I am extremely close to my incredible family even though they are spread out across the west coast.

I look forward to the opportunity to foster a relationship with you and help you make your real estate dreams a reality!



Here’s what my clients have to say:


“I couldn’t be happier with the work Carly did to find a home for my parents. My folks are elderly and were living in Oklahoma at the time. They have mobility issues and other disabilities so it was time to move them closer to family. It presented a significant challenge however, since my parents couldn’t travel to Oregon to see all the potential homes. Carly was amazing with this difficult situation and helped by staying in frequent contact with my parents, discussing the different options for homes and making sure she knew exactly what they liked or didn’t like about the available options. Then she took me to the homes and, via Skype, we showed the home to my parents. She answered questions, gave some details that may not show up well using Skype, and together we helped them tour the homes. She was amazing and adapted to the difficult situation with ease and professionalism. My parents and I felt completely confident in Carly’s expertise and her customer service was amazing. Carly is a real gem and I would enthusiastically recommend her to absolutely everyone!”

-Heidi D.M.

“When we put the word out that we were looking for a realtor, Carly’s name was forwarded with rave reviews. She had a lot to live up to, and she did not disappoint. We were trying to accomplish the impossible: a cute house, an even cuter neighborhood and a minuscule budget. Prior to meeting Carly we had combed the listings ourselves looking for the perfect home. We found some properties that looked promising but it was Carly that introduced us to the property we would eventually call home. Relocating to a new state and starting new jobs meant we were stuck with an FHA loan. As with most government programs an FHA loan requires red-tape cutting and hoop jumping to get the deal done. Carly’s experience and expertise made the whole process quick and easy. She truly held our hand every step of the way. In the end we acquired a house that perfectly fits our needs and a realtor we will always call friend.”

– Andrea S.

“I immediately thought, ‘when it comes time to buy a house, I need to call Carly.’ That decision, right there, was the first, and most important, decision I made during the whole process, right up to signing my name on the dotted line. I don’t remember one time, not a single time, when Carly was not professional, not helpful, not amenable to any requests I might have (regardless of time of day or day of the week!). I’d joke about something about the process or about what was available or what my intentions were and even though she always understood where I was coming from, she would steer the conversation toward what was at issue. She helped me keep my eyes on the prize. The net result is a house that, literally, is what I asked for. I wanted 3 bedrooms, wood floors, a diner-style kitchen and a detached garage. Got ‘em all. I would not hesitate in recommending Carly to any of my friends or family.”

– Dave W.

“Carly started as a friend and teammate. Over the couple years of knowing her I had heard what a great job she did for other friends and teammates and had indicated for about a year that I would be ready to look to buy my own place. My decision to go with Carly was the best I’ve made and would never look back. Carly would never pressure me into anything I didn’t feel comfortable with but at the same time encouraged me to find out more information so I had all the details before putting in an offer on a place. It is not an easy time right now with the market but she never got frustrated when an offer didn’t go through. Upon finding the condo I bought Carly was diligent about investigating the home owners association and making sure I had a good understanding of what I was getting myself into and letting me make the decision to move forward when I felt comfortable and had all the details. I would recommend Carly to any friends or family looking for an excellent realtor. She is direct but caring and understanding, the best qualities you can have in a realtor and friend.”

– Kristen Ash

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