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David Todd

Principal Broker

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T 503-267-4197

Since 2004, it has been my mission to provide expert real estate services with integrity and compassion. As your market expert, negotiator, educator, advocate, and confidante, I strive to maximize your understanding and satisfaction throughout the potentially overwhelming process of buying and selling real estate.

Expertise & Interest

  •     Vibrant inner neighborhoods of Portland
  •     Architecture & Design
  •     Urban Planning
  •     Sustainable Design
  •     Community-Oriented Design
  •     Place Making
  •     Permaculture
  •     Co-Active Coaching

Sources of Joy & Inspiration!

  •     Family
  •     Rivers
  •     Bodysurfing
  •     Basketball
  •     Futsal
  •     Painting
  •     Biking
  •     Writing and sketching with a pencil on paper

What my clients have to say:

“David is an excellent real estate broker (and a super guy). He generated specific targeted traffic to sell my home in a tough market after a year of working with another broker produced no leads and little hope. David ‘s integrity, focus, understanding and expert knowledge produced true and meaningful results. I recommend him fully and without qualms.”

“David was referred to me by Green Hammer–people who love Portland and who love to make homes more beautiful/efficient/sustainable. David–I call him an ‘enlightened real estate guy’ because he is so light in his manner, has mastered life skills in flow (which is difficult in the real estate world), and gives you space–but is totally with you as you go through the process of finding what’s right for you. For me, the proess of relocation is mostly intuitive, and he served as a link between that dimension, and of housing possibilities when I just liked the vibe of a neighborhood or a building or a street…He truly enjoys the journey.”

“David helped my wife and I buy our first house. His approach was to help educate us about the process and listen carefully to our goals and constraints. He was infinitely patient and ensured that the process was about as stress-free as possible. I felt absolutely confident that he was advocating for us throughout the process. I would recommend him to any prospective home buyer, especially someone concerned about the environmental and community aspects of buying a home.”

David's Blog Posts

grand kitchen

Multigenerational living is the future, if you ask me. I moderated a panel at the 2015 Build Small Live Large conference, and our topic was to reflect on the emerging trends that we see in the market place relative to the demographic trends showing our aging population. We touched examples of courtyard housing, cottage clusters, pocket neighborhoods, and Portland’s beloved accessory dwelling units (ADUs). In the mix of scenarios discussed, Bridge Meadows was one of the inspiring models of multigenerational living. “Bridge Meadows is a unique multi-generational community located in the Portsmouth neighborhood of North Portland where adoptive parents, foster children, and elders – those over 55 – find a true home built with love and the shared vision of a better tomorrow.“ Whether it’s mixed-age pocket neighborhoods, courtyard housing, or ADUs, there is more and more demand for housing that reflects our recognition of our inter-dependence and our needs for independence. “Aging in place” and multigenerational living is an evolving concept as it pertains... More

Concordia Coop

I had the distinct pleasure of helping Jeff buy a home with laying hens in NE Portland’s Concordia neighborhood. Having a one-of-a-kind coop with laying hens was not in the top criteria for this search, but a nice bonus. He is going to be a great neighbor, steward of this property, and caretaker for these feathered friends. After working with Jeff, I get to reflect on what I love about my work–getting to work on behalf of great people, helping them find “home,” and sprinkling Portland’s neighborhoods with kind, creative, and talented residents who I believe feed the soul of Portland. More


Affordable housing is hard to come by in Portland’s market right now. Cully will see some new, creative affordable housing options before too long. I can’t share too many details yet, but I was able to help one seriously innovative buyer acquire a property to adjoin with another property. With the newly combined and expanded site, more opportunities open up for more common green space and more common amenities in a new affordable cohousing community. My buyer’s mission is “to pioneer new models of community-oriented, affordable, green housing in Portland. We believe that one of the most important things we can do to minimize our ecological footprint is to live in less space with a community of neighbors, making it easy (and fun) to share resources.” Stay tuned. . . This poster image is meant to give the general idea of cohousing, not intended to represent exactly what will be created. The details of that are yet to be determined, but it will be fun,... More