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Drew Burchette

Principal Broker

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I arrived in the real estate business over a decade ago and have since helped scores of people buy and sell their homes.  The groundswell that I created in my practice is rooted in the relationships that I have nurtured over the years.  My style is educational and I see myself as the coach and leader of the real estate transaction.  I excel at asking the questions that get to the heart the matter which in turn enables a smooth sale process.  I’ve had a diverse career and life path that I draw upon in my business today.   

When I graduated from college in 1996 with a degree in Environmental Analysis and Planning, I thought I had the tools to save the world.  In my first job working for a Geotechnical Engineering firm in Maryland I sadly learned that all of the skills I acquired were actually geared towards land development.  In that position I learned to effectively communicate with everyone on the job site: from the guy running the excavator to the engineers in the construction trailer.

The Land Surveyors on the construction site always seemed to enjoy their work so when I moved to Oregon in 1999 I decided shift gears into that profession.  Surveying took me all over the west working on airports, highways, dams and other big mapping and construction projects.  I eventually earned my credential as a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS).  It was an awesome job, but all of the travel eventually caught up with me.

In 2004 my brother and I bought our first house to flip.  Through that process I decided to get my real estate license so that I could find fixers for us to purchase and sell once they were renovated.  That was right about when the market in Portland really started to take off and all of the good fixers became out of reach for us. 

In 2006 I officially embarked on my journey in real estate as a full time professional.  Since then it has been an ongoing learning experience and opportunity for personal and professional growth.  I worked at a couple of different companies around Portland until landing at Living Room Realty in 2014.  Now I have more resources and more support than I ever could have possibly imagined.  Instead of shuffling papers and tinkering with marketing I can focus completely on serving clients.  Living Room ROCKS!!

Away from the office I am passionate about so many things, but it all begins and ends with my family.  My boys are both in elementary school and parenting is an ongoing challenge and joy for my wife and I.  We love to travel around Oregon, the East Coast, Mexico and beyond.  My passion for Surfing and Kiteboarding help to keep me grounded in life. 

What Drew’s clients have to say:

“Drew is a modern day real estate professional. Combining his knowledge of local markets, balancing the emotions of buyers and sellers and utilizing his contacts to determine costs for any problematic areas prior to closing, I would strongly recommend Drew to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.” – Elisa & Jon S.

“Drew went above and beyond to help us sell after we left the area. He suggested and supervised contractors, took care of many details while communicating effectively with us. He helped us price the house correctly and time the listing to increase the exposure.” – Matt & Laura S.

“Drew knows what he is doing and is great to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in purchasing or selling a house in the Portland area.” – Cassie M.

“I’ve purchased 2 other homes and never have I had such a great experience with an agent as when I worked with Drew. Drew is completely straight-forward, organized, insightful, responsive and honest. He made us feel like he always had our best interest in mind and helped our deal process quickly and smoothly. I couldn’t give a more favorable review to an agent. Drew is stellar and I recommend him highly.” – Colt T.

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