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Kristin Winter

Earth Advantage Broker

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T 503-803-2521

The short(ish) story:  Growing up, I had two parents with an obsession with “fixers.” My mom was an artist and my dad was an engineer.  They would find a house and make it a home. Then, my dad would be transferred for work, making them inadvertent flippers.  The first time they tried this I was 9 ~ I cried when I saw the house.  But by the time we moved, the 200 year old farm house in rural Pennsylvania had been transformed to it’s former splendor with things such as a walk-in fireplace with a bread oven in the kitchen, a restored spring-house, an attic redesigned as a “kids only” playhouse, and a working barn.  It was pretty magical. This childhood has given me a passion for homes and a deep understanding of what makes a house a home.  I pull from both my father’s “logical” engineer’s brain and my mother’s ability to turn whimsical dreams into reality.  I love immersing myself in homes and getting to know my clients as unique people in order to make their dreams come true, whether they are buying or selling.

What Kristin’s clients have to say:

“As first time homebuyers, we were scared, stressed and ignorant. We had so many questions, didn’t know where to start and had a hard time figuring out exactly what we were looking for. From the moment we met Kristin, the process became attainable. She gained our trust, never faltered to support us and continues to be our advocate. We can’t imagine going through the home buying process with anyone else. We met a fantastic agent and gained a lifelong friend.” – Keri & Mike

“It’s been a pleasure working with [Kristin] twice over the past two (well, almost two) years to do one of the most important things in the world – finding a home to row in and come back to in between outside adventures.  Tonight I have the same feeling of “bigness” that I did the night before Tim & I got married.  I am so excited. [She is] incredible at her job and an absolutely amazing human.  She made this process so easy for us, and beyond that – fun for us.  We loved hanging out with Kristin and doing business with her. ” – Rebecca

“My heart is so full of love and excitement.  [Kristin] made this journey of finding a house with Bec super fun. This huge step that Bec and I are making is something I could not have conceded being so easy and trouble-free. Even the panicked and stressful times were easy knowing we had someone [Kristin] who had our back. Thanks for being amazing!” – Tim

“Kristin is kind and patient. You can feel that she’s sincere and wants to help you find your home. I’ve found mine, and it took almost a year. Thank you, Kristin, for helping me in this journey. I’m so grateful.” – Nong



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