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Kristine Lebow

Earth Advantage Broker

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T 971-409-2024
F 503-961-8224

Kristine is fascinated with the alchemy of transforming a house into a home, and has the vision to help make it a reality for her clients.

She has a lifelong love of design, has successfully tackled multiple DIY house projects and knows her way around power tools.

Kristine circled around to real estate after 20 years in the apparel world with brands including Nike, Michael Kors and Speedo, which provided a strong foundation in listening skills and problem solving. She is adept at working with a variety of people, expectations and budgets. Kristine is an certified Earth Advantage broker and can help you navigate the ‘green landscape’ including what type of appliances are right for you.

In addition to her design career, Kristine spent some time as a color consultant for Portland based Devine Color paint company, helping clients inject color into their lives and homes. Ask her about color insights for your new home.

In her spare time, she loves to hike, dance and do yoga, entertain friends, watch movies, create art, read and plan to travel more.

Want to make room to live? Give her a call!

What Kristine’s clients have to say:

“We are a two-city family. Austin and Portland. The time came for a second home in Portland. Family in Portland began working with Kristine Lebow to find the right house. She was patient and responsive. We found her to be educating us as we went along in this process. Kristine was excellent about letting us know the downside of a purchase to be sure we understood everything and then when the right house was there, she explained why she thought it was the best purchase for what we needed. Then we experienced even more of the power of Kristine. She recommended the right mortgage company, the right lawyer, the right inspectors, the right price to offer… I could go on about this. She knows the right people. When the septic examination led us into a strange new world, she went down to the city offices and voila, we received evidence that got us out of that strange world, back into the world of this is the house for us. When we learned that the almost identical house next door sold for even more that what we were paying, we knew once again that Kristine knows what she is doing. We are very excited to finally have our own home in both cities. I am certain this process would not have been as smooth as it is if our Portland family had not found Kristine. You should just call her now!”

– D. K.

“We worked with Kristine before and during the purchase of our new home in West Portland Park. During our search, she understood our needs and tastes, and was diligent in curating listings that we would like. While under contract, Kristine took care of meeting all deadlines and kept us in the loop in every respect. She expertly guided the transaction, which closed quickly and smoothly. She’s an expert. We are delighted with our new home and have all good memories of the transaction.”

– Shelley

“Kristine was a fantastic agent – she really, truly listened to our thoughts and concerns, and always took the time to give valuable insight and feedback. She went above and beyond when it came to showing us possible listings and when we finally came across our dream home, she was absolutely instrumental in helping us craft the perfect offer and secure it, despite nearly a dozen other offers. We were first time homebuyers and she patiently walked us through the process from the early stages through closing. She was not only our agent, but a wonderful advocate… if you want to work with a a real estate professional that embodies integrity, honesty and responsiveness…. then look no further.”

– Persis S.

“Kristine is the ultimate professional. She is a perfectionist in her work and a disciplined planner – I hope I will have the opportunity to work with Kristine again one day. Her hard work makes everyone around her look good.”

– Mark A.

“I have had the privilege of working with, and knowing Kristine for over 20 years. She is not only an incredible person to work with, but her creativity, her ability to work with others and her communication skills are unsurpassed. I have always been impressed by Kristine’s extreme professionalism, her organizational and management skills, and she exemplifies “the customer comes first” mentality. I enthusiastically recommend Kristine for all of your real estate needs.”

– Carrie B.


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