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Lissa Moon LaCroix


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T 971-277-4548

Lissa Moon LaCroix comes to Living Room Realty as a 20-year veteran of the apparel industry with a vast knowledge of sales, marketing, and design. She is a serial self-starter and a garrulous extrovert who wants all the dogs (all of them), and will karaoke anytime, anywhere. A lover of all things interior design, Lissa daydreams about mid-century fixers constantly. She is undeterred by tight deadlines and small budgets, and loves to make the most of any situation.

Lissa is a compassionate mother with strong ideas about how to manage loving your work and your family simultaneously. She embodies Living Room’s value of balance, creating achievement and enjoyment each day.

Having someone who understands the market and your place in it is paramount in your search for a broker. Beyond being loyal and competent, Lissa spends every spare moment staying current on all things Real Estate in Portland. It is her goal to guide and support you as you live your story. Let’s do this!

Lissa Moon's Blog Posts

Listen lovers of mid-century, after this transaction, it’s unclear to me why I’m not on this damn hill with a view. The proximity to all the SE’s delights, the plethora of ranches and mid-century architectural gems and lastly… the view! Collin and Anika knew what was up and were ready to expand their beautiful family... More

The housing market is in an interesting place right now. The world is an interesting place right now. Depending on the home and neighborhood, there’s no telling if you’re going to have a price reduction or multiple offers here in Portland. If you ask me, this is ok! Ultimately, the market will dictate where you... More

So Lovely in Ladds 

Lovely in Ladds, indeed. How apropos that the loveliest people you’d ever know would be named Best. They legitimately are. I should have known from our first meeting, which by the way, was at Pix. While noshing on anchovies over a phenomenal bottle of bubbles, they told me their story. This is an excerpt from... More

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