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T. Robert Knowles


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T 503-351-7131

Space. You just know it when you walk into a space that it has that energy; that vibe that speaks to you, and whispers, ‘this, is the one – this, is my home.’ All the elements you have dreamed of; the light, the surfaces, the volumes of space that comfort you and ask you to stay awhile – maybe forever.

Robert possess many qualities that you want in your realtor. He is an advocate for his clients, he has a keen eye and ear for details, he excels in communication and negotiation, he keeps his cool under pressure and he cares about people and his community.

Robert knew a career in real estate was waiting for him when home viewing in Healdsburg, CA with some close friends. His college roommate’s wife turned to him, after about the 5th home viewed and stated, “I’m so glad you are here with us Robert. You see things that others cannot.” While walking through an old Italian stonemason’s handbuilt home surrounded by vineyards was great, the solutions to how they wanted to live as a couple and then family, was Robert’s contribution that day. He acted as their advocate, reminding them why that house was the right fit for their future needs. It was a very good day. The couple became a family in that home.

His passion for art, music, design, architecture and furniture has equipped him with a keen eye and ear for detail necessary in the real estate industry. Perhaps it should have been his first career, but adventure called him in other directions. The outdoors became his office as he worked and traveled in the lower 48 states and Alaska for 30 years.

During those 30 years Robert learned the art of communicating effectively and concisely. As an independent Marketing Coordinator for General Mills, Robert was in charge of negotiating terms with large sporting venues for their major events. He was the “Wheaties” man at two consecutive World Series in Atlanta, Georgia and many big sporting events in the East. He was the “Apple-Cinnamon Cheerios” man, too.

Working as a Producer/Engineer in the fast paced client driven commercial radio advertising business, Robert discovered his ability to stay cool under pressure. He also excelled in patiently listening to the needs of the clients and what desired results were expected under a budget and a deadline. This skill enabled him to not only meet the needs of his clients but to exceed them.

Robert is a native Oregonian, a husband to a busy physician, an active Father with 3 children, 2 dogs, a cat, and an avid community volunteer. Robert’s most memorable volunteer experience occurred at the Portland Veteran’s Hospital. After a short introduction to the staff, the staff coordinator said, “I’m putting you up front, you seem to set people at ease.” Living Room Realty’s impact in the community is a shared value with Robert and a big reason why he landed at this brokerage.

Homes. This is your biggest decision, your investment and your equity. Robert values the trust you place in him to find your living space, your living room. Adventure still calls.

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