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Chandra's Blog Posts


Anthony and Jocelyn were referred to me by my lovely client/ friends Jake and Kirsten. I knew from the moment we met that I would love them.  I think we made inappropriate jokes and took an hour longer than the meeting normally does – cause we were talking too much! As it goes when I really enjoy working with someone, it was too short.  I feel like I could have shown Jocelyn and Anthony a million houses and it would have been fun.  Alas they found their “one” and we made a super strong offer within a few weeks of working together they had a house. A couple of things that make me smile about this transaction; 1. Anthony and Jocelyn never argued (or at least not in front of me) they were on the same page and it was awesome to watch. 2. The Russian electrician that has the best accent I have ever heard. 3. The agent for the sellers had the same... More


3 bedroom 2 bath ranch in east portland $225,000 I’m super excited about this house and was definitely a meaningful transaction for me. For my client Eugenia (Jenya), who is not only a first time home buyer, she is also a young Russian immigrant (granted I don’t think she remembers living in another country?) this purchase defines the “American Dream”.  Jenya who is a do it yourself type of gal, will make this cutie shine. Overwhelming at times but ultimately rewarding!  How inspiring it is to know that she is the first in her family to own a home. And in this hot market that is Portland no less! She scored an amazing price on a cute ranch charmer with some hints of vintage. Updated appliances, hardwood floors throughout, huge backyard and equally huge garage space. I couldn’t be more thrilled!   Thank you for choosing me Jenya, I cannot wait to see what you do with YOUR house! Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker... More

N woolsey-12

$324,900 2 bedrooms 1 bath 908 square feet Newer Roof, furnace, air conditioning, remodeled kitchen, bath, fantastic yard! Perfection!! Completely updated 50s North Portland ranch. Located close to everything – University of Portland, St. Johns, Adidas campus, Kenton, Mississippi, Killingsworth, Swan Island, Green Zebra. Downtown Portland is only 15 minutes away! Everything has been done, experience easy indoor/outdoor living. Newer 95+ efficient furnace to keep you warm in the winter and newer central A/C for those hot summer nights. Bicycle anywhere in Portland! Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 o. 503.719.5588 f. 503.961.8224       More

All in the family 


You know what?  It’s hard to buy a house in Portland these days… I won’t lie.  It is important to be strong and put your best foot forward.  That’s what Betsy and Aubin did. And they scored a rad house in Roseway/Parkrose; It is so clean!  So well cared for!!  So perfect for a first time buyer.  Score.   I enjoy working with this family and wish there was more of them to help!  Betsy move to Portland! Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 o. 503.719.5588 f. 503.961.8224   More


So what I have realized is that open houses are the perfect opportunity to meet humans that I really love.  It seems like an odd setting but some of my most favorite clients have been people I met at open houses.  We connect.  They get me.  I adore them.  Such is the case with Susan and Mr. Bill. and Susan’s boys Bill and Rickey.  I think it’s been about a year since we first met.  And we have looked at many houses.  Made some offers.  Nothing was quite right.  And then she came along… She was tall, and beautifully old, with an oversized lot.  Her colors were exquisite.  She had a three car garage that was accessed by a BAT CAVE! Historic registry grandness.  A rose garden.  Original beauty and modern amenities.  A view.  A nice walkable neighborhood.  My favorite house I have ever had the pleasure of being a party to…The Latourette Victorian of Oregon City;   I love this house and my clients... More

se 77th-1

Awesome Mt. Scott Bungalow in a charming neighborhood! Blocks to Mt. Scott Arleta park, community center and blocks to Woodstock, bakery, shops.  Completely remodeled, light filled, open and airy, Marmoleum floor, stainless appliances (refrigerator excluded), Pratt and Larsen tiles, filtered water system, basement is completely finished and very comfortable.  Convenient to the soon to be completed New Seasons. Newer systems! 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, detached garage, 2064 square feet.  $379,000   Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 o. 503.719.5588 f. 503.961.8224   More


Or so say I.  I love this place!  And Argay neighborhood just got better with the addition of a great lady by the name of Tina!  Tina is a sweetheart, and her neighbors are blessed to have her.  She’s excited for trick or treaters, celebrates every holiday known to man, and is the kind of woman who brings her frazzled and bedraggled non-morning person realtor a coconut milk mocha cause she knows said realtor is avoiding dairy.  What is not to love?!?!?!? Tina got a great deal in this crazy market.  We had the usual bumps and lumps but in the end my client ended up in a house that fits her needs perfectly, cuts down her commute by more than half, AND was a great price. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CALL ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE IN ARGAY.  It is so up my alley. Details; $269,000 3 beds/ 2 baths .17 acres. Huge walk in closet, amazing master bath, Great Open Concept Kitchen and... More


David is the nicest guy ever.  When I met him it was at a creepy house that didn’t have any power and looked like the roof might collapse.  I don’t usually meet people I don’t know in vacant houses – good rule of thumb when you are trying to avoid being stabbed – so I let my friend who lives down the street know that I was going to need her to call and check on me.  Needless to say it was very much unnecessary as David is the nicest dude ever.  Also, ironically, because Portland is one of those small big towns, he knew my friend who lived down the street!  Anyways fast forward a couple of months and David is getting sad about the Portland market, understandable, its rough out there.  He and Laura (my awesome business partner) stumbled across a little gem of a house just inside of his ideal St. John’s neighborhood!  Also we got an offer accepted of less than... More


We saw some amazing houses in our real estate journeys.  This one hit a lot of the major “must haves” but most importantly the location was PERFECT!  Lake Oswego! This was our second foray into home buying and it was for a much different experience this time around.  This house is gorgeous.  So clean and well cared for, good floor plan, and backing to Tryon Creek Park.  My second time home buyers shall be so happy here!  Congrats guys – see you in a few years or not!?!?!  Be happy here forever!   Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 o. 503.719.5588 f. 503.961.8224   DOWNLOAD MY HOME SEARCH APP! More


I had worked with one half of Bologna Sandwich a couple years back, and enjoyed the process thoroughly.  I also had a great experience working with them when the designed my lovely marketing postcard . Kate’s sense of humor slays me.  And working with her was easy/lovely/fun!  Also we found a rad little bungalow in Lents that was priced right!  Got a good deal on it and everyone was a winner. Dear Kate, I look forward to our new marketing campaign of “redefining professional”.  I look forward to a house warming party where you awkwardly dance.  Mostly I look forward to this being a really great house for you – cause you rule! xoxo, Chandra   Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 o. 503.719.5588 f. 503.961.8224   DOWNLOAD MY HOME SEARCH APP! More