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Chandra's Blog Posts


David is the nicest guy ever.  When I met him it was at a creepy house that didn’t have any power and looked like the roof might collapse.  I don’t usually meet people I don’t know in vacant houses – good rule of thumb when you are trying to avoid being stabbed – so I let my friend who lives down the street know that I was going to need her to call and check on me.  Needless to say it was very much unnecessary as David is the nicest dude ever.  Also, ironically, because Portland is one of those small big towns, he knew my friend who lived down the street!  Anyways fast forward a couple of months and David is getting sad about the Portland market, understandable, its rough out there.  He and Laura (my awesome business partner) stumbled across a little gem of a house just inside of his ideal St. John’s neighborhood!  Also we got an offer accepted of less than... More


We saw some amazing houses in our real estate journeys.  This one hit a lot of the major “must haves” but most importantly the location was PERFECT!  Lake Oswego! This was our second foray into home buying and it was for a much different experience this time around.  This house is gorgeous.  So clean and well cared for, good floor plan, and backing to Tryon Creek Park.  My second time home buyers shall be so happy here!  Congrats guys – see you in a few years or not!?!?!  Be happy here forever!   Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 o. 503.719.5588 f. 503.961.8224   DOWNLOAD MY HOME SEARCH APP! More


I had worked with one half of Bologna Sandwich a couple years back, and enjoyed the process thoroughly.  I also had a great experience working with them when the designed my lovely marketing postcard . Kate’s sense of humor slays me.  And working with her was easy/lovely/fun!  Also we found a rad little bungalow in Lents that was priced right!  Got a good deal on it and everyone was a winner. Dear Kate, I look forward to our new marketing campaign of “redefining professional”.  I look forward to a house warming party where you awkwardly dance.  Mostly I look forward to this being a really great house for you – cause you rule! xoxo, Chandra   Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 o. 503.719.5588 f. 503.961.8224   DOWNLOAD MY HOME SEARCH APP! More


  In one of the toughest markets -ever- my clients got SO LUCKY!  They got the first house that they made an offer on!  They also got an AMAZING house that has the best yard ever!  They also got a really good deal?!?!?  I wish them so much happiness.  I can just picture their little babies running around and jumping on the in ground trampoline!!  Biggest high five to this lovely family. Milwaukie is the best! More


Dude.  Kelley and Michael are awesome.  They had to re-work their plans a little when their rental was put on the market and they realized it was time to buy instead of planning a wedding.  None-the-less they rallied!   We found them a cute and cozy ranch in Gresham (where there are still houses and deals?!?!) and got a new roof and some other things taken care of.  It’s been a rocky adventure but we had fun on the way.  Thanks to Luke for sending them my way, (keep the easygoing, funny, savvy people coming my way!) And thank you to Michael and Kelley for working with me, it was truly a pleasure! Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 o. 503.719.5588 f. 503.961.8224   DOWNLOAD MY HOME SEARCH APP!   More


Ever played cards against humanity?  If so I challenge you to decide which is the best card of the deck…for me it is a tie between “Sean Penn”, and “Farting and Walking Away”, which may be a metaphor for how I choose my favorite house, client/friend scenario – which is to say it is impossible. I love that my clients often times (like 99% of the time) become my friends.  It is so wonderful to be stuck in a car and a stressful situation and have it all work out in the end and gain another person that you enjoy spending time with.  In the case of Jane and Johana I feel as though this scenario was a jackpot for me.  Love these ladies, they make me laugh, cry and regain faith in humanity. Anyways they sold their third home and purchased their fourth home with me, so our fourth transaction, and I am thrilled.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. Details; 5 beds 3... More

exterior view

My dear friends Jane & Johana (thank you for coming to my open house those years ago – you were meant to be my friends) selling their cute ranch.  One day on the market.  Buyer is brought to us by my dear colleague  Noel Jackson.  Everything goes quickly, smoothly,  wonderfully, and everyone is happy.  A true win-win.  It doesn’t get any better than this, in this line of work, being surrounded by humans I enjoy working with and houses that are adorable.  Congrats to the buyers who scored this cute home.  Thanks to J&J – may life be sunshine and lollipops forever in the new place.             Details; Roseway Neighborhood in NE Portland 3 bedroom 1 bath 1080 sq ft. .11 acres. hardwoods throughout Nicely updated $287,000 Want the easiest home sale ever?  Call me. Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 o. 503.719.5588 f. 503.961.8224   More


I just have to say that I love a solid “granny ranch.”  Obviously, as I bought one, AND seek them out to view as often as possible.  Luckily my adorable/rad/savvy client Eve likes them as well.  So when we looked at a bunch of fixers in the $200k and under range I nudged her to take a quick look at an adorable ranch that came up that was a bit beyond that price point.  Being the granny ranch junkie that she is (maybe why we get along well) – she quickly noted the good condition, great location, and value and took the leap to making an offer.  It was weird because it was an instance where we had a really strong offer – but the sellers decided to go with a first time home buyer with a family.  Which was fine with Eve, she never likes to take those kinds of homes away from first time home buyers…so away we went.  Well a couple weeks... More

view of mt hood

My sweet, lovely, funny clients got an amazing house in Damascus with an off the hook view of Mt. Hood.  I am so pleased to report that Damascus is an undiscovered treasure of good properties at good prices.  I am also pleased to say that working with Gwen and Tighe and their adorable boys was a treat.  I wish you years/decades/eons of happiness and memories in your new home. Details; $378,000.00 4/2.5 1.04 acre all new siding, windows, septic, – AND the view!!! More

SW 42nd-14

Really functional floor plan, great condominium in lovely neighborhood!  Priced at $139,900 – Close to OHSU and Lewis and Clark.  Attached to excellent schools. Walking distance to restaurants, other businesses and bus line. Great first time home or investment property, units of comparable size in that area rent for $1300! This condo has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Assigned parking spot, 2 bonus rooms that make great office space/craft room/nursery! 1,080 sq.ft.. Low HOA costs and mostly owner occupied units. 5244 SW 42nd Ave. Portland, OR 97221. Mortgage Repayment Summary $814.55 Monthly Payment $293,239.36 Total of 360 Payments $103,496.86 Total Interest Paid Nov, 2044 Pay-off Date $52,462.50 Total Tax Paid $5,280.00 Total PMI Paid Monthly PMI 96  Monthly PMI Payments of $55.00 Each SW Portland Hayhurst Robert Gray and Wilson Schools! Contact me for more information; Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 o. 503.719.5588 f. 503.961.8224   More