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Because mid century homes rule.   Congrats to Kyle and Bernice on killer buy! #Portland Real Estate #LivingRoomRealty More


    But not for long.  Portland Playhouse is a small theater company based out of an old church on the corner of NE 6th and Prescott.  I have been a season subscriber to them and numerous other theater and arts performance series for years now.  I can say, with total honesty, that the quality of theater from these folks is the best in town, and they’re the best kept secret around.  But not for long.  Shows are selling out quicker and the word is out.  So, go for it!   The 7th season calandar was just posted and tickets are available now.  Check them out and support local live art!  Portland Playhouse Website   More

portland fit! 


Check this out!  We all knew it, but did anyone else?    Men’s Fitness Magazine named Portland the fittest city in America.  And the cover photo?  A pack of bros cycling over the Broadway Bridge.  Hello?  Looking around our office up here on 14th and Alberta, I’m convinced that our agents are contributing to this honor.  We are a lean, mean bunch with buns of steel and egos to match.  Swing by and check us out   More

2014 Sunday Parkways 

2014 Sunday Parkways Routes

Hot off the press!  The City of Portland’s Bureau of Transportation just announced dates and routes for 2014’s Sunday Parkways events.  Really, is there a better way to spend a summer Sunday than meandering around on your bike on car-free city streets?  I think not, except maybe meandering around on your bike on car-free city streets with a cold beer in your water bottle cage.  Regardless, come out and join the fun.  You can read all about it in this bikeportland article. More



se 30th front

  Congratulations to Sam and Sacha for settling in SE after their cross-country adventure! More


  There’s still over a week left in Oregon Walks Walktober event.  Yes, everyone with kids walks around their neighborhood the evening of the 31st.  But why stop there?   Oregon Walks has plenty of great events in store to get you on your feet.  Click here to see what’s happening. More

net zero

When Eliot and Julia approached me wanting help finding them the perfect home for their family of four with a yard big enough to build a net-zero energy ADU (accessory dwelling unit), we went to work.  Not an easy task, let me tell you.  What I helped them find was a huge yard with a cute house small enough that it will become the ADU when they build a net-zero primary home behind it.  When you think outside the box, you’re never boxed in.  And that’s how we roll here at the Living Room. More

bikes kids

Join the fun tonight at the 4th annual Live the Revolution party and fundraiser for the BTA’s Safe Routes to School Program.  Living Room Realty has been a proud sponsor and supported every year.  This year includes a story telling event by local bike luminaries, a raffle, and most importantly…..mucho beer!  Check out the deets here and come support our kids! More

party time 


Do you know what a party sewer is?  No?  Well, it’s not what you think, but if you ever came across one during a real estate transaction, you would remember it.  A party, or party-line sewer is when two properties’ sewers connect to a single lateral before connection to the public sewer (main) in the public right of way (street).  One of the sewers (the guest) crosses onto the neighbors property (the host) and they combine before heading out to the street.  Who cares?  The City of Portland does, that’s who.  Party sewers are considered non-conforming and the city generally requires neighbors to disconnect from each other and run an independent line.  The guest sewer homeowners are given 180 days to disconnect from the host, and the costs can range from $3,000-$10,000. Most people don’t even realize they have a party sewer, as the sewer functions just fine.  Here is a link to the City Of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services webpage for party sewers. More