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It was a fortuitous coincidence when a short sale specialist brought this opportunity to my attention. I happened to know the owner of the adjoining property and she was more than happy to pick up this property before it went to foreclosure. Everybody was made whole and the buyer got a good property at a good price. Ry Koteen 503.901.8996 More

ADU Resource Guide

Signup for an ADU Homeowner building class on April 6th. Here is a great website to get you started Accessory Dwellings You can also join the discussion at Accessory Dwelling Unit discussion group on Yahoo. Portland ADU Program Guide Second Sink Agreement Washington County Special Use Standards 430, use bookmark feature to go to section... More

ADU vs Accessory Structure 


Here is the Accessory Structure I am building in my backyard. It will really by one ADU and one Accessory Structure, meaning it will not have a kitchen sink in one unit. The expectation is to rent it nightly or weekly as a hotel room. This is all the rage on the Portland Eastside as there are very few hotels near neighborhoods where people want to visit. My lot has an ideal situation of having an alley which doesn’t require any setback, this way I can have a full two car garage and still keep plenty of yard. Building it over a garage has a height restriction of 18′ which can be kind of low for a two story structure. By giving the roofline a small pitch we gain almost a foot in the middle of the room as code allows measurements from the “average” height of the roof. Portland ADU Program Guide Second Sink Agreement More

What are these? 


This two units are garnering lot of attention and not just because of their colors. Affectionally called Kermit and Ms. Piggy, by their owners, a lot of people want to know what there are and how they will be used. I have spoken to the owners on numerous occasions during the construction period and they will really be “hotel rooms.” The owners plan to rent them by the night through Air BnB with expected nightly rents around $90. In order to build two units on this lot they had combine it with the adjoining duplex and assign one colored structure to each of the duplex units. The fact that they have less than 200 Square Feet footprint allowed the owners to avoid paying most of permitting charges, as the city doesn’t charge all permit fees for structure that small or smaller.  This are not technically ADUs, accessory dwelling units,  as they will have no kitchen sinks. This is another part of the code that allows two units... More


Great opportunity to invest or live in one of Portland’s hottest neighborhoods. 40 NE Ivy, is located steps away from new New Season and all the great restaurants and shops along N. Williams. A short walk to Irving Park or Mississippi Ave. Easy access to downtown and I-5. This 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath house has plenty of room for roommates or family. It has bonus room upstairs and great, recently updated kitchen and dining room with a nice backyard. Help pay your mortgage with the 2 bedroom apartment in the basement.  (Currently rented for $750) OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 9/9 12-2 and TUESDAY  9/11 11-1 More