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Sarah Knight's Blog Posts


Every time I walk into this home I think to myself with excitement, “who is going to be the next owner that fills this space…..who...WHO is it going to be?!?”.  I  genuinely get excited because this house is meant to be filled with people, activity, creativity, laughter. It emanates a sense of warmth.  A home... More

Short Sale Success! 

 Oh the journey we had to get this closed. Before Jackie, a first time home buyer, even interviewed realtors, she had been looking at houses online for a few years. Stalking trends, neighborhoods, interest rates – you name it, she was plotting how she was going to buy a house. We started looking together last spring, just... More

For our daughter 

  Chris and Noriko are in a strong financial position. They have the opportunity to purchase a first home for their daughter. Early 20’s, going to PSU for a masters. They are thrilled to help her get settled into a home. She can pick the roommates, the wall colors, get a dog, focus on school AND have an attentive landlord!... More

3710 N Borthwick Avenue

Old houses are charming. They have character. They have wood floors, even if under carpeting. They also can be a big pain in the ass if they have numerous issues to take on or even ones you will only discover as you live there and the house continues to age. Jessie and Dave decided this... More


Joel and Dru were the first buyers into this house. It was a Sunday, I slept in, thought I was taking the day off (HA), checked my email and saw that this house was about to hit the market. I contacted my clients immediately to tell them that I had found their house. Within an hour... More

Belmont East Condo

1 bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom condo sold off the market for $275,000 Trying to avoid the madness of this current market? Sometimes selling to your friend works out just fine. More

1634 SE Salmon Street

    1890 Buckman Victorain that moves with warmth, charm and heart!  Large raised vegetable beds with organic soil. Fruit bearing plants include: blueberries, rasberries, grape and kiwi. Large (38%) reduction in energy cost through full insulation with Clean Energy Works of Oregon- all exterior walls, entire attic, under main level floors. Pantry off kitchen. Seperate laundry and storage... More


There are many motivations for purchasing property. It is not everyday in city life that people set out with the intention to purchase an heirloom, a home to pass on to their children. For Jill and Garett this house was bigger than the two of them. The home has generational needs to fulfill – to... More

Financing a property with an existing ADU

If you read our blog regularly you will find that a common theme in the world of real estate is that getting a sale closed is often a journey of patience and resilience. In the end it is always about getting connected to just the right contractor, lender, inspector, etc. — someone holds the key... More

Workshop: How to Research Your Homes History

THIS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD 10AM TO NOON SOUTHEAST OFFICE – 2625 SE 26TH AVENUE Ever wonder who lived in your house before you, or what your house looked like originally and why there is a bathroom on the back porch!?! Researching the history of your house can answer those questions and many others you might... More