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Teri's Blog Posts

Portland real estate sometimes feels like a Mad Max movie these days. At any moment it can turn dystopian. You don’t have a chance in hell with a budget of $194,000. Unless you are Kett and Lacy. Which made me wonder if they had secret super powers. We found this place so fast, they didn’t... More

This is the perfect place for the creative soul looking for modern architecture with a live/work option. This exquisitely built 2011 row house offers a one-of-a-kind architectural experience. Dramatic space with soaring ceilings captures the natural light pouring in through the double sliding glass doors and skylight. Enjoy your private deck adjacent to the open... More

It’s a crazy market, nobody knows it like we do. But even we did not expect this many offers, the winning offer at 20% over asking, and the quick and overwhelming response to this Piedmont home. We read all the letters and we looked at every page of offers – that’s over 400 pages!  We... More


Sometimes the best service we can give our clients is to forego signposts, flyers and Open Houses and quietly negotiate behind the scenes on their behalf. We are happy to tailor our approach to achieve custom results for you. Teri + Reg + Perci More

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In 2009, I was one of the first Realtors at a new startup company called Living Room Realty, and our first Managing Principal Broker. Those exciting early years were filled with incredible growth & adrenaline. The hard work of growing our company required an all hands on deck mentality, but we needed a first mate.... More

Sky’s The Limit 

One of the coolest things about owning your own house is that your ideas about home and space can be manifested into reality. Don’t like the paint color? Repaint it. Don’t like that wall? Knock it down! Want a garden? Dig up the yard and plant one. If you’re looking for a place to start... More

Doorknob Haiku 

the next house is on. the other side of the door. twist the knob, go in. More

Time Capsule 

This is what 1974 looked like in Damascus Oregon. Walking through this house you could almost hear Burt Bacharach on the hi-fi. Searching for your own time capsule? Contact Teri Toombs at 503.522.1691. More

I love my job! 

I love real estate. I love helping people in the process of actualizing their dreams of owning a home. I love the friendships that have come from it. I love that every client, every house and every day are a little bit different. I love the challenges and the problem solving. I love the decor... More

Spring has sprung here in Portland Oregon! If you’d like to find a home and garden to cultivate your dreams please contact Teri Toombs at 503.522.1691. More