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Teri's Blog Posts

Alaska Heather and Mt. St. Helens Chris share an intense love of the outdoors, urban careers and the sweetest bungalow ever. Their new home, in the hills of Oregon City, sits on a roomy plot of land, among a trio of Giant Sequoias. Sweet! More

We met at many a home. Wherever we met, whoever was around it didn’t matter. This little kid would yell out “Terrrri Tooooombs!” like I was the next contestant on the Price is Right. I mean, besides being a little startled, what’s not to love? This is a sweet, sweet family and I wanted to do everything possible to help them find their home. When Emily wrote her personal letter to the seller, it was pretty easy for me to add my own note to the listing agent: “Here is my client’s offer on your listing at ****************. Why shouldn’t a single mom who pulled herself up by her bootstraps, put herself through nursing school and works at being the best parent she can be, along with her son,  get a chance to live in an architecturally designed and built space? Who says these two have to settle for anything but the best they can get right now? This house inspires them and fits them... More

I am inspired by my clients. The determination to create a better life for yourself is spine-tingling. No one has more grit than this one. With the fierceness of a mama bear, Erin made sure her new home would be close to family, near the school she wanted for her girls, and have the bones that would support the sweat equity she will be investing in her new home. With laser-beam focus, she honed in and made it happen. Honestly, there was not one single hurdle this woman didn’t overcome in buying her home. It’s like she has wings. More

…to a deluxe one-level with peaceful surrounds. I couldn’t help singing that song to myself as I drove over to the sweetest ranch that suits these two to a T.  Who knew when this journey started where it would end? But here we are, and this is where it began. In NE Portland, where Jessica grew up and where Jessica and Kate owned their home for the last 9 years. They decided to sell and buy in this crazy market. Yeah, they say it’s a seller’s market, but it’s not as easy as it sounds for a seller turned buyer. We started by looking for the replacement home. The Mt. Tabor cottage showed us how stiff the competition could be. They almost struck gold with the Woodstock bungalow. I will never forget the Multnomah Village house with the incredibly high end wood-burning pizza oven in the bedroom. Despite still not knowing where their new home would be, they went all in and put their place... More

Realtor Science 

Realtor scientific research has shown that if there’s a pencil sharpener in the basement, BUY THE HOUSE. More

If you’re like most people, you have a junk drawer or two. If you’re anything like me, you find beauty in the mundane. Spring is a time for cleaning and a time for inspiration. Put the two together and you can go wild! I like to take the collected fragments from life, piece them together and call them “Junk Drawer Collages”. It’s a great way to turn weird odds and ends into something else entirely. You can give them away as artsy gifts, hang them in the house and garden, or art bomb a friend. Now your junk drawer is ready for the next wave. More

February fake out came late this year and I’m craving soup. One of my favorite go to soups on a bleary day is matzo ball soup. Yes, there are dozens of ways to make gluten free matzo balls too so woohoo for that! I usually start with a homemade chicken bone and veggie stock (I cook the stock for 24 hours to get all of the goodness out of the bones and try to keep some on hand in the freezer for emergency soup situations). The stock consists of chicken bones, fresh herbs from the garden, odds and ends of various veggies, garlic (duh), and Nom Nom Paleo’s Magic Mushroom Salt Blend. Now that the base is set, whip up whatever choice of matzo balls you like adding fresh parsley, roasted garlic and ground pepper for a little  pop. Bring your stock to a boil and add matzo balls, onions, celery, cabbage, carrot, MORE garlic and cook until everything is cooked through. At last minute... More

Sometimes your clients inherit a railroad with their new home purchase. A MINIATURE  railroad that encompasses every single wall of their 1953 ranch basement. A meticulously crafty railroad that ducks behind the water heater, tunnels through pantries, and curves around pipes. A railroad that blasts over head the mid-century knotty pine and orange vinyl grandpa bar, and whizzes past the washing machine. Your clients dream of their future with their new railroad. Will it become a sushi train? A hot dog train? A taco train? A corn on the cob train? Will they serve jell-o shots and cigars from a railroad flatcar to enter-TRAIN their friends? The possibilities are only as endless as their imaginations. Kelsey & Cailin I predict monogrammed engineer hats in your future! All aboard, next stop Fun Town!! More

This year Spring has sprung early in Portland, Oregon and we’re all grooving on these beyond gorgeous sun filled days. One of my favorite things to do every Spring is lie in the front yard and gaze up at my neighbor’s magnificent Magnolia tree. Deep inhale, now exhale, aaahhhhhhh. More

Accepting cash offers only, with submission of offers due during Superbowl halftime, this Overlook Fixer still drew flocks of buyers. With this awesome door detail, who could resist? Look for this old beauty to be restored and back on the real estate market soon. Teri Toombs, Principal Broker, 503-522-1691. Helping people move since 2003. More