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Green Streets of Portland 


What are those crazy curb thingys that are sprouting up all over the city?  Bioswales, rain gardens, stormwater collection systems, or as the fancy lads and lasses at the City of Portland like to say “Green Street Facilities”.  So fancy.  And smart.  Though I’m not sure I would want to walk by one in an inebriated state on a dark night…       More

Calm, Cool, Collected Gets It Sold

What a total joy.  Great sellers.  Fantastic property.  Killer neighborhood.  This Hawthorne bungalow sold for $357,000 in just a couple of weeks.  Thank you Stef and Alana for listening and doing everything on the list to get your house ready to sell.  Thank you for all the little extras that went above and beyond my... More

Fairview Farmhouse Sells in 9 days, Yo!

This amazing Fairview Victorian farmhouse didn’t scare me.   I knew it would sell. Though it’s not in the urban core (it’s near 223rd & Sandy Blvd) I knew the quality was there, the sellers’ priced it well, and this home stood out among a lot of new construction homes in the area.  It sold in... More

“Green on Green” Garden Tour This Weekend

Wanna see some great local gardens AND benefit the Portland Reading Foundation?  Here’s your chance.  SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2012, 11:00AM – 4:00PM you will have the opportunity to see six stunning gardens in north and NE Portland on a self-guided tour.  IN ADDITION, Nancy Goldman, iconic Portland gardener, is presenting a pre-event workshop in her... More

First Annual Living Room Realtor’s Picnic

From toddling tots to silent teens, there are a lot of kids in the Living Room Realtor family.  And let’s face it:  these kids spend a lot of evenings and weekends apart from their Realtor parent who is busy showing houses and making the dream happen for sellers and buyers.  So it was a thrill... More

A Tale of Two Homes

I’m proud to say I’m a Parkrose High grad.  Parkrose sits on fertile farmland, near the Columbia River, on Portland’s east side.  Now and again I have the pleasure of selling in this neighborhood of mostly mid-century ranches with the occasional bungalow or farmhouse.   This is a tale of two homes that offers a... More

Iconic Modern Condo at Center of Epic Sale

2 Buyers. 2 Sellers. 2 Realtors. 2 Banks. 5 Loan Officers. Innumerable delays.   One Amazing Condo.   It’s 2012.  Lenders have pulled the cinches tighter than braids on a 10 year-old girl.  My buyers wanted this modern home in the wildly popular Hawthorne district.  Because the building has a 47% commercial component, the purse... More

Ladd’s Addition Bluegrass Jam

It was near day’s end.  I was strolling with Perci and the dogs through our lovely neighborhood of Ladd’s Addition.  Feeling lucky.  Loving the rose gardens, the old growth forest that we live in, and the company I was keeping.  We were almost to Ladd’s Circle and it was a beautiful sight with the rhododendrons... More

Adventures in Real Estate

It was a cliff hanger, a nail biter, a real edge of your seat thriller.  The sellers had a Columbia riverfront condo, that couldn’t go on the market until the end of summer.    Poor thing, this amazing home languished on the market through the winter due to unavoidably bad timing.  No surprise.  But just when... More

Greta’s New Home

Greta’s parents really love her.  She’s just 4 months old but already you can tell that they would move heaven and earth for her, and I can see why.  I’ve been lucky to spend some time with this exceptional tyke during her first home buying process.  How fun!  I found her to be very easy-going... More