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They really loved their little house. But… it was the little things they wanted to change.  A third bedroom for visiting family. A quieter location.  They found what they were looking for at nearly the same price as the house they were selling.  Luckily, they had made a good investment the first time around and in the first week garnered multiple offers.  It’s not easy to make a lateral move, but on occasion it is possible.  Congrats to some of the most tenacious seller/buyers I know.  You did it! Teri Toombs Principal Broker Licensed in Oregon 503-522-1691 ttoombs@livingroomre.com More

Anne & Reg 2:5:14

Our clients, Anne and Michael, bought a home in the Beaumont Alameda neighborhood that required a LOT of vision.  A real Fixer.  Reg and I stopped by to check in on progress and Reg’s jaw dropped to the ground when we saw what they were up to!  The old carpet is gone and they have sanded the original floors on the main floor. The kitchen?  It’s GUTTED.  We are so impressed with what you have done and will be by soon to get another update for the blog.  We dragged Anne away from her obsession to get this shot with Reg in the “kitchen”.  So Cool! More

11th facade

Neighborhood LIFT (Let’s Invest For Tomorrow) is coming to Portland.  This Down Payment assistance program will offer up to $15k to qualified buyers.  The Realtor kickoff event is this morning and I’ll be there to get the facts.  I can’t wait to fill you in on the details. This may be the extra oomph needed to boost potential buyers into home owners, just like you dear reader.  Mark your calendar for December 13th/14th for Portland’s Neighborhood LIFT.  Curious about home ownership for you? Let’s connect! Teri Toombs, 503-522-1691 More

Plexes, Plexes, Plexes! 


Duplexes, triplexes, 4-plexes, I love a plex!  With Portland rental vacancy rates currently at 3% and rents rising, the savvy buyer does well to consider this type of purchase.  Not sure how to manage your new investment?  Just call our very capable staff at Living Room Property Management, 503-929-5223, info@livingroomrentals.com. Ready to take the plunge?  Give me a ring. Teri Toombs, ttoombs@livingroomre.com, 503.522-1691. More

Fancy Ladd’s has More Leaves 

Welcome to Ladd’s Addition.  I see you’re new here.  I’ve been around a couple of years and I’m still pinching myself that I live in an urban forest! Hey, I don’t have to tell you.  You GET IT cause you just bought a house here. But, as with everything beautiful, there are challenges.  I walked by today and you were raking.  I really wanted to tell you the secret to surviving the 5th season in Ladd’s Addition, because when you live underneath giant trees that can reach several stories high and line the streets, there is another season and it’s called leaf season.  It lasts from the end of September to the end of November.  And buddy, we haven’t even entered leaf season yet.  Pace yourself.  I can see you getting that look in your eye.  Don’t let the first leaf dump get the best of you.  Don’t panic about LEAF DAY either.  Just know it’s coming and plan accordingly.  Leaf Day happens twice a... More

Helping Friends Find Home 

Gracie and I go back almost 20 years.  Kristen entered the scene not long after that.  When you are friends for that long it’s like a river.  There is an ebb, there is a flow.  But the river is always there.  Together we have laughed, we have cried, we have run the gamut of emotions.  We’ve grown up together.  Today I found this picture of them from about 8 years ago — vacationing together on Whidby Island.  They are holding Scarlett as a puppy – look at those giant puppy slippers!!  The newer picture, taken last week, is right after I handed them the keys to their first home in Cully.  In it they are with their baby – due in the next couple of months.  There is no feeling that compares to helping dear friends find their way home.  ttoombs@livingroomre.com 503.522.1691 More

Dreaming Big Dreams 

Alberta office 2013

As a Realtor, I  spend a lot of time helping clients to “see” the possibilities in a home purchase.  I’ve sold a lot of fixers over the years, and most of the homes I’ve purchased for myself were fixers too.  I love to dream up a new reality for a tired old space and then watch the dream come true.  Imagine my delight in watching this under-utilized warehouse start its transformation into our new office. Here it is, just across the street from our current NE office on Alberta Street.  I get a front row seat to all the action.  What you see may be a concrete shell.  I see a light-filled space with high ceilings, brawny beams, and a thoughtfully designed space balancing an open floor plan with private meeting spaces.  Check here for progress updates.  And if you are thinking a fixer could be in your future, give me a ring.  Teri Toombs, ttoombs@livingroomre.com, 503-522-1691. More

A walkable neighborhood + close-in + mid-century?  If you can dream it, I will find it.  Congrats Andrew and Dani.   More

This bungalow is big.  Really big.  One of the bedrooms is about the size of a cabin I once lived in.  The walk-in closets are so big, the former tenants used them as bedrooms.  Clothes horses will find refuge here.  Luxuriously large.  You could roller skate on the covered front porch.  You might need walkie-talkies to communicate with a loved one while you are both inside of this house.  Gorgeously gigantic.  The floors have all been refinished, and you’ll find lots of vintage wood detailing and built-ins throughout this beautiful big bungalow.   All in the heart of Alberta Arts.  The numbers:  4 bedrooms, 1.1 baths, 3445 sq ft, 1908 built, taxes: $2,252.52, mls #13263225, $419,000, 4915 NE 19th. More

Green Streets of Portland 


What are those crazy curb thingys that are sprouting up all over the city?  Bioswales, rain gardens, stormwater collection systems, or as the fancy lads and lasses at the City of Portland like to say “Green Street Facilities”.  So fancy.  And smart.  Though I’m not sure I would want to walk by one in an inebriated state on a dark night…       More