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Teri's Blog Posts

Terra The Wonder Lab 

I went to the vacant ‘62 split level ranch to meet a contractor. Didn’t see anyone around as I went on ahead to fetch the keys. In the backyard, much to my surprise, I saw a dog tied to a post on the cold cement patio. My heart sank. I approached the beautiful yellow lab as she jumped up, excited to see me. Just when I was about to untie the beast from her tether, the contractor showed up. “Looks like someone abandoned this cutie pie.”  I told him. He answered “She’s not abandoned! Her name is Terra and she’s at work!” That’s right, I was lucky enough to meet Terra the oil tank and contaminated soils sniff dog! Hope restored and neither dog nor man finding the dreaded oil tank or evidence of one ever being there the day just got a whole lot brighter. Way to turn that beat around my furry friend. Click here to learn more about Terra’s job with... More

Whether you need storage for your kayaks, or a condo close to your commute, whether the Pearl is calling to the urban foodie within, or Cully Crafts is inspiring your inner farmer, we want to help you get home in 2015. We’ve got a great lineup of homes coming to the market in the next few months, including a farmhouse with acreage in east county, a Cully mid-century, and a low-maintenance, move-in ready home in Roseway, with plenty more listings on the way. Sellers, don’t hesitate to give a call. We’d love to help you find your perfect buyer. We loved 2014. We welcome 2015. Call us. Talk soon. Teri Toombs, Principal Broker 503-522-1691, Reg Martocci, Broker 508-340-1456, Happy New Year! #wheresyourlivingroom? More

While I Waited I Fell In Love 

When I met one half of this couple, she painted a vivid picture of who they were and what they were looking for. They came to me from a friend of a family friend. They had a lease in Portland that wasn’t up for 8 months. So why was I waiting to meet them at this house now? Cause you never know. The house had mid-century bones, great indoor-outdoor connected living spaces,  one-level living, on an oversized lot that provided privacy. I could see them living here, and at the same time I coveted the place for myself. The truth was, it was too late for either of us and the buyers were still a no-show. There was an offer on the table and the sellers were looking at it in about 3 hours. Like the last 10 minutes left in a basketball game, there was still plenty of time for a motivated buyer to get an offer on the table. However, I didn’t think... More

Time Takes a Cigarette 

It all started about 32-ish years ago. Teen punk rocker kids running wild in the streets of a California town. From friends to roommates we were thick as thieves. There were all night parties, 50¢ cashmere sweaters and lots of espresso. Then one day CRASH BOOM BANG!! Circumstances flipped a switch and in a blink of an eye we were out of each others lives FOR DECADES. At the time neither of us realizing how long it would take to cross paths again but, as they like to say, life happens. Fast forward to the future is now and a whole new century, TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN, almost FIFTY and STILL ALIVE!!! Older, (somewhat) wiser and wackier than ever. We rebuilt our friendship anew with, that time sucker of a beast, social media. A few trips from San Francisco to Portland later, with her new honey pie in tow, it happened. Weary of the confined spaces that city life can bring and wanting a place to... More

No pressure. Our clients were in Portland from New Orleans for an extended weekend. They had a goal for themselves and a challenge for us. “Find our house while we’re here in Portland so we can go back to New Orleans, pack up our belongings and drive back across the country before winter weather slams us.” They essentially stepped off the plane and into the Subaru for a 4 day tour of our fair city and it’s surrounds. We hit the ground running searching for THE ONE. From Argay Terrace to Milwaukie to Cully to North Portland we burned rubber and covered it all. Finally landing in North Portland they found a sweet mid-century ranchalo and fell in love. It was a nail biter with multiple offers but we all worked overtime and cinched the deal. Yay team! Welcome to Portland Heidi & Rob! More

In this cutthroat market I advise clients to sell first then buy. Contingent offers (making an offer on a home contingent upon selling your existing house) just can’t compete when inventory is 2.8 months and multiple offers are in play. But rules are made to be broken and these two were just the pair to turn this advice on its head. Here was their executed plan: 1. Find the house lingering a little while on the market. 2. Offer the gift: over asking price, when asking for the favor: contingent offer accepted. 3. Have the contingent property ready to go on the market immediately and priced to sell fast. Well, it sounds as easy as 1,2,3. But there were a FEW more steps in there. Still, you get the idea. It’s like a frenetic ballet, selling and buying this way. Once in a while the music syncs with the moves and it all comes together. But it ain’t easy. Contingent buyers, I salute your steely... More

The year was 1967. Milton Berle was out and the Newlywed Game was in. It was all about the summer of love, Twiggy and Argay Terrace! This was a new neighborhood then, built at the edge of town, filled with ranches. These homes have sprawling yards, floor to ceiling glass, sweeping vistas and lots of elbow room, and swimming pools! Argay is a Brady Bunch time capsule. I love selling these homes. If you want to see the secret 1960’s neighborhood, give me a call. Teri Toombs, Principal Broker, 503-522-1691. More

My niece and her beau, Britni and Patrick, were looking for their first home. Seeing as she is my favorite niece (OK my only niece but she’s totally my favorite), I knew I had to help. Brit is having a baby in the fall, so we had to get a move on. Was it too much to ask for a solid little ranch in Sandy, with a little land to go along with it? Apparently so – all that popped up on the market were new construction homes on tiny lots. Even beyond the Portland metro area, the pickings are slim, as my contacts in the area confirmed. Drats! Pretty soon grandma got in on the act, putting the pressure on (the baby is coming!) Though we saw some cute stuff in Fairview and Gresham, Patrick and Britni really wanted to stay closer to family that live on the mountain. Bingo! One day, a solid month into our hunt, “the one” showed up, two blocks... More

Puppies and Babies 

Real estate is not for sissies. I’ve never been among a harder working group of people who do their best for their clients. But it ain’t easy, with crazy hours and even crazier stories. Not all of them we can share. Suffice to say, I’ve been through some gut wrenchers in my day. Usually, in the end, it works out. For this sweet buyer, it’s a new beginning, full of hope and promise. I wish her well. I know she will be a fantastic addition to her new community. The rest of the story? It’s better left unsaid. Instead, let’s just look at this cute picture and think happy thoughts. More

Sweet Victory For My Buyers 

I love signings. The client is just days away from the close of the deal and the start of their new life. All that is left to do is just sign a few loan documents, right? The negotiations are done. The repairs are complete. It’s sort of like the salad course before the main course: closing! Not this time. The twists and the turns never end in this business and this time the unwelcome surprise was an oil tank that the seller put off dealing with, hoping for a clean soils test. They waited too long and their luck turned on them. The truth came out on signing day. Instead of a sweet dance to closing, this one clunked all the way to the end. Dirty soils. A doozy of a cleanup. Delay after delay. Uncommunicative seller. This went on way past our original closing date. These buyers are the greatest, had held up their end of the deal, and certainly didn’t deserve this. As... More