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Teri's Blog Posts

The first time we met in person, we were all bundled up for the snowy weather that January brought. I wore cleats to keep from slipping on the ice as we toured homes. They had just flown in to PDX, rented a car, and promptly got stuck in the snow. It was a grim start... More

Ferocious. Unrelenting. As we sat in the signing, we reflected back on everything this single mom had done to get to the closing table. The list is simplistic and barely scratches the surface of what this gutsy buyer did to get home. Each item here accounts for weeks and months of hard work on her... More


House hunting fashions. It’s what’s hot this season! Come walk the wood, marmoleum, tile and carpet runways with us! Strut your stuff into a new home. More

Diary Of A Remodel 

Living through a remodel is not everyone’s cup of tea. It can be daunting. So many details and decisions not to mention a LOT of work. Every house I’ve ever owned has been a fixer. In my younger days all of the work was done by my partner and I. We surprised ourselves with what... More

Plant. Grow. Dream. 

Dreams of being an urban farmer? The yards, gardens and urban farms of Portland are popping this year! It seems like the flowers and foliage have a little extra umph due, in part, to our wild and wacky winter. It’s beautiful out there! More

Rent to Own(er) 

Every now and again folks approach me looking to buy the house they’re renting. There are a few factors that can sometimes go against that working out. For one, most landlords just aren’t that interested in selling unless it’s on their own timeline. That being said, every now and again the stars do align and... More


Sometimes a contractor comes to your house and works every day for 8 months while you live in the garage. He sees you in pj’s and sees you washing your dishes with a hose. He thinks you’re a no nonsense, unpretentious and cool client (he says so). Then poof one day the dusty drama of... More

She is a good girl. She is a beautiful child. The future is a sunny dream. She’s a bright and ambitious young woman. She envisions herself as powerful, in charge of her destiny. She sees a great career, a loving relationship, a beautiful life. She shares the collective dream of home that is deep within... More

Well, actually, the kids of Ladd’s Addition have upped their game. Instead of mud pies they’re making artisanal mud cookies with herb and petal frosting and a dusting of dirt . Even the kids in Portland have the entrepreneurial bug (literally real live bugs in this case). Looking for a place to call home in... More

Time Capsule 

Searching for a time capsule to call your home? Reach out and we can time travel together. More