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Teri's Blog Posts

Her face is getting lighter. She doesn’t run as fast as she used to but Scarlett took in all the sights and smells at the coast this past week. She helped us search for pretty driftwood at Neahkahnie Beach and led the way down the funky trail to Short Beach. The Oregon coast is most... More

Land Banking In Woodlawn 

Land banking: the practice of buying land as an investment, holding it for future use, and making no specific plans for its development. What happens when a 1914 fixer sitting on 1/4 acre comes on the market in Woodlawn? The builders flock. And our client Kate. It’s not easy to go up against the big... More

Let It Go 

Photo of Berlin Wall from 1989 with pieces taken from it

Thinking about the bits and pieces we collect throughout life. How some things are with us for a short time, while others stay in the stash for generations. A  wooden statue passed down from mom. A chunky turquoise necklace from great great grandma. Pieces of the Berlin wall gathered during it’s demise. Home is not... More

Something about Lois made me feel super protective of her. She’s such a sweet lady. I didn’t want her to land in a dump in a rough neighborhood, though she was on a pretty tight budget. We had to look at some real stinkers. She stayed positive throughout and kept saying “we could fix this... More

Thoughtful, artistic design epitomizes this modern rowhouse at 2534 NE Alberta St. This light-filled home has an open concept, soaring ceilings and sculptural space. The main floor master suite has polished concrete floors, 9′ ceilings, and a glass roll-up door that opens to a private courtyard. The second floor has a second master suite with... More

Goodbye to The Farm Cafe 

farm farm

Before the bridgehead, before Le Pigeon, before bSIDE6, there was the Farm. My friends Fearn and Guy took a boarded-up hovel and restored this little victorian to it’s former glory. They put their hearts and souls into this place and made a sweet restaurant that thrived on locally-sourced ingredients. These two  took a leap of... More

A Home For the Horses 

If you think it is hard to sell, then buy, then move yourself and your family without losing your mind, you are right. With the low inventory it is even harder to do this without moving twice. But it is this very thing we help sellers-then-buyers achieve on a regular basis. Imagine selling then buying... More

Crows, Leaves and Wet Basements 

crows 2

When the fall air turns chill, the leaves are on the ground and the crows are out in full force. They caw to each other from high up in the trees, they strike a pose on the street signs and they watch us with indifferent eyes. With the crows and the leaves, come wet basements.... More

Your Home Tells Your Story 

mom and jack

Part of finding the perfect home for my buyers is understanding how people live in a place. This can be the big picture stuff like how a floor plan works, down to the smallest details, like wallpaper in a bathroom. These observations translate to my “civilian” life as well. During a recent road trip with... More

Sparrow Flies Home 


The old home sold fast, the new home purchased right away. I was happy to make quick work of this buy and sell for Allie, Jillian, Juniper and Sparrow. Need a no-hassle move for your menagerie? Let me help. Teri Toombs Principal Broker, Dog Lover 503-522-1691 More