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Teri's Blog Posts

Take Me To The River! 

Drop me in the water. The Columbia, Willamette, Clackamas, Sandy, Santiam, Deschutes, Washougal rivers,  or the plethora of lakes, streams and nearby creeks. Have a fun summer and stay cool Portland! Ready to dip into the real estate waters? Give me a call. Teri Toombs, Principal Broker, 503-522-1691. More

NW Modern Rustic in FoPo 

This home took me back to the little cabin in the woods, if that cabin had immaculate salvaged wood detailing, a beautifully updated open kitchen and rusty corrugated metal siding adorning the facade, nice indoor/outdoor living and was sitting in the middle of Foster Powell. It’s the perfect combination of country cabin with modern finishes and floor plan. And it’s my favorite esthetic: NW Rustic. Looking for your custom home? Give a call 503-522-1691 Teri Toombs, Principal Broker. More

Fighting Tooth and Nail 

It’s a dog-eat-dog world in Portland real estate these days. Any buyer knows you gotta go all in to land on top of the heap of competition. Ryan and Lindsey were determined to land on top. That’s just what they did with this purchase. They gave the seller more than just a good price. They provided peace of mind for the seller with their word and deed. They went all in from day one and continued to perform throughout the contract, providing assurance that how they presented themselves with their offer was exactly how they were going to conduct themselves until closing – with good manners. After all the scrapping that happens out in the open market, it’s nice when our buyers can just enjoy the lovefest that happens when you are in contract and you know its just mere weeks before you find yourselves at home. This mid-century  home  in Concordia, near friends, provided the motivation to be the perfectly well-mannered buyers (once they... More

That 70’s Home 

My newest obsession is a Three Quarter Century Ranch. Simple. Solid. Lofted Ceilings. Sprawling Grounds. Do you have an under-appreciated 70’s Ranch you need to sell? Give me a call, I’d love to help. Teri Toombs, Principal Broker, 503-522-1691, More

This is one of those deals. A heartbreaker. The underdog we are all rooting for. Our guy Jeremy and his sweetie Andrea were desperately looking for an agent who understood VA financing. I am happy to say I get it and this is the second vet our team has a helped to find their home this year. We brought along our kick ass lender team, Jen Bell and Amy Holscher from Premier Mortgage. Jen is a vet herself and understands this financing like nobody else I know. We started looking in earnest. We saw it first. We wrote strong offers. Offer after offer, he got beat out by cash buyers or buyers with big down payments. It quickly became apparent that even for the small (too small, really) houses closer in, he was priced out. Adjust parameters. Re-envision. Head back out there. There were a lot of tears shed on this one. I don’t know, the whole situation just kinda ripped me apart. There were... More

Outside Eats 

I recently attended the “1 Mile Farm Dinner” at Side Yard Farm. Everything served in the 5 course meal, including cocktail pairing by Dogwood Distillery, was sourced within one mile of Side Yard’s Cully neighborhood property (yes, even the goat cheese!). If you ever get the chance to attend one of Stacey Givens’ brunches or dinners, DO IT. The food was sublime and the setting was super sweet. The rows and rows of organic veggies, bee boxes, homemade wood fire oven, outdoor family style tables and wide open sky makes for a picture perfect meal. Apparently the word is out as that night’s dinner was attended by a cooking show cast and crew from Japan. For more info follow the link. More

State of Housing in Portland, April 2015 This is the first of a two part report presented by Housing Commissioner Dan Saltzman and the Portland Housing Bureau. Numbers represented for years 2000-2013 except where otherwise noted. 80,000 – number of individuals Portland has added since 2000. 29,000 – number of added households since 2000. 69% – Growth of Hispanic/Latino community since 2000. 12.7% – Rate of growth of single-person households. 7.6% – Rate of growth of households with children. Gateway – the neighborhood with the most growth since 2000. Central City – concentrated area of household growth. 53% – Portland’s homeownership rate. $55,571 – Median household income in Portland in 2013. 37.79 per 10,000 – # of homeless at “point-in-time” tally taken in 2013. 1828 – # of multifamily units added to housing stock in 2014. 686 – # of single family units added to housing stock in 2014. 152,822 – total single family Portland housing stock in 2014. 120,177 – total multfamily Portland housing... More

Alaska Heather and Mt. St. Helens Chris share an intense love of the outdoors, urban careers and the sweetest bungalow ever. Their new home, in the hills of Oregon City, sits on a roomy plot of land, among a trio of Giant Sequoias. Sweet! More

We met at many a home. Wherever we met, whoever was around it didn’t matter. This little kid would yell out “Terrrri Tooooombs!” like I was the next contestant on the Price is Right. I mean, besides being a little startled, what’s not to love? This is a sweet, sweet family and I wanted to do everything possible to help them find their home. When Emily wrote her personal letter to the seller, it was pretty easy for me to add my own note to the listing agent: “Here is my client’s offer on your listing at ****************. Why shouldn’t a single mom who pulled herself up by her bootstraps, put herself through nursing school and works at being the best parent she can be, along with her son,  get a chance to live in an architecturally designed and built space? Who says these two have to settle for anything but the best they can get right now? This house inspires them and fits them... More

I am inspired by my clients. The determination to create a better life for yourself is spine-tingling. No one has more grit than this one. With the fierceness of a mama bear, Erin made sure her new home would be close to family, near the school she wanted for her girls, and have the bones that would support the sweat equity she will be investing in her new home. With laser-beam focus, she honed in and made it happen. Honestly, there was not one single hurdle this woman didn’t overcome in buying her home. It’s like she has wings. More