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Blog posts about Art


With the long rainy winter upon us and many dark days ahead, those of us with wee ones have more hours to fill indoors. So how do we keep our bundles of joy happy and entertained without us low-key losing our minds? I recommend spending some time at the Portland Art Museum at their latest... More

Isn’t that the old expression? Growing up, this term was thrown around quite a bit in our house. My father is a landscape architect and for years, our yard came in dead last. He owns and operates a sizable company and creates beautiful designs all over my hometown, but like many business owners, he found... More

Work-Life Balance LOL 

(Actual sunset from yesterday pictured above. I mean…) Work-life balance, amiright? I’m typing this from my laptop on vacation. Why bring it? Because even though it’s the first family vacation we’ve taken in 6 years, I need to work. But it’s even more complicated because I WANT to work. I’m in the midst of several... More

Falling in love is easy when it comes to this outstanding beauty designed by local visionary architect Bob Schatz.  Heartfelt spaces mesmerize. The combination of the elements of Earth, metal, wood, stone & light come together creating a thoughtful, peaceful and dreamy abode. More

  The Portland Art Museum is currently hosting an exhibit on the works of John Yeon who is one of the most influential Oregon architects. The exhibit titled Quest for Beauty: The Architecture, Landscapes, and Collections of John Yeon, is a retrospective look at an Oregon original. Yeon is most widely remembered as an architect, in... More

Living Room Realty is excited to present the work of Bernadette Estrada at July’s Last Thursday event on Alberta Street! Bernadette has lived in SE Portland with her wife and has called PDX home for over 15 years. She has been painting for as long as she can remember and was inspired by the current... More

For our feature event this month we’re very excited to welcome Grace Darling of Grace Darling Designs to our office, Friday July 28th. Join us from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm for some bubbly, refreshments and a chance to peruse her latest designs and decorations. Grace is a northwest native and a super mama of two... More

Here’s a photo of our team member Perci with her mom behind the house her great grandfather built. Every piece of wood was hand planed, carved and pieced together by him. Every stone set. The banisters and rails to the narrow curving indoor staircase were made from naturally formed trunks and limbs, as were all... More

If you don’t know Korin by name then you most likely know her by reputation. Radius Community Arts Studios ring a bell? Or perhaps Bang Bang Crafts? You’ve passed it a million times driving down MLK, tucked under the Morrison bridge sits the community workspace and home to over 50 Portland artists. It’s a truly comprehensive... More

Piano. Push. Play. Summer in Portland is the reason we all put up with the winter. It’s epic and beautiful and full of amazing activities that celebrate the unique culture of this city. Piano. Push. Play. is an annual interactive art installation that features refurbished and reimagined pianos. They then place them around the city... More