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Spring Sprang This Week! 

With so much sun this week, it feels like spring is kicking off.  I could not be more excited for winter to end and to be outside everyday again.  That means the spring market is about to start and I wonder what it will do this year.  The last 6 years have been insane, I’m... More

I can’t believe it’s already been 4 years since I made the decision to jointly open the Coast Living Room office here in Manzanita. Time flies when you’re working hard and having fun. Honestly, it felt like just yesterday we we’re installing our sign and opening our doors! After working at Kamali Sotheby’s for two... More

The Portland Winter Light Festival is coming up this Thursday through Saturday February 1st-3rd. This is the third year for the festival which is an installation event that combines art and technology. Taking inspiration from light festivals around the globe the festival encourages the community to come outdoors together at a time of year that... More

The rumors are finally true and our beloved Overlook Restaurant is closing it’s doors on January 21st to make way for more condos.  Almost everyone has an Overlook story, the place is one of a kind and there just aren’t many of these old time joints left here anymore.  I’m too bummed to rant on... More


With the long rainy winter upon us and many dark days ahead, those of us with wee ones have more hours to fill indoors. So how do we keep our bundles of joy happy and entertained without us low-key losing our minds? I recommend spending some time at the Portland Art Museum at their latest... More

There has been much talk over the past year as to what will become of the Course as it changed hands. Rumors of developing the space into a neighborhood filled with homes was discussed at one point but eventually, all parties involved decided to go in another direction. Monday, December 18th marked a special moment for... More


  I got their call, and out of the blue, they said “We want to buy a house, do you think you can help us?”.  I said yes and the search began.  These friends had been dating for a while, combining their families of beautiful and rambunctious kids into one home that just didn’t fit... More

Ecycling ! its free 

Did you find three dead Tivo’s in your storage room this past cleaning cycle? I did, and I found a place that will ecycle them FOR FREE as long as I do the drop off. The place I’m using is right here in NW Portland, and did I mention it’s free? They will do a... More