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Blog posts about Events

It’s Spring! The sun is finally coming out Portland!   We are starting to emerge from our homes, looking up at the sky in a stupor to see hues of blue.  We can sit on our front porch and began to soak up some Vitamin D.  Break out your sunglasses, uncover your bikes from the basement,... More

Portland has always had an independent spirit. There is still a little “pioneer” DIY attitude. Not because it’s cool, but because we can’t imagine it being another way. We are gardeners, chicken-raisers, makers, designers. Portland is a town where we love our makers. We have a variety of art and design festivals around town, from First... More

Neighborhood Spotlight: Portland Farmers Market

Neighborhood Spotlight: The Portland Farmers Market Portlanders are obsessed with food. We have delicious restaurants in every neighborhood, and it seems like everybody with any garden at all has at least a couple of tomatoes come summer. We like it fresh, and we like it local, and it doesn’t get much more fresh and local... More

Last February a wonderful event was brought to light (OH!) for the first time, the Portland Winter Light Festival.  Many Portlanders took the opportunity to get there and everyone I saw loved it.  This years festival is even more ambitious and should not be missed. The Portland Winter Light Festival sets the stage for community engagement... More

For the third consecutive year, Living Room Realty and Impact NW have teamed up with the mission of sharing warmth and joy. We are now accepting NEW coats for all ages: infants, toddlers, kids, teens, adults and seniors for our annual holiday coat drive. With offices in every quadrant of Portland, we now have four... More

Portland ADU tour

Super Spectacular ADU Tour If you’re thinking about building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), want to learn more about them or just see what they look like in someone’s back yard or basement, the ADU tour is the place to get up close and personal. This year’s tour Build Small, Live Large: Portland’s Accessory Dwelling Unit... More

All anyone who’s lived here long enough can talk about is the rental market and the real estate market.  It’s terrifying to be in either of these because the good ol’ days are gone.  For my peer group, we remember living close in Alberta and Mississippi, paying $250 a month rent, working part time, and having... More

St Johns Bizarre 

How Bizarre? St Johns Bizarre. St Johns Bizarre happened on Saturday. Despite the drizzle, all was well.  I did my volunteer duty with the Boosters.  The opportunity provided shelter from the rain, and a front row seat for the Parade. The cavalcade featured The Clown King, horses, marching bands, and model T’s.  It did not seem like... More

Do you have a dream block that you love?  Or maybe a dream house you like to walk by at night and look into its windows hoping to catch any old house details feeding that voyeuristic side of you?  We’ll, this is my DREAM stretch of the Willamette River on the Milwaukie side.  The side... More