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Chris was somehow spared the torture of being a buyer in today’s market.  All odds were against him, really.  He had a VA loan and was under $200k, but the thing he had going for him was that he was realistic.  He wasn’t waiting for that diamond in the rough in close in north or northeast that he hoped somehow every realtor in the city missed pop up on RMLS.  He did what was smart for his budget, which is to get a solid house on a giant lot a bit further out, and wait for the neighborhood grow around him.  It’s what we all wish we had the sense to do 10 years ago.  This was probably the 2nd or 3rd house I showed him and I truly was shocked we won in a multiple offer situation. Chris is just a hard working, blue collar dude who grew up super poor and never imagined that owning a house was possible for him.  He needed something... More


Anthony and Jocelyn were referred to me by my lovely client/ friends Jake and Kirsten. I knew from the moment we met that I would love them.  I think we made inappropriate jokes and took an hour longer than the meeting normally does – cause we were talking too much! As it goes when I really enjoy working with someone, it was too short.  I feel like I could have shown Jocelyn and Anthony a million houses and it would have been fun.  Alas they found their “one” and we made a super strong offer within a few weeks of working together they had a house. A couple of things that make me smile about this transaction; 1. Anthony and Jocelyn never argued (or at least not in front of me) they were on the same page and it was awesome to watch. 2. The Russian electrician that has the best accent I have ever heard. 3. The agent for the sellers had the same... More

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    Congratulations to my clients the Cook family on the purchase of this sweet fixer in North Portland’s University Park neighborhood. We had our hearts broken with another property and started looking again on a sunny day. We pulled up and knew this house was special. The street is lined with old growth trees, the house is surrounded by a huge yard, and  garden beds. We walked up to the font and there was a snail planter full of flowers.  Inside there was 2,273 square feet of potential waiting to be updated. This cute cape cod has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Lots of natural light, hardwood floors throughout and the house sits on a huge corner lot with the most beautiful trees framing the front yard. The attic runs the length of the house, has one room and a bonus space. the basement high ceilings and is ready to be finished. My clients are going to remodel the house to its full potential, and... More

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If you look at my profile photo on my page on Living Room’s website, you’ll see me snuggled up against my beloved greyhounds- Peanut and Reuben (RIP). My buyers Cory and Krystal saw that photo and right there knew they wanted to work with me. Why? Because they have 2 saluki’s they adopted while living abroad in Jordan- Seeri and Sharms. For those unfamiliar with the various sighthounds, saluki’s are basically smaller versions of greyhounds with floppy ears. We met in person and it was clear we were all going to get along swell. Cory and Krystal wanted a vintage home with abounding charm and a fenced yard big enough to give the hounds their very first free range home romping grounds. Being native Portlanders, they definitely suffered from the “can’t go east of 82nd Ave” affliction that so many born and bred PDX’ers have. However, after five tries of offering on homes west of 82nd, they broke through that self-imposed psychological barrier and crossed... More

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When I initially called the listing agent to ask about the offer status he kind of scoffed….”We’ve only been on the market for two weeks. Of course we don’t have any offers yet”! This was a nice reprieve from the fast paced, multiple offer laden market in Portland. I met my clients about a year ago and our search began in Portland, then shifted to Gresham, but we quickly realized that they weren’t quite ready to make the leap into home ownership. I was so surprised when they contacted me out of the blue this past winter to tell me they found their dream house in Happy Valley. The house has higher end finishes, a fantastic floor plan and plenty of room to spread out. And to top it off there were some big Koi in the fish pond that we were able to work into the deal. I’m certain that my clients will be happy for years to come in their home. Are you... More


3 bedroom 2 bath ranch in east portland $225,000 I’m super excited about this house and was definitely a meaningful transaction for me. For my client Eugenia (Jenya), who is not only a first time home buyer, she is also a young Russian immigrant (granted I don’t think she remembers living in another country?) this purchase defines the “American Dream”.  Jenya who is a do it yourself type of gal, will make this cutie shine. Overwhelming at times but ultimately rewarding!  How inspiring it is to know that she is the first in her family to own a home. And in this hot market that is Portland no less! She scored an amazing price on a cute ranch charmer with some hints of vintage. Updated appliances, hardwood floors throughout, huge backyard and equally huge garage space. I couldn’t be more thrilled!   Thank you for choosing me Jenya, I cannot wait to see what you do with YOUR house! Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker... More

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Congratulations and hats off to Jennifer and Jeremy, closing today on an investment property in Manzanita. Dividend? They can sleep in it! A tour of five homes, an offer the next day, a fast close with a great lender. Yes! It can work like this. If you’re looking to diversify a portfolio or get into the vacation property market before it blows up Portland style let’s get to work. I’m ready to join YOUR team and help deliver results. Let’s talk about it – Hans Tonjes – 503-936-4244 More

One Threshold at a Time 

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Coffee. Keys. Locks. Doors. Emails. Phone Calls. Texts. Inspections. Bids. Deals. Whiskey. Here’s to those days when the keys leave the property with you, and you get to deliver them to your deserving client. All shiny and jingly, they might even be looped through a piece of twine that’s tied in a bow around a really nice bottle of whiskey. Lance Marrs and Shanon Emerson + 503-701-5323 + 971-400-4042 Instagram: @realestateofbeing More


Invest in real estate.  Invest in your future. Dan and Kim are just like many other parents.  They work. They save. They want the best for their children.  Dan’s a Duck, but his son’s a Beaver (can’t win them all).  They also grew up in an era where the American dream was to own a home.  Where to invest in retirement was part of life.  They purchased a home.  They chose to invest in real estate. Over the years I have had the opportunity to help them build their investment portfolio.  Purchasing during the run-up to the recession, taking advantage of the downturn (purchasing at discount), and on into the appreciating market.  They now own everything from single family rentals, to larger multi-family units, and commercial properties. Dan and Kim, congratulations on your newest acquisition.  Will it be called Parkrose Place? Howard Greenfield, Principal Broker at Living Room Realty. More

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  Congratulations to Justin and Megan!  Your house search required a lot of patience and time, but you hung in there and ended up with the best house of all.  I loved working with you and wish you many happy years in your beautiful home! Greg Washington / Portland Realtor for over 20 years / 503.422.6299 More