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Los Angeles, Buh Bye! 

Living Large

The Andersons wanted a change of pace, a change in scenery and a big fat lifestyle change for raising their cherub-cute 11 month old, Arthur. Portland became their Mecca and they found a quintessential Irvington Craftalow that was perfect.  It is big and nook-y, has a fantastic kitchen, space for outdoor dining and a fireplace in the master (JACKPOT). We got to know each other via email, RMLS and a couple scouting missions.  Husband, Wife and Arthur came to PDX for three days with the intent of buying during those 72 hours.  We looked at a handful of houses and a last-minute addition to the list was THE ONE.  Mission accomplished in two days.  I love the challenge of a re-lo. The Andersons were amazing to work with and are a fabulous addition to PDX.  They are so excited to be here and we are lucky to have them.     More

Peerless front

Joe and Erin (and let’s not forget Michael, Gwyn, Finley and Benton!) knew they needed to “upsize” but were committed to staying within the boundaries of their beloved Laurelhurst  Elementary.   When they viewed this beautiful mid-century house in the heart of Laurelhurst, they were excited.  However, what “sealed the deal,” was the three page history of the house that was lovingly prepared by the sellers — detailing the history of the house and two families that had been raised there.  Joe and Erin knew then that they wanted to be the third owners of the house.  It is just the right size for an active family of six and is located very close to the friends, schools and playgrounds they love.  Congratulations Joe, Erin and kids –  This lovely house is in good hands!   Are you looking to be a part of a home’s story?  Give us a call so we can help!   Kari and Erika More

What ends with Forest Heights begins with my wife’s trip to Vietnam. Denise was toured around by a very nice attorney, who happened to be our best friend’s sister. Kim treated Denise like family. They saw the sights, shopped together, and became friends. When we were notified that Kim was coming to live in the US, with her children and husband, Denise was excited.  I knew the pressure would be on. It can be a challenging to find the right place for clients moving here from another country.  Norms, customs, and traditions, are all different. Much like when I am travelling, there is a period of adaptation.  It is my job to help that transition seem a little smoother for my clients. There is a period of education. My clients are learning a whole new culture, new societal norms, new traditions, new city, new way of purchasing property.  Add this to the stress of home buying, and it can really insane.  By being open, patient,... More

Deer and Views in Happy Valley

New to the Market - 10642 SE Sunset View Ct. Happy Valley BEDROOMS: 5 BATHROOMS: 3.0 RMLS: 15384679 DETAILS: Large formal entry, two fire places, multi. level decks for entertaining and sunset views! SQFT: 3818 (three floors) downstairs finished space w/separate entrance. Panoramic views of the city w/spectacular sunsets this home sits in a quiet... More


I love selling time capsule properties. And even though I know Michael will update it beautifully and make it his own, it was so fun to discover this piece of 1963 with him. When I say 1963 green shag carpeting, you I don’t even need a photo to know what I mean. On top of being a fun glimpse into another era of domestic stylings, the Fontaine is an amazing opportunity. For well under $300,000, we were able to get a 2 bedroom corner unit with a little view of Mt. Hood, downtown, and the West Hills, while being less than a mile from downtown. Congrats, Michael! More


This home is a stunner! River views on a gorgeous quarter acre lot complete with a white picket fence. Congratulations to Grant, Celeste and their three kiddos on finding their storybook family home! So happy to give you the keys this afternoon, and excited for your family’s next chapter in OC. Kate Webb | Broker licensed in Oregon | Living Room Realty | 503-957-2833 |         More


The Elizabeth Lofts is arguably one of the most desired buildings in Portland’s Pearl district. This building has a contemporary feel with open, loft-style spaces and expansive windows, all in the heart of the Pearl. I’m so happy that my client made the leap, and after much deliberation, decided on this gorgeous condo to call home when he is in Portland. Kate Webb | Broker licensed in Oregon | Living Room Realty | 503-957-2833 |         More

Owls- cropped

  Whenever I am hiking and see an old farm house in the distance, I push ahead.  My curiosity gets the best of me.  I have to see what old-house details might still be intact.  Will the old fir doors still have any of their brass/copper knobs or plates?  Might there be an fixtures remaining  or maybe an old fireplace mantel?  When I opened the door to this slatted farm house, this one appeared in the window….   The perfect occupant for this old house in her later years.   TRACY DAU Old House Lover Nature Girl 971.275.0387 More

Coming home… 

Hall Front

These two have lived al over the world and moved countless times. According to them this the last house they are going to buy. They could afford more, but don’t need it. Its a cute and clean condo in a quiet pocket. I find Tigard and Tualatin to be really peaceful. Less hustle and bustle and way less hipsters too! Congrats you two and enjoy… Jake Goodson 503-730-8677   More

Happy in Happy Valley 

Page Park front

These two grew up in the ‘burbs of PDX and like so many of us in our late 20′s, moved close in when we got them their first house.  It was fun having you two in the ‘hood!  I’ll miss bumping into you at the Woodlawn Café and being able to bike over in 4 minutes.  But alas, the house you just bought?  Holy shit!  So big and beautiful!  Its just what you wanted and you are back home again.  The cycle is complete!  Congrats you two! Jake Goodson 503-730-8677   More