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Blog posts about Buyers Agent


If buying a house for yourself isn’t tricky enough, try locking down a home for your family members to which they can relocate from another state.  Heidi came to me with a wild request.  Her parents, Dennis and Cherrie, were moving from across the country to be closer to their grandson, they were looking for a very... More

Lake Oswego Condo Anxiously Awaits New Owner

As we wait for her storybook house in the West Hills to sell, Mary is excited to close on her charming condo in Lake Oswego. Wanting to retire on the early side, Mary saw an opportunity and jumped. She had wanted to downsize and to be closer to her parents in Salem.  Mary came across... More


Congratulations to Dan on his new home in the West Haven neighborhood. The search for the perfect property began almost a year ago and the wish list included mid century modern architecture, large lot and close proximity to the Catlin Gabel school.  As with most things, patience and persistence paid off.  After making three offers... More


My clients and I embarked on what ultimately turned in to a 12 month search for the perfect NW home in a price range where few worthy properties come up at any given time. In the end Satisfaction (can’t get no) was Guaranteed. More


Every once in a while, I’ll get a call from a past client who wants to go check out a random house.  Oddly this usually corresponds with the news of a second baby on the way, baby’s first steps or the realization that it is almost time for a child to start kindergarten.  So we’ll... More

Just Sold in Cornell Heights 


Even with a healthy budget of half a million buyers are getting priced out of the central core of Portland. John and Sharlene decided to look just outside inner NW Portland. By expanding their search just over Skyline Blvd they were able to purchase a pristine, move-in ready craftsman home just minutes from downtown. Nice neighborhood a... More


Raised on a ranch in Roseburg, space is important to Blake. Amanda is appreciative of having space but house is important too. Well, they got both! In Happy Valley of all places. A house in need of an uplift but with great bone structure. And, it’s on nearly an acre! The house sits on the... More

Yes, we sold another house, the transaction went smoothly, everything was great, but more importantly my client is literally  S A V I N G   L I V E S. My client, Tom, is not a doctor, a firefighter or a rescue pilot. Tom is a designer. This is key – the design role – as it... More


When talking to mom over the phone yesterday, she said, “Boy, you sure do get some tough transactions.  Between that cowboy who was passive/aggressive, one day loving on you and the next morning threatening to fire you.   To the one way back when, that went off his meds and punched your car, you seem to... More