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Emily Logan is now the owner of the cutest home in Cully with a white picket fence and all.  I love working with a buyer who knows what they want and Emily knew she wanted to be in one of the best up and coming neighborhoods in NE Portland. If you haven’t heard the homes in Cully are nice and still affordable, the area is growing and the lots are HUGE!  So for this queen of the back yard room to garden, entertain and enjoy was a must.  A month into our search together we found a home that fit her perfectly and we went for it, beating out other offers and bringing the deal home.  The inspections were thorough and Emily stayed strong during some serious negotiations for repairs- AKA we got her a new roof! I am so fortunate to work with such wonderful clients. Thank you Emily for your keen eye, your check lists and your addiction to the Internet! If you... More


This my friend Teresa! She got in touch with me early this year and said, ‘Well, as long as I’m graduating from medical school this year I might as well buy a house for the first time’.. ‘Oh, and I do not have any money, I won’t be able to be there to tour properties because I live on the east coast, I’m just about to graduate from medical school, have enormous debt,  if I even get my residency in Oregon as I hope, I will have to move across country in 6 days on my own, and as a bonus there will be no income until after I start residency July 1′. Of course I was immediately interested in the project. Well she did do ALL of these things, and she let me help her. I have never been so impressed and amazed by a clients perseverance. Every time I think of the hurdles she has cleared I get weepy. This was an amazing... More

Small Small Gay World. 


Jen and Ari came to me through a Facebook blog post I did about selling my best friend a house.  Turns out we have several mutual friends but hadn’t crossed paths til now.  They currently have a really nice house, but with two (really cute) little girls, they needed something off a busy street, with a bigger yard, and an in-law apartment for Jen’s parents who visit often from Florida.  Their search took many twists and turns but ultimately it came down to two houses.  One was a house that sat on Fernhill Park that will forever be filed in my memory as “When I grow up, I want a home like that one on Ainsworth”.  The other is very similar in layout, but the giant master bedroom upstairs has been turned into a really cool apartment.  In addition to that,  the garage is also an apartment. It was a tough call for them to decide between those two houses because while Ainsworth is a... More


Olivier and Donna are owners of some fantastic classic cars, so an attached two car garage was a must.  Olivier bought a ’72 Porsche 911 as his first car back when he lived in Holland. Just a few years ago he was able to have it shipped here to the Pacific North West. The 1979 VW Type 2 Camper is, as most VW owners of this era know, a true joy to own and in need of all the love it can get. We won’t even get into the cute little convertible Cabriolet here. A safe garage with a nice consistent temperature and room to work will serve them all well. YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED! Oli and Donna certainly had to stay focused on their goals in this tough market. A two car garage is not as common in Portland proper as you might expect. They absolutely scored when we found a beautiful three bedroom, two bathroom, two car garage, fenced sunny yard, fully renovated home for less than... More

4559 SW Idaho Dr

Recently, I was reading an article in the Portland Business Journal written by Alli Pyah.  While Alli points out that Lake Oswego schools receive National notoriety, there are plenty of other Portland area schools that have received top ratings on  The article highlights  10 neighborhoods with elementary schools earning the top rating of 10 out of 10, based on test scores.  Per the article, housing prices in neighborhoods near these schools range from $199 to $315 per square foot.  The best value coming from Hayhurst elementary School in SW Portland (example pictured at $206 per sf). Today, parents and students have the right to opt out of taking these state exams.  So, before you eliminate that cute little house in a particular neighborhood, we suggest you read parent and student reviews of the schools in the area.  Who better to have first hand knowledge about the quality of instruction, learning and social environment, and overall satisfaction with the school than the parents and students... More

Light Bulb JPeg

Ryan and Yusra are first time home buyers and Yusra is the consummate researcher of all things pertinent to safety, energy efficiencies, and good deals in general. Ryan is a veteran so eligible for the low-interest VA loan. Yusra, of course, researched the VA site up one side and down the other finding a little known fact that up to $6,000 can be rolled into a VA loan for energy-efficient improvements.  Ryan and Yusra found a great home with old original aluminum windows and using this program were able to replace several of them. The problem was, the loan officer, processor, underwriter, and loan document department had never heard of this deal. So, without the tenacity of the loan officer, Ethan Manela of Oregon Community Credit Union, who scoured all the information and educated all parities involved, this great opportunity may never have come to fruition. Congratulations Ryan and Yusra! Link to VA Energy Efficient Improvements: Savvy VA Lender: Ethan Manela, Oregon Community Credit... More


  Nol and Stacy have a great story of coming together, it took years and they traveled over continents and now they are together with a home of their own right here in Portland.  After looking in inner North East Portland for a couple of months we were able to find them this beautiful 1909 3 bedroom 2 bathroom foursquare home for asking price. You heard that right, asking price!  They weathered the storm in inspections, stood their ground and ended up with a beautiful home with so much potential.  Fir floors, wooden window frames, leaded glass, a full eight foot basement, this house represents everything old home lovers dream of.  I feel lucky to have had such wonderful clients and look forward to staying connected to them as the realize their vision of restoring this gem.  Welcome to the neighborhood.  Another great neighbor right here! More

Love At First Sight… 

Love is in the air

Eva and Tara flew up from SF and we had a full day of looking at homes.  They didn’t totally know Portland neighborhoods so we saw houses ALL over the city.  A few seemed like possibilities but nothing grabbed them.  We decided to squeeze in one more home before the end of a long day.  The conversation on the way to the house was how we were going to deal with house hunting with them in Calif and places flying off the market.  We drove up to the house in the Woodlawn neighborhood.  Literally within a block of Woodlawn Coffee, Breakside Brewery, and Firehouse.  The second we walked in, we all fell in love.  The house was perfect for them.  An open floor plan, updates throughout, fantastic kitchen, and a basement with lots of potential.  Of course it was a multiple offer situation but Eva and Tara put their best foot forward and their offer was accepted.  I am so excited for them to start... More

scapegoat 4

Don’t be a square, come and enjoy, better yet buy the rad, amazing, fun, cute and spooky art of the wonderful Scapegoat Tattoo artists, the beautiful company (I mean I’ll be there ), and the yummy vegan food provided by P’s & Q’s Market.  Last Thursday, July 31st, 2014 at 6:30 Living Room Realty, 1401 NE Alberta St. Portland OR. Featuring the art of Brian T Wilson, Greg Whitehead, Silje Hagland, Allyson Bennett, Aron Dubois, John Wilson, Cody Zeek, Ryan Mason and Nic Eldridge. Feel free to contact yours truly with any questions! Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 o. 503.719.5588 f. 503.961.8224     More

Welcome Home

Tom is starting a new chapter of his life and that also included moving from the westside to the eastside.  We looked at both old and new homes and found a home being built by a fantastic builder.  The builder was willing to get the home Earth Advantage certified and truly paid attention to every detail.  It was one of the most smooth new construction processes that I have experienced.  And on top of a gorgeous new home, it also had an idea location in the Mississippi neighborhood.  What a fun place for he and his kids to explore.  Congrats!! Laurie Gilmer, Principal Broker 503.347.3565 More