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mint chair and lovesear

You can, you say?  Then let me make one for you using reclaimed wood, a hammer and my hands!! I make them for my listings.  Just another perk of letting us stage your home & add to its existing charm! Let’s make your house as lovely as it can be before it hits the market! Tracy DauOld House Lover Artist and Stagger 971.275.0387   More

Division House outside front

A new house went on the market this week right next to my favorite corner of SE Division Street.  This house is not my listing but it is KICK ASS and I would love to show it to you!   We need to act fast though because it already has one offer! The house was lifted in 2007  and given a brand new foundation resulting  in almost 8 foot ceiling height in its 750 sqft.  mother-n-law basement finished basement. Not only does it have this downstairs separate “apartment” space (think about how you could USE this space),  it has another 5 rooms upstairs! The house was done well and it shows.  Call me for a showing and I can get you inside.  Afterwards, we can walk to Ava Gene’s and eat something that will make us forget about our stressful week, and then I will buy us ice cream from Salt and Straw.  We can talk about how dang cool it is to live in Portland... More

A Man on a Mission 


My good buddy Brian first mentioned buying a house less than two months ago. Who would have thought his decision to house hunt would have led us on such a fun, surprising, sometimes discouraging, but ultimately quick and victorious adventure! We toured homes that smelled like (well, you can imagine), a home that had used needles in the bathroom, a home that had squatters (actually IN the house when we attempted to tour- good thing that dog was friendly!), and countess truly uninhabitable homes. Finally we found the right one. This great house will allow Brian to show off his skills in restoration and construction, but also comes to him a beauty in its own right. It’s not hard to see the promise just below the hideous carpet! Brian moved fast and confidently to beat out other, even higher, offers and ended up closing in 8 short days. I can’t wait for the dinner parties, but also welcome the painting parties that may come first.... More

Blog Photo

Who was it that said “less stuff, more life”?  If downsizing is in your future, for whatever reason, keep the following in mind: 1) Chances are pretty good you can still stay in your neighborhood, if you’d like to. 2) Even if it needs some work, less house, less work.  It’s just that simple. 3) With prices where they are today, you could be sitting on a nice little nest egg that could really change your quality of life…if you downsized.  If you’re feeling like you maybe have a little more space than you need or want (hello property taxes!) let’s chat about how to change your paradigm and get you onto the next, clutter free, phase of your life. Veronica Powell 503.936.3475 More

Photo_4403 NE 81st Ave

My clients Billy and Annie and their adorable 7 month old daughter Maya moved to Portland this fall for a job and to be close to grandparents. They just closed on their first home in the Cully neighborhood, a classic ranch with great bones ready for their style. A perfect family house! I loved working with Annie and Billy, and am so happy for them to finally get to settle down as a family in their very own home. Congratulations! More

Downsizing to a Skinny House 

Skinny House in Mt. Tabor

I first met my client after she called about a small condo in Northwest. She was intrigued by urban living and the small patio the condo offered. I soon found out she was selling her home of 20 years, a grand historic home on Mt Tabor with a park like grounds. She was looking to downsize to something smaller; she just wasn’t sure how much smaller or what type of home or where. All she knew for sure was that she wanted something around $350,000 that had an inviting and private outdoor space. Over the course of a year, we searched and looked at every type of property from small house to condo on both sides of the river in a range of prices and conditions. She lived in southeast for so many years and she was most comfortable with those neighborhoods but also didn’t want to rule out the opportunity for change. We wrote offers on a few houses but like many buyers experience... More

5514 SE Tolman Photo

Having just been diagnosed with strep throat, Stacey decided to lay low and work from home. When she saw that morning’s new listings, she eyed the cutest little home in Woodstock. She threw on her clothes and headed out the door.  Sick or not, she had to see this little gem. Apparently others had the same idea, as she had to wait in line to get into the property.  Within two minutes, she knew this was the home for her.  She ran to my office and met with our in-house lender.  Within hours she was pre-approved and writing the offer.  Her offer was the first one received.  The next day, the house was hers!  This market is crazy and things can happen fast. If you are thinking about making a move, give me, Cristen Lincoln, a call. I’d be happy to help you expertly navigate this crazy market! More


I just have to say that I love a solid “granny ranch.”  Obviously, as I bought one, AND seek them out to view as often as possible.  Luckily my adorable/rad/savvy client Eve likes them as well.  So when we looked at a bunch of fixers in the $200k and under range I nudged her to take a quick look at an adorable ranch that came up that was a bit beyond that price point.  Being the granny ranch junkie that she is (maybe why we get along well) – she quickly noted the good condition, great location, and value and took the leap to making an offer.  It was weird because it was an instance where we had a really strong offer – but the sellers decided to go with a first time home buyer with a family.  Which was fine with Eve, she never likes to take those kinds of homes away from first time home buyers…so away we went.  Well a couple weeks... More

Lauren is Home! 

Lauren with her friend and new housemate

Lauren is a first-time home buyer. A Reed college graduate, she is interested in gardening and urban foraging for edible mushrooms. She has no car, commuting by bicycle, mass transit and car sharing. Portlander through and through. We were able to find Lauren just the right house where she will live with her boyfriend and new roommate.   More

Terra The Wonder Lab 

I went to the vacant ‘62 split level ranch to meet a contractor. Didn’t see anyone around as I went on ahead to fetch the keys. In the backyard, much to my surprise, I saw a dog tied to a post on the cold cement patio. My heart sank. I approached the beautiful yellow lab as she jumped up, excited to see me. Just when I was about to untie the beast from her tether, the contractor showed up. “Looks like someone abandoned this cutie pie.”  I told him. He answered “She’s not abandoned! Her name is Terra and she’s at work!” That’s right, I was lucky enough to meet Terra the oil tank and contaminated soils sniff dog! Hope restored and neither dog nor man finding the dreaded oil tank or evidence of one ever being there the day just got a whole lot brighter. Way to turn that beat around my furry friend. Click here to learn more about Terra’s job with... More