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I didn’t think it was possible but an awesome veteran and a rock-star lender got this first time home buyer into a sweet little fixer with NO MONEY DOWN! Chris has a good eye for design and plenty of muscle for putting sweat-equity into it, but he was short on cash. This house had good bones but hadn’t been touched by much more than 90 years of tobacco smoke. Getting it to meet VA conditions was a big challenge and caused some delays but a great handyman to do minor repairs and an oil-tank decommissioning contractor willing to be paid out of escrow got my guy into a charming little house on a quiet street in a great NE location. There is hope for first time home buyers, even in this insane market. More

I’m breaking out the How to be a Domestic Goddess baking book in attempts to whip up an open house cookie to match the golden center piece in the front room (its like liquid sunshine).   Come by my open to see this darling house and see whether I nailed the color. 1837 SE 35th Ave is brand new to the market.  She sits in a stellar Hawthorne location perched just high enough to receive incredible Southern exposure bathing the rooms with natural light.  This is a cheerful home that is located in a vibrant community of really good folks.  It doesn’t get much better then this block.   The house lives large for entertaining and has great potential for expansion up or down.   It has a working stand-alone garage, unusual for the neighborhood, opening up a potential ADU possibility.  It has interior and exterior-street-level access to the basement which is ideal for bringing in bikes or toys (no steps to hassle with).   Fantastic... More

Vintage, Glamorous, and Revolutionary CUBA Tour!

CUBA, CUBA, CUBA!!!  As a mid-century lifestyle enthusiast with a huge interest in the time capsule that is CUBA,  I’ve teamed up with Soltura Cuba Travel to design two 7-day tours of “Vintage” Cuba this April! From the Tropicana to the Fosca Building, this tour is tailor made for the art, architecture, and lifestyle historian. I’ll be your hostess... More

Holiday Buying Guide 

Portland Winter Photo

What is the best time of year to buy a home? This is a common question and real estate professionals tend to differ in their responses. Without a doubt you can complete successful transactions at any time during the year. That said, there are opportunities to leverage the calendar in your favor. From a buyer’s perspective the Holidays offers a great time to lock up a purchase.  I’ve experienced success over 4th of July, Labor Day and specifically over the Winter Holidays.  Anecdotally I’d point to several reasons why the Winter Holidays are a good time to buy: Much of the buyer pool is taking vacation Many Realtors take time off The weather can tamp down activity (or bring it to a virtual standstill) Sellers who have their properties on the market during December tend to be motivated The homes that are on the market in December tend to have been on for a longer period of time and sellers may be more amenable to... More

Four-leaf Clover 


It’s gratifying when you are able to help a client purchase that four-leaf clover of a home.  We were looking for a property that would be both a serene retreat for the buyers as well as a magnet of fun for their five grandsons. We found what we were looking for in an off-the-market home located on the Blue Heron Canal in Lake Oswego. The home was also in line with our “wish-list” items including lake access, an open floor-plan, the ability to have a main floor master, generous yard, room to entertain, bonus room and proximity to amenities.  Definitely a four-leaf clover type of home and I’m confident it will serve as an amazing backdrop for countless family memories and good times. If you are seeking that special four-leaf clover give me a call, I would love to help. Kester Wise, Broker (503) 406-6553 Living Room Realty More

What’s The Skinny? 

Front 6039 NE 34th

  I’m a bit of a house snob.  I love craftsman bungalows, Portland foursquares, and more recently am enamored with midcentury homes.  When my client, Deanna, eyed what we in Portland call a “skinny house” in a rock star neighborhood, I thought to myself  hmmm… let’s see what it looks like.  A skinny house is a tall narrow house usually on a 3000 square foot lot, or less, with a very small yard or patio.  I turned out to be very pleasantly surprised because it met all of Deannas needs and was very nice.  It has cherry wood floors, a nice kitchen/dining/living room layout with a gas fireplace and patio doors leading out to a patio and small yard.   It has a tuck under garage, 3 bedrooms, and 2.1 baths. The master in this particular house is quite lovely with a sitting alcove and vaulted ceilings.  So I say “Bring on the skinny houses.”  They are amazing condo alternatives.  Congratulations Deanna.  It’s a cool... More

The time is right 

Suz 2

  I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Suzy on the purchase of her new home.  She is just finishing a Masters in Education and ready to embrace her career with all of the rewards and challenges it will bring.  Suzy is community minded, motivated to work with disenfranchised populations and of full of energy and enthusiasm. Suz is oh so inspiring, she reminds me of my days teaching with fifth grades students for the Los Angeles School District at L.A. County Outdoor Schools.. a lot… fond memories but I digress. As to our purchase; the process was dreamy, the builders were really like none I have ever seen in the best way possible, Suz was responsive and decisive, the sellers agent was totally on top of details and communication, we were able to negotiate for the customization of many of the details on the home…  It really was a fantastic purchase. I could not be more happy for Suzy in her new home... More

Working with others 


Being a Real Estate Broker is really all about working with others.  I interact with a diverse group of people regularly.  My clients include out of state investors who don’t visit a property prior to purchasing it, as well as buyers who have to move into a house and rent it from the seller, prior to closing. My occupation also allows me to interact with many real estate agents on a daily basis.  I believe cordiality, a solution based outlook, and treating others with respect allows me to achieve the most favorable outcome for my clients. I recently had the pleasure of working with a broker who feels the same way I do.  While we negotiated against each other at the beginning, we needed to work as a team after terms were agreed upon in order to keep the purchase on track.  The lender was weeks behind, closing was delayed time and time again, the buyer had to move in and rent the house before he owned... More

2004 NE 51st photo.aspx

Congratulations to our client, Rick, and his daughter, Allyson, for landing this cute home in the Hollywood neighborhood.  Although not as “polished” as some of the remodeled houses we looked at in the same price-range, the house is in good condition, has a great floor plan, and is in a superb location — close to parks, restaurants, shops and Allyson’s school!  Rick’s ability to look past some of the more dated finishes allowed him to scoop up the house below the listed price, without that dreaded competition from other buyers. It seems that many of today’s buyers are heavily influenced by a home’s cosmetic features and finishes.    However, we like to encourage our clients to pay as much, if not more, attention to the overall general condition and “bones” of a house.    Updating finishes are not always as daunting as they may seem and can sometimes be fun!  More importantly, if you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease, you, like Rick,... More

Let It Go 

Photo of Berlin Wall from 1989 with pieces taken from it

Thinking about the bits and pieces we collect throughout life. How some things are with us for a short time, while others stay in the stash for generations. A  wooden statue passed down from mom. A chunky turquoise necklace from great great grandma. Pieces of the Berlin wall gathered during it’s demise. Home is not only where we gather together but where we gather our treasures and the stuff of life. Some folks tote around onerous amounts while others catch and release. What are your treasures? Most importantly what can you let go of? Spring is almost here and February is the month I like to participate in the LET IT GO challenge (thank you for the idea Lisa Avena!!). For 28 days (this year 29 because of leap year) I try to liberate myself from some of the things I’ve collected. Here’s how it works. On February 1st let go of one item. On February 2nd release 2. On February 3rd, three. You get... More