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Blog posts about Buyers Agent


       Excited for my clients who just bought a second home in the Pearl at the Streetcar Lofts. Urban, light and open with high ceilings. A corner studio style one bedroom with private terrace in Streetcar Lofts. The perfect home for them to enjoy Portland part of the year. Kate Webb | Broker licensed... More

To April with Love 


There are lots of houses out there. Much of the time, what makes one house a special home over another is something more ethereal than pragmatic. And so it goes here. This was an incredibly complex purchase transaction. Frankly, there were times when it would have been easier to throw up one’s hands and choose... More

3001 NE 29th Front

They are still out there.  In spite of the “I want it pretty, and ready to go, and dialed” craze out there, there still are those intrepid buyers who are willing to buy a fixer in exchange for a killer location, more square footage, or a coveted school district.  In Jessica & Stephan’s experience it... More

Woodstock Dream 

Woodstock Dream

Jason and Tonia had been looking for their home for quite some time. They had written on a few houses and came close but just short to get their offer accepted. So after a bit of hunting they took some time off then came back in the ring ready to go! With their busy careers... More


Of course I love all my clients, but Jackie is one of my all time favorites. When she was offered her dream job at Nike she relocated here from Wall Street. Coming from Manhattan she wanted to stay urban so our search was exclusive to the Pearl. After losing out in a multiple offer heartbreaker Jackie turned around... More


Ann and Daniel loved walking to coffee shops, the park  and restaurants in Woodlawn, but Daniel’s two-hour daily commute to the westside was not only starting to take its toll on him, but also Ann and their two small children. They loved being in the city, but when they discovered that it just wasn’t working any more... More


Man, oh man, do I have a best clients. Hip, smart, talented, fun and so incredibly kind. Today we closed on a home for some first-time home buyers. With a young son, these buyers envisioned a home with space for play, growth, sweet bungalow charm and all within that first-time homebuyer price range. My buyers... More

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 11.06.40 AM

My client wanted a pied–à–terre in the city. 9th floor in SW fit the bill. Humbled and thankful for referrals. Quality individuals and housing always welcome. Work hard and be nice to people doggone it! Lance Marrs Principal Broker Living Room Realty 503-701-5323 More

The Perfect House for Cornhole…

The first meeting with my clients was over drinks (always a great indication of how much fun they will be). We discussed the current market, their plans for buying a house and, of course, their wish list. My clients were super pragmatic about all the above. This would be their first house and they understood... More

Sweet Gladstone Farmhouse 


Michelle and Corey have officially bought their first home, a very sweet farmhouse in downtown Gladstone! I meet these two close to 18 months ago. They were casually looking until this spring when they decided it was time to get more serious. Sticker shock in the close-in neighborhoods lead them to look a little further out... More