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Our client Todd wanted a unique house to rehabilitate.  He was patient and boy did it pay off!  We found this charming mid-century house with great bones on a 1/4 acre in fabulous Parkrose Heights.  It needs lots of work, but Todd and his crew are already on top of it.  It is going to be fabulous once it is cleaned up and fixed up.  Stay tuned!!! More

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Congratulations to my amazing clients Martie and Steve on their purchase of a charming home in Portland Heights! I met Martie and Steve thru their daughter Mikola and her son Valentino. Mikola and I both live in Clinton Condos and have babies close in age. After talking about starting a nanny share together, can’t more convenient than being a few doors away, Mikola mentioned her lease would be up in January and was getting ready to start looking for homes. Well I know a great realtor you can help you out with that, ME! I meet Mikola’s wonderful parents, Martie and Steve, at the first home we toured. I learned they were ready to stop throwing away money on rent and buy an investment property for Mikola and Valentino and their son Patrick. Savvy investment with the average sales price up 8.1%, and median sales price up 9.8%, over the last year in the Portland Metro Area. Criteria was two separate living spaces, close to... More

No pressure. Our clients were in Portland from New Orleans for an extended weekend. They had a goal for themselves and a challenge for us. “Find our house while we’re here in Portland so we can go back to New Orleans, pack up our belongings and drive back across the country before winter weather slams us.” They essentially stepped off the plane and into the Subaru for a 4 day tour of our fair city and it’s surrounds. We hit the ground running searching for THE ONE. From Argay Terrace to Milwaukie to Cully to North Portland we burned rubber and covered it all. Finally landing in North Portland they found a sweet mid-century ranchalo and fell in love. It was a nail biter with multiple offers but we all worked overtime and cinched the deal. Yay team! Welcome to Portland Heidi & Rob! More


Emily and Ben went into the homebuying process knowing exactly what they wanted-a house oozing vintage charm, room for their twin girls to play, room for Ben to work on his music and room for Emily to work on her crafting and embroidery kit business. It had to be within walking distance of an area worth walking to, and their monthly house payments needed to be right around what they were currently spending on rent. Because they were so honed in on their needs, we only looked at a few houses until we found their house- and we all knew it was their house the moment we walked inside the classic 2 bedroom 1.5 bath bungalow with a finished full height basement in the heart of Foster Powell.  Lucky for us the photos in the listing were really blah and didn’t even include one of the house’s best feature – the late 1940′s-early 1950′s ALL pink bathroom. Toilet, sink and tub with no shower, floor... More

And a pool too! 


As much as Kelly loved her little Roseway Bungalow, she felt it was time for a larger floor plan and more closet space. We knew the bungalow would sell quickly.  The challenge was finding the right replacement home , at the right price, to coincide with the sale of her Bungalow.  In order to get the big closets and more square footage we expanded our search area . . . Milwaukie, outer SE, outer NE,  we even ventured into some nice Gresham neighborhoods.   Kelly’s friends were concerned about her moving out of the city limits, but she had her priorities and knew the best way to get what she wanted was to look in the outer edges of Portland.  Kelly remained calm as we spent her lunch hour,  nights and weekends in  search of just the right house. After looking at more than 60 homes ( she was keeping count)  We found the perfect house -  just in time to coincide with her sale.   Oh... More

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    Some people don’t like working with friends and family.  I never understood that.  You want to use a stranger?  Someone who you may never see again after the transaction closes?  Look at these two here, so close, and so fun together.  Sisters.  Erin is my new favorite lender, and Kristen is her sis.  Erin trusted me to represent her sister, and of course her sister Kristen trusts her sister implicitly.  To me there is no higher honor or responsibility than to take care of your people.  If your doing good work, and if the people you are working with are also good people, then why wouldn’t you want to work together?  This was one of the funniest signings I’ve ever attended, thanks you two.  Kristen enjoy your sweet new condo! More

My New ADU :)

So Paul searched all the land (that is in SE Portland) for a perfect opportunity to incorporate an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) into his home buying agenda. Low and behold he found a gem! A great detached garage currently converted into a heated shop… some vision and ingenuity will likely score Paul a great little studio to... More

1715 SE 59th

  A man looking to settle down and find the right home to start a family; a fabulous house for sale in Mt. Tabor. A match made in heaven! Karan, his main squeeze, and his beloved dog were hoping to get close to the park. We did it! He landed on SE 59th, just a stone’s throw to the lower reservoir and park entrance. There were competing offers, so we wrote a very strong offer with all the right details in place to come out on top. Now he is the lucky owner and everyone on SE 59th has an awesome new neighbor. If you are thinking about making a move, and looking for someone who is an expert in Mt. Tabor and close in Portland, give me, Cristen Lincoln, a call at 503-260-2414. I’d love to help! More

Happily Ever After… 

New home-owner, Adrienne, gets keys to her new pad.

Petar and Adrienne had a goal in mind.  Get married.  Go on honeymoon.  Buy a house.  Move in by November 1.  The end. The couple returned from their honeymoon at the end of September and the timeline was tight.  We spent a solid two weekends looking at houses and then Adrienne and I went rogue.  She took a day off and we went to lunch and then went hunting.  Four houses later, we found it — a darling, solid (“This is the best built house I have ever inspected,”  the Inspector.) and SMACK in the middle of Boise-Elliot — the hottest neighborhood in Portland right now. We made an offer the next day and it was promptly accepted.  Ardis Beiswenger (John L. Scott) was the listing agent and she was fantastic, as was the seller.  And the buyers.  The Lender (Tammy Wittren, Northwest Mortgage).  The Title Company (Old Republic, Tina Sheaffer).  What a team and what a pleasure.  Nicest transaction ever. Congrats, Petar and Adrienne... More

In this cutthroat market I advise clients to sell first then buy. Contingent offers (making an offer on a home contingent upon selling your existing house) just can’t compete when inventory is 2.8 months and multiple offers are in play. But rules are made to be broken and these two were just the pair to turn this advice on its head. Here was their executed plan: 1. Find the house lingering a little while on the market. 2. Offer the gift: over asking price, when asking for the favor: contingent offer accepted. 3. Have the contingent property ready to go on the market immediately and priced to sell fast. Well, it sounds as easy as 1,2,3. But there were a FEW more steps in there. Still, you get the idea. It’s like a frenetic ballet, selling and buying this way. Once in a while the music syncs with the moves and it all comes together. But it ain’t easy. Contingent buyers, I salute your steely... More