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Blog posts about Buyers Agent

Welcome to Irvington 

So happy to welcome Stuart and Alise to Irvington. It’s very special when clients become neighbors. Their home is a block from mine, I walk by it on bike rides with my kids to the school playground and run by it on my different neighborhood loops. Closing this home was a labor of love, but... More

Condo in Hillsboro, Oregon

When I met Wayne and Jess at an open house last summer, they had JUST begun thinking about purchasing a home. But one thing I knew they wanted from the start was a BIG kitchen and LOTS of counter space. What they needed was an island. A REALLY BIG ISLAND. And we found the perfect... More

I first became obsessed with this Ladd’s Addition home in 2007. We’ve since become well acquainted. I’ve sold it twice (almost 3x). The people who have passed through – do they realize the pieces of themselves left behind in this place that was once their home? A decade may be a short span of time... More

Nathan and Carol originally met and fell in love in Bigoti, Uganda where they were separately renting rooms in the same building. When Nathan moved back to the States, keeping their relationship together overseas was tricky, but Carol eventually got her visa after 3 1/3 years, moved to America and the two were married at... More



A friendship spanning 25 years, three states, and countless surfboards and snowboards.  A home search that spanned two states, two years and three family members.  And finally a family home for the ages near Alameda ridge.  Two sons taking care of their aging mom, committed to living with her and seeing to it that she... More

Congratulations to my excited new client, on the purchase of this 1908 fixer.  It has such amazing potential, with its unpainted woodwork, large rooms, unfinished basement and location close to North Mississippi.  I know that you are ready to get started on returning this house to it’s former glory, and I’m looking forward to seeing the... More

Congratulations to Matan and Cody on their new condo in the Pearl. Matan grew up in Portland and went to Lincoln HS with my brother. He just moved back to Portland from NYC this winter and was ready to a) stop wasting money on rent, and b) buy a place before the seasonal price increase... More

Forge Parkour  311 SE 97th Portland, OR 97216  503.477.8209 Forge Parkour is now OPEN! At the Grand Opening last Saturday, we were not prepared for the sight before us – a cacophony of excited Parkourers. Is that a word? The place was filled with smiling faces, and eager participants. Forge Parkour was designed for... More

Katherine found me on Food Fight’s website and reached out to me back in mid September of 2016. We met up shortly after that email conversation to talk about what her and her husband were looking for in a house, and what her plans were for a cabin she owns in Welches. Through our conversation... More

Thinking outside the box 

Yes, the Coast is suffering from low inventory like many other markets in the State. But we are finding solutions for motivated buyers. Planned community, new construction, hyper prepared buyers ready to pounce, making offers off of market… If there’s a will, there’s a way. Rumors are that new listings are headed our way. Let’s... More