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My niece and her beau, Britni and Patrick, were looking for their first home. Seeing as she is my favorite niece (OK my only niece but she’s totally my favorite), I knew I had to help. Brit is having a baby in the fall, so we had to get a move on. Was it too much to ask for a solid little ranch in Sandy, with a little land to go along with it? Apparently so – all that popped up on the market were new construction homes on tiny lots. Even beyond the Portland metro area, the pickings are slim, as my contacts in the area confirmed. Drats! Pretty soon grandma got in on the act, putting the pressure on (the baby is coming!) Though we saw some cute stuff in Fairview and Gresham, Patrick and Britni really wanted to stay closer to family that live on the mountain. Bingo! One day, a solid month into our hunt, “the one” showed up, two blocks... More

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Anyone who reads my blogs (hi mom) knows that I use this as a way to say “thank you” to my clients.  I really have been lucky in my career and Ana and Courtney are no exception.  They were so wonderful to work with, funny, sweet, realistic, and most of all excited.  In other words they were ideal clients and Laura and myself were grateful to work with them – and wish them so much fun and happy times in their lovely new home. Here are the details,1912 Bungalow, great deal with a bit of instant equity, 2/1, huge detached garage, lovely, yard, new kitchen, and a great neighborhood – Madison South. Such a cutie, check it out;   Thank you Ana and Courtney, I loved working with you and thanks for sending folks my way!  =)   More

Burlingham Classic 


8208 SW 9th Ave, Portland OR 97219. Sarah and Nick are my clients, but most importantly my dear dear friends. When they started casually looking to move from their cute-as-a-button home in Kenton their top criteria was a good size lot, room to grow,  good walkability, with easy access to 1-5 since Nick commutes to Salem. After looking for a few months this gem stood out and was a great fit; well cared for, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G lot, easy access to both I-5 and downtown, and in a desirable neighborhood. I’m thrilled for them, not only do they have a super cute new house to move into, they are keeping their home in Kenton as an investment property, talk about two great investments for their future. Excited for them to create many memories together in this classic family home. I know I look forward to epic bbqs in their backyard, and I’ll happily bring the wine . Cheers to Sarah and Nick. More

Puppies and Babies 

Real estate is not for sissies. I’ve never been among a harder working group of people who do their best for their clients. But it ain’t easy, with crazy hours and even crazier stories. Not all of them we can share. Suffice to say, I’ve been through some gut wrenchers in my day. Usually, in the end, it works out. For this sweet buyer, it’s a new beginning, full of hope and promise. I wish her well. I know she will be a fantastic addition to her new community. The rest of the story? It’s better left unsaid. Instead, let’s just look at this cute picture and think happy thoughts. More

Convenient COVERED circular driveway

Our client, Rima, loves it when her parents visit from their home in Lebanon (the country, not the town in Oregon)!  Her real estate goal was to  find them a space for their extended stays, so they can enjoy their grandchildren during the day and retreat to their own private space at night.  The Harrison West Condominiums turned out to be the perfect match!  It offers downtown, hassle-free living, with easy access to the best shops, restaurants,  theaters and museums downtown Portland has to offer.   The building (which comes with parking) is a short drive away from Rima’s house in SW Portland, and just a street-car’s ride from the South Waterfront or the Pearl.  Even better, it comes with a pool, which means lots of fun quality time with the grandchildren.   Rima’s unit has stunning views of the river and the west hills, so her parents will be able to relax on the balcony after a long day of playing.   Not sure life gets better!... More

Kenton 4 LIFE! 


Cori and Brian picked me off the Living Room website.  Man, that will never get old.  They saw I live in Kenton and wanted to keep it in the neighborhood.  They couldn’t have been sweeter or easier to work with, dream clients. The deal was, they had twin girls and have outgrown their house.  They own the cutest little bungalow anyone ever saw, but it’s tiny. They were very much on the fence about whether to sell.  They LOVE this house.  Brian spent 2 years restoring and painting the exterior siding.  The landscaping is immaculate.  The systems are new, they love their neighbors.  They really didn’t want move but they were going to have to eventually.  Why not try to strike when the market is hot? The other piece was that they needed to net a certain amount to be able to move on.  I really wasn’t sure we could pull that kind of money out of that house with such small square footage.  We... More

Sweet Victory For My Buyers 

I love signings. The client is just days away from the close of the deal and the start of their new life. All that is left to do is just sign a few loan documents, right? The negotiations are done. The repairs are complete. It’s sort of like the salad course before the main course: closing! Not this time. The twists and the turns never end in this business and this time the unwelcome surprise was an oil tank that the seller put off dealing with, hoping for a clean soils test. They waited too long and their luck turned on them. The truth came out on signing day. Instead of a sweet dance to closing, this one clunked all the way to the end. Dirty soils. A doozy of a cleanup. Delay after delay. Uncommunicative seller. This went on way past our original closing date. These buyers are the greatest, had held up their end of the deal, and certainly didn’t deserve this. As... More

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Stella and Keith sold their home in California to move up to Portland to be near their daughter, who is an old friend of mine, and her family. They were clear in what they wanted- a home in Kenton, in great condition and low maintenance, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garage, and a fenced yard for their three little doggies. They rolled into town on July 31st, we went to look at houses on August 1st, and they were in transaction by August 4th! But uh oh. You know what sucks? Realizing a couple days after you have your offer accepted that a registered sex offender owns the house next door. (Always check Portlandmaps!!) They backed out of that transaction.  You know what’s awesome? After revoking an offer on a house you really liked, having an even better house come on the market a block away and doesn’t have a registered sex offender for a neighbor. They were in transaction on the better house on August 11th, had... More

SE 29th

  This was the news that I broke to both my buyers and the listing agent after our home inspection.   Crap!  Not good, not good at all, and none of us saw it coming. The house had been expanded upon years ago, with a new breakfast nook bump-out and attached converted garage space, but had recently undergone a gorgeous remodel, with new and beautiful everything.  It was only after asking the seller to make access to the two parts of the crawl space under the bump-outs, that we found wood to earth framing that was rotten.  I thank the stars I pushed for this access for my clients, had I not, they would have bought a house with major rot and an expensive repair down the road. The accommodating seller installed new footings and concrete walls under the problem parts of the home.  Work was done with permits, to an engineers satisfaction, and done within one month from the time we uncovered the mess. ... More


I recently bought a new house. Specifically a pristine, amazing, adorable, super walk-able, functional, cute granny ranch in lower Hawthorne. This house is a time capsule with a full wet bar downstairs, a great huge kitchen with an eat-in area, a formal dining room, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, cute yard, 2 car garage, and oodles of charm and potential. It is attached to awesome schools, Sunnyside Environmental and Cleveland high School. How we got the house is like this: we have a lot of equity in our current house because we have a 15 year mortgage,have lived her for 5 years, and will use our current home as a rental.  (by the way hit me up if you are interested.)  It is a beautiful 1928 English cottage, with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths, .25 acres, a chicken coop, a tree house, and its attached it the highly rated Hayhurst Elementary  and Wilson High School. We were able to leverage our equity and buy the new... More