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Blog posts about Buyers Agent

Congratulations to San on her beautiful new home in Fairview, OR. San had recently sold her home of 29 years in Oklahoma and was ready to start a new chapter. She is an operating room nurse and after her youngest child left the nest, she started travel nursing. When she first came to Oregon for... More

friendship referral

Friendship makes it happen. Joan and I are each other’s biggest fans. I helped her buy her home when she lived in Portland. Her wit, humor and good nature earned her a special place in my heart. Even though she has since relocated across the coast to NYC, she and her husband Matt know that if... More


In this market, it’s easy to dismiss anything that has been on the market for more than two weeks. “There must be something wrong with it,” is the typical response that I get from my buyers. Well, not necessarily. Sometimes these homes present an opportunity to take your time and have an opportunity to view... More

When I first met Nelson, he made it clear that he was not interested in the newer condos in the Pearl that all seemed to look alike, but instead wanted something with character and uniqueness. After sending out mailings to the residents in the buildings that I knew would be a good fit and reaching... More

Whenever I meet with a new buyer or seller it is like a 2-way interview; I am interviewing them and they are interviewing me to see if we will be a good fit to work together.  Most of the business that I do is referral based and the people who give me referrals tend to... More

My buyer Ryan went into the home purchasing process with as clear a picture of the house he was looking for as anyone I’ve met. Shortly after the house hunt began, he sent me a document titled “House Search Criteria” and broke his criteria down into 4 precise sections: Price, Location, Must Needs, and Prefer. Since his... More

David and Beatrice are planning for the future. With two super smart boys close in age, they will be looking at paying two college tuitions simultaneously. So, we talked about how real estate can help and they were inspired! Buying a rental home with a 15 or 20 year mortgage can position you well to... More


These two. Love them. Referred to me by a dear friend who I hold in high esteem, I began working with these buyers to find a property which coincidentally happened to be in my own neighborhood. First showing, first offer written,  amongst  heavy competition  – we got it! A charming fixer in the great Sabin neighborhood.... More

The PERFECT Modern Home

We’ve been working with our lovely clients for a long time. They were in a search for the perfect, architecturally interesting modern home on the west side. The west side has quite a few of these hidden gems, but they rarely come up for sale. We had a few false alarms along the way…five, I think.... More

The Head and the Heart Brought Us Together

I met my most recent clients at The Head and the Heart concert at the Schnitz this winter. Both of them work for a company with a swoosh logo and we were discussing how I previously worked for a company with three stripes and how I had made the leap to real estate. They mentioned that they... More