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Time to Move On 


Sometimes, no matter how much you love your house or how many years you’ve lived there or how many great memories there are around each corner, sometimes, you just have to move on. Maybe the layout has always bugged you a little. Or maybe you just can’t go another day with only one bathroom. Or maybe you’ve always wanted a better space for out-of-town guests or friends going through a rough patch. All of the above were true for clients of ours who got the keys to their new house today. They’re the kind of people who won’t think twice when an old friend or family member calls and asks if they can crash with them for a while. Now, not only can they say yes, but they can offer them a space of their own–bathroom included. It is endlessly satisfying to help folks move on when the time has come. Lance Marrs and Shanon Emerson + 503-701-5323 + 971-400-4042 More

Here There Be Dogs 


It all started when the condo association, where our clients were renting, denied their request to bring home the rescue dog they’d fallen in love with. They were bummed, but quickly became determined to take matters into their own hands. They asked around at work for recommendations for real estate brokers and our names came up. We met with them and quickly began touring homes to get a better idea of what might be the right house for them. As we type this, our clients are preparing for their very first Thanksgiving in their now house. Mom started sewing curtains for her son’s new house as soon as she got the window dimensions. She and Dad arrived just this week with a suitcase full of curtains and probably a few family heirlooms for good measure. Next step, find another rescue dog to fall in love with and bring home. As for us, we’re looking forward to seeing a few photos of the pup racing through... More

11:15 Fallon and Jeff Closing

Fallon and Jeff entered the housing market as first time buyers with eyes wide open.  When we met to discuss their home search, we talked about keeping expectations flexible in terms of features and finishes.  We talked about keeping minds open to new “emerging” neighborhoods and locations.  We talked about the reality of acting quickly and making strong offers in competitive situations.  And then NONE of that came to be.  They found a beautiful and modern new construction home in a prime Southeast Portland location.  It has all the bells and whistles (and finishes!) that they were looking for.  It is close to West Moreland and the new MAX.  The backyard opens to a lovely dedicated urban green space.  They were able to get an offer in just as the home was being finished and they avoided competition from other buyers.  It was all just meant to be.  Easy as that.  Word. Congratulations Fallon and Jeff — We are so excited for you!  Are you... More

n fargo-4

105 NE Fargo Street, Portland, Oregon 97212 Open Sunday November 22nd, from 12 to 2 PM BEDROOMS: 3  |   BATHROOMS: 1  |   TOTAL SQ.FT.: 819   |  OFFERED AT: $285,000   |  MLS: 15680274 Excellent location and opportunity! Upper unit in a 1906 built, condominium conversion. Walk to Vancouver and Williams Street, short trip downtown. This is a sweet 3 bedroom with a lovely south facing deck in a small condominium community. Updated, with cozy underfloor heat in the kitchen and bath, new counters, flooring, light fixtures + terrific storage, washer/dryer included! For more information contact Andrea Langen | 503-890-0609 | More

Peggie & Bob Turton - Hiagua

                Congratulations to Peggie + Bob!! These two had just sold their NE Alberta home in PDX to developers and were needing to get their foot in the door on a home quickly. They were looking for a quiet/tranquil retirement home on the coast…And they found it with this home on Hiagua Lane in Nehalem. They both fell in love with the 2+ Acre property that overlooks Nehalem Valley and Neahkahnie Mountain. I am so excited for these two to begin a new chapter in their lives on the Oregon Coast. Welcome to the coast! AREA: Nehalem, OR PURCHASED PRICE: $269,000 LISTED PRICE: $246,900 If you are interest in Manzanita Real Estate or Surrounding areas. Please feel welcome to reach out. Tosha Reinmiller Living Room Realty – Manzanita (541) 231-5829 More

A Business Built on Referrals 


I just want to take a second to thank all of you who have sent me business this past year.  It means the world to me when you refer me to someone you know is looking and I can’t thank you enough.  It keeps me busy, keeps food on the table, and I’ve made lots of new friends this year.  So thank you thank you thank you!!!!  I have the best clients in the world.  Special thanks to Natalie and Kayla for sending me your brother Chris.  He was super cool and his new house is the envy of all first time buyers. More

Room For Friends 

42nd dining room

Mike and Thadeus are social guys who enjoy going out as much as having friends over for a meal, a movie or a microbrew so finding a home with spaces to entertain was hugely important to them, and one with space to fit their HUGE couch. The open floor plan of this Wilshire beauty also has lots of bedrooms for out of town guests to stay over. Completely remodeled and on an oversize lot, it had lots of other delights like a fireplace in front of the big soaking tub in the master bath that also faced the master bedroom. In addition to the great flow between indoor rooms, the home also had big french doors to a gracious terrace overlooking the large private yard, which will soon be transformed into a beautiful garden as these two men work their magic making the house a home. More


Integrity: being trustworthy; “… following the rules, telling the truth and being careful on the job” having trust in others; “… integrity refers to relationships of mutual trust.” I know many builders and some flippers are seen as the dirty birds right now. Portland homes are being demolished, new ones built in their place, homes are being rehabbed and flipped which is turn, bring up the property values around them. Tenants are forced to look further out of their neighborhood boundaries because they can’t afford where they live anymore. I completely get ALL of that. That is why it seems especially important to me to note the efforts of one rehabber that I did business with sometime ago, but just recently popped back into my world over the weekend. It has nothing to do with his rehabbing or building. It has everything to do with how he treated me, how his right hand man treated me, and how he stands behind his word and his... More

Crows, Leaves and Wet Basements 

crows 2

When the fall air turns chill, the leaves are on the ground and the crows are out in full force. They caw to each other from high up in the trees, they strike a pose on the street signs and they watch us with indifferent eyes. With the crows and the leaves, come wet basements. Why? Your gutter is full of leaves and overflowing rain drops on the ground next to the house. Or the downspouts are disconnected and draining straight into your foundation. If you are a true home geek like myself, go walk the perimeter of your house in a driving rainstorm to make sure water is going where it should be: down your gutters and downspouts, not into your basement. Maintaining your gutters and downspouts is your first line of defense towards a dry basement. At the cost of $700-1800 for all new gutters and downspouts you are making a crucial investment in protecting your home and basement from unwanted water intrusion.... More


It was our first time together looking at homes. I hoped to see how your mind processed and what your heart connected with. We were brand new to one another having met at an open house. So, when you turned to me after house number six and disclosed to me that you had moved to Portland to out-run the love of another man, one that had held a space in your heart for many years; that you are “lost”, I about cried. I got you. I have stood where you stand. How incredibly brave it was to share yourself with me. I am blown away by how authentic you are. While I lay in bed last night listening to the wind, I thought about our talk. I am so glad and honored to be working with one another. This job becomes so much more then finding that perfect house. It allows us to listen, share and be intimate. Sometimes we have clients that fall into... More