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4559 SW Idaho Dr

Recently, I was reading an article in the Portland Business Journal written by Alli Pyah.  While Alli points out that Lake Oswego schools receive National notoriety, there are plenty of other Portland area schools that have received top ratings on  The article highlights  10 neighborhoods with elementary schools earning the top rating of 10 out of 10, based on test scores.  Per the article, housing prices in neighborhoods near these schools range from $199 to $315 per square foot.  The best value coming from Hayhurst elementary School in SW Portland (example pictured at $206 per sf). Today, parents and students have the right to opt out of taking these state exams.  So, before you eliminate that cute little house in a particular neighborhood, we suggest you read parent and student reviews of the schools in the area.  Who better to have first hand knowledge about the quality of instruction, learning and social environment, and overall satisfaction with the school than the parents and students... More

Love At First Sight… 

Love is in the air

Eva and Tara flew up from SF and we had a full day of looking at homes.  They didn’t totally know Portland neighborhoods so we saw houses ALL over the city.  A few seemed like possibilities but nothing grabbed them.  We decided to squeeze in one more home before the end of a long day.  The conversation on the way to the house was how we were going to deal with house hunting with them in Calif and places flying off the market.  We drove up to the house in the Woodlawn neighborhood.  Literally within a block of Woodlawn Coffee, Breakside Brewery, and Firehouse.  The second we walked in, we all fell in love.  The house was perfect for them.  An open floor plan, updates throughout, fantastic kitchen, and a basement with lots of potential.  Of course it was a multiple offer situation but Eva and Tara put their best foot forward and their offer was accepted.  I am so excited for them to start... More


  Alex and his sister Kristina (best looking brother/sister combo ever) came to me referred from my buddy Moira in LA (thanks dude!).  Alex was looking for an investment property, something he could easily rent out with little maintenance.  Kristina and I pounded the pavement while Alex was at work and looked at a few doozies.  Then we all went out one Saturday and found this really well kept house in Portsmouth.  It has two bedrooms on the main, and two bedrooms in the newly finished basement.  It’s set up in a way that is basically a duplex because the basement has it’s own entrance.  Not only that, but the garage is half way to an ADU. We struggled with what to offer in a multiple offer situation riding that fine line of not wanting to overpay but not wanting to lose it either.  Alex decided to go all in and presented them with a very generous offer, but also gave them a free month... More

4820 NE Rodney Ave

I met Sara and Rob through their son, who was looking for an agent to help them relocate from Illinios to be closer to his family, especially their 2 adorable grandchildren. They wanted to be within walking distance of the Alberta Arts district where their son lives. They fell in love with a home that was newer and had an offer on it. “We want a house just like this one!”, was their request. Luckily, I had worked with the builder,  Roman Ozeruga at Urban Housing Development in the past and was able to contact him. He and his brother Edward were successful in finding a “tear down” home on Rodney and build them a replica of the home they originally fell in love with…a very happy ending. More


There are sports nuts and then there are SPORTZ NUTZ!  My dear friend, Dave aka. ‘Big Sexy’, is of the latter variety.  We met on a triathlon team in 2007 and based on the orange and black that he sported from head to toe (bike included) it was readily apparent that he was  a) an avid cyclist and b) the biggest fan of OSU that ever existed on the face of the planet.  For this reason it was serendipity when we opened the lockbox at a sweet little house in Portsmouth and into my hand slid none other than a Beavers key.  A week prior as we toured homes he’d told me of his dream to have a retro red kitchen and sure enough, as we passed through the living room of the Portsmouth house much to our delight it opened up to a kitchen of red, white and black.  The coincidences continued as we discovered additional OSU memorabilia, multiple racing bikes and a drum... More


So many kinds of wallpaper. So much potential. This house was the meticulously-taken-care-of time capsule that these buyers were looking for. The sellers had spent 55 years in this house and raised four kids, and now it was time for a new family to take the reins. Who knows, some of that wallpaper might even stick around. Lance Marrs and Shanon Emerson  503-701-5323  971-400-4042 More

Fun, fast and furious! 


I met with Melissa and Peter and realized quickly that were they were serious about finding a home to buy and PRONTO! They had to be out of their apartment within a very short time frame and we had not time to waste. So, we hit it for the next 4 days and looked at everything on the market in their favorite neighborhoods. We saw some good houses but not a home that was quite right for their young family. The next day, THE ONE came on the market! It’s a grand beauty in North Tabor that needs a little love and is chuck full of potential. The first project for the house is adding a basement ADU! It seems at every corner turned, folks are talking about Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) these days in Portland. My family is planning on breaking ground next spring on a freestanding ADU in our backyard. It’s been an exciting process so far. We are in the throws of interviewing architects and builders. I do believe... More

chicken house 2

Even chickens deserve great houses. Using recycled barn wood, a window that came from our  garage, and a rusty tin roof, our four gals have a lovely home to call their own. Want to buy a house for you humans and then build a house for chickens? Let’s talk. Alyssa Isenstein Krueger. 503-724-6933 More

SE 34th-front outside

Not-so-big house in hopping Belmont/Sunnyside Neighborhood.   Its quaint, full of old- house charm and quirk, has good light and energy,  sun in the front, shade in the back, and a giant kitchen! Lots of perks – Marvin wood windows, Rejuvenation fixtures, Shaw apron sink, Sunrise Plumbing, marble floors, stained glass, mahogany leaded windows, sprinkler system and multiple skylights and little bike shed. You would be my neighbor and I could mow your yard:) OPEN HOUSE 7/1/2014  from 10:30 – 12:30. Tracy Dau Old House Specialist 971.275.0387           More

Exit Stage Left 


  Heidi and John were seeking more space for their family.  They found a beautiful home with a much larger yard, several blocks East of their current home.  Not wanting to miss out on a great opportunity, they decided to purchase the home without selling their current residence. Once settled into their new home, they contacted me about listing their former residence in SE Portland.  After staging their beautiful American Foursquare property for optimum impact, they accepted an offer and were able to close! If you are considering moving up or downsizing, I would love to assist you in realizing your dream.  You can reach me, Cristen Lincoln, at 503-260-2414. More