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Blog posts about Fixers & Investments

59th - 2

Yep, that’s right. We got our hands dirty on this one. We worked on helping clear this house of all its stuff months prior to putting it on the market. My partner and I did this for the estate, while the children figured out probate and whom was to take responsibility for the sale of the home. Chris and I hunkered down and kept the house in order. We kept the yard mowed, cleaned the house from top to bottom to help a family going through a difficult time, and did so many dump runs we wanted to fall over. Then finally, six months later, we SOLD the house for $75,000 over asking. That’s what it means to get it done! We are two agents that don’t mind driving to the dump for you. Working hard all the time. More

  Let’s be productive and find you a home!   More

727 SE 43rd-2

I just did this remodel on a dime and can teach you how to do it too.  Let my years of old-house interior design and remodeling help you with your next purchase or sale.   The design services are free if I become your realtor.  It might just save you thousands of dollars.  I think I can.   The results should be pretty nice too.  Try me. Old House Nerd Nature Lover Salvage Hunter SE/NE Hunter of Fixers   More


This house goes out to all the buyers in Portland who feel discouraged by the market and think they are priced out.  It’s not everyday you see a bungalow in Kenton for $239k.  Sure it needs some work, but you have years to do the cosmetics how you want.  This house is structurally sound, original siding, 2br, 1 bath, full basement and big yard.  Don’t delay, she’ll be gone fast. More


Everyone wants the old Portland bungalows and I get it.  But when selling houses is your job and you care about your client, you don’t lose sleep selling them a ranch.   There’s no match for those mid-century foundations, the open floor plan, the attached garage, and if you’re lucky, a full basement (we were lucky). Chris and Heidi looked and looked and were totally beat up in this market.  Grandma’s pride shone through in this little cutie and we couldn’t have done better, especially since we thought we would end up closer to 82nd but landed in Cully.  Perfect house, perfect location.  Done and done. More


  After a day of working 13 hours straight on a fixer house, a mountain of emails about a new listing I put on the market, and a voice mail box that filled up before noon, I am still breathing.  Barely.  Everyone is telling me that when I finish this fixer house,  get it rented or sold, it will feel like a weight has been lifted.  Is that what will happen?  Will I have time to enjoy my children and clients before the Summer is over?  I’m tired of having hands covered in caulking, dusty hair, and legs splattered with stain. Until that time, I wish to take the “adventure” flask my dear client gave me, fill it with a bit of Kentucky and head to a body of water and then lie prone on a beach.   Mix that up with a paddle here and there, and I would surely rebound. Find your nature and balance amongst the rat race:)  And call me if you’re... More


Affordable housing is hard to come by in Portland’s market right now. Cully will see some new, creative affordable housing options before too long. I can’t share too many details yet, but I was able to help one seriously innovative buyer acquire a property to adjoin with another property. With the newly combined and expanded site, more opportunities open up for more common green space and more common amenities in a new affordable cohousing community. My buyer’s mission is “to pioneer new models of community-oriented, affordable, green housing in Portland. We believe that one of the most important things we can do to minimize our ecological footprint is to live in less space with a community of neighbors, making it easy (and fun) to share resources.” Stay tuned. . . This poster image is meant to give the general idea of cohousing, not intended to represent exactly what will be created. The details of that are yet to be determined, but it will be fun,... More


I love selling time capsule properties. And even though I know Michael will update it beautifully and make it his own, it was so fun to discover this piece of 1963 with him. When I say 1963 green shag carpeting, you I don’t even need a photo to know what I mean. On top of being a fun glimpse into another era of domestic stylings, the Fontaine is an amazing opportunity. For well under $300,000, we were able to get a 2 bedroom corner unit with a little view of Mt. Hood, downtown, and the West Hills, while being less than a mile from downtown. Congrats, Michael! More

Live/work Oasis 

Labor of love

Jan and Dean created a Live/work Oasis that seemed like a labor of love.  They added a detached studio and built a peaceful, meditative space in their backyard that seemed miles from where it was, on Killingsworth.  When the little one came along, they decided to head west, like other pioneers before them, and move to the coast. They found happiness there, but what were they going to do with their home in Portland?  The short term answer was to rent it, the final answer was to sell.  They had tried a couple of years ago, and could not find a buyer, not even at a percentage of what I was hoping to help them net on the sale. End result, a high list price brought us higher offers.  Needless to say they are happy.  This Live/work Oasis is now a member of someone else’s family. Portland’s influx of new residents, lack of inventory, and recovering economy is helping to propel real estate prices.  For... More

Armed with a budget of $240,000 and an FHA loan, my first-time buyer Jason got it into his head he was going to buy a duplex. I’m a practical dreamer, but even I had a hard time believing this was attainable. Well he showed me and I’ve learned more than once that nothing is impossible with enough determination. Getting there was something else. There are few houses I would refuse to go inside of, but this guy put me to the test. I had to say no more than once. Squatters. Hoarders. Rats. You name it. We saw the underbelly of humanity. But you look through it all and you keep your eyes on the prize. And now Jason can say his next door neighbor is buying his house because hello! Jason bought a duplex. You are good, man! Interested in securing your future? Let me help. T E R I   T O O M B S principal broker 503-522-1691 More