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Alder house

Our very brave clients just closed on this short sale house in the Sunnyside Neighborhood.  Its a FIXER and needs EVERYTHING!  You name it and this house needs it! I’ve signed up as my clients general to over-see the project and coordinate the fixing! This will be a cocktail of brave clients and their hard working realtors — results soon to follow. Who says realtors leave your side when the transaction is over? More

Temp crawlspace

 My Buyer was not intimated by a fixer.  Good thing!  Because the house we found, as it turned out, had a considerable amount of damage due to moisture in the crawlspace. Most of us don’t really give our crawlspaces much thought.   Yet the crawlspace of a home is an entry point for moisture, pests and rodents.  Excess moisture combined with heat (your furnace) can create a greenhouse atmosphere that is likely to lead to mold, dry rot and pest damage. Proper drainage is also key to keeping moisture out of the crawl.  Making sure that gutters are clean of debris and directed away from the house is the first step.  Making any sort of grading adjustments or installing french drains etc.  is the second step. The bottom line is, keep an eye down there (or hire someone to look for you!) and take care of any issues right away.  Inviting beetles and other wood eating organisms to much on your support beams is a... More

SW 42nd-14

Really functional floor plan, great condominium in lovely neighborhood!  Priced at $139,900 – Close to OHSU and Lewis and Clark.  Attached to excellent schools. Walking distance to restaurants, other businesses and bus line. Great first time home or investment property, units of comparable size in that area rent for $1300! This condo has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Assigned parking spot, 2 bonus rooms that make great office space/craft room/nursery! 1,080 sq.ft.. Low HOA costs and mostly owner occupied units. 5244 SW 42nd Ave. Portland, OR 97221. Mortgage Repayment Summary $814.55 Monthly Payment $293,239.36 Total of 360 Payments $103,496.86 Total Interest Paid Nov, 2044 Pay-off Date $52,462.50 Total Tax Paid $5,280.00 Total PMI Paid Monthly PMI 96  Monthly PMI Payments of $55.00 Each SW Portland Hayhurst Robert Gray and Wilson Schools! Contact me for more information; Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 o. 503.719.5588 f. 503.961.8224   More

ne siskiyou-7

Light and bright cottage in Roseway Heights oozing with charm…marmoleum flooring in kitchen, beautiful fir floors,  nicely landscaped yard, fully fenced, off-street parking.  Close-in.  Adorable! 7315 NE Siskiyou St. Portland OR 97213 $234,500 758 square feet 2 bedrooms 1 bath .09 acres Detached garage Wood, marmoleum, and laminate flooring Washer and Dryer included Attached to great schools!  Gregory Heights ratings. Get it while it lasts!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 o. 503.719.5588 f. 503.961.8224   More


Everyone always asks me why I’m still bar tending at Sloans if I’m doing well in real estate.  Well,  besides that it’s the best bar in Portland and I love the family I work for, I meet a lot of people there, and sometimes they turn into clients.  Kristin and Michael are some of my favorite regulars.  They are restaurant folk too and own Garage Bar up in Vancouver. They were looking for something solid that had a big garage or shop for Michael’s motorcycles and a big yard for Kristin to garden.  It was looking kind of bleak for a minute until we stumbled upon this well-kept granny ranch (my favorite).  The owner was needing to sell to move into assisted living and there was another interested party.  Knowing the other offer was cash, we pulled every rabbit out of the hat to be able to compete.  The seller’s agent let me know that we were neck and neck but that, because I was... More

Invest in Portland 

Invest in Portland

Mary had heard that Portland was a great place to invest in real estate, and wanted to jump on board. The problem was that she lives in California. The solution came in the form of a referral from her coworker. We started chatting on the phone and Mary outlined an investment strategy that she was comfortable with. Between the two of us we agreed on a formula that would work for her. We took the time to allow her to become educated about the Portland market, as well as surrounding areas. Once that was achieved, we found a duplex that fit all of her criteria. We wrote a low offer, and the seller chose not to respond to it. Mary continued to look at properties coming on the market, but kept returning to, “the one that got away.” She decided that since the seller had just installed a brand new roof, there were happy long term tenants, good CAP, and great yards, she would be... More

Time Takes a Cigarette 

It all started about 32-ish years ago. Teen punk rocker kids running wild in the streets of a California town. From friends to roommates we were thick as thieves. There were all night parties, 50¢ cashmere sweaters and lots of espresso. Then one day CRASH BOOM BANG!! Circumstances flipped a switch and in a blink of an eye we were out of each others lives FOR DECADES. At the time neither of us realizing how long it would take to cross paths again but, as they like to say, life happens. Fast forward to the future is now and a whole new century, TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN, almost FIFTY and STILL ALIVE!!! Older, (somewhat) wiser and wackier than ever. We rebuilt our friendship anew with, that time sucker of a beast, social media. A few trips from San Francisco to Portland later, with her new honey pie in tow, it happened. Weary of the confined spaces that city life can bring and wanting a place to... More


Mindy was determined to be in Grant School District for under $250k.  In the entire time we worked together there were 4 houses in that price range that came up in Grant and they were either tear downs or half of a duplex with no HOA or rules for fixing anything. She is a single mom of two teenagers who has been living in St. Johns for the last 10 years.  Her son desperately wanted to get out of Roosevelt, but it just wasn’t happening for them. We’d go look at these major fixers and she’d say, “Well, it’s not that bad, I can save for a new foundation”.  So we’d stand on the street corner arguing our points about whether or not she should make an offer on these turds.  I begged her to forget about Grant, it wasn’t going to happen, I couldn’t sell her a house that had this many problems.  I pleaded to keep looking in St. John’s where she has... More

Exterior photo

Our client Todd wanted a unique house to rehabilitate.  He was patient and boy did it pay off!  We found this charming mid-century house with great bones on a 1/4 acre in fabulous Parkrose Heights.  It needs lots of work, but Todd and his crew are already on top of it.  It is going to be fabulous once it is cleaned up and fixed up.  Stay tuned!!! More

Malden - exterior

The Transformation of SE Malden – How to Re-do a House on a Very Tight Budget           Week One –  Hired a young guy named Carlos, with lots and lots of neck tattoo’s and a fancy for Big Gulps  to help me remove 8 layers of wallpaper. Carlos proved to be great company and our conversations were enlightening, we stripped paper in unison.:) Wallpaper Removal – $600.00. (paper had to be steamed off). Tracy Dau Sucker for Fixers 971.275.0387 More