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Blog posts about Fixers & Investments


An iconic piece of commercial real estate, the KEYS building, on NE Killingsworth, is changing hands. The KEYS building was passed to Lisa years ago.  As a child, she played there.  It’s where she learned her trade.  It’s where her family connected.  As their business grew there was a need for a bigger shop.  They pulled up their NE roots and relocated to a historic building in SE. The big KEYS sign stayed on building.  It was never sold. Lisa’s uncles and friends have made it their shop. It’s part of their family. It’s part of the neighborhood.  With that knowledge, Elle had planned to one day rehab it. Her full life didn’t leave her enough time.  Marriage, children, running a business.  All wonderful things that deserved her full attention.  The KEYS building sat vacant.  The neighborhood changed, as neighborhoods do.  Lisa realized she may not have time to get to his project, and decided to sell the property. Lisa may be able to see... More


Chris was somehow spared the torture of being a buyer in today’s market.  All odds were against him, really.  He had a VA loan and was under $200k, but the thing he had going for him was that he was realistic.  He wasn’t waiting for that diamond in the rough in close in north or northeast that he hoped somehow every realtor in the city missed pop up on RMLS.  He did what was smart for his budget, which is to get a solid house on a giant lot a bit further out, and wait for the neighborhood grow around him.  It’s what we all wish we had the sense to do 10 years ago.  This was probably the 2nd or 3rd house I showed him and I truly was shocked we won in a multiple offer situation. Chris is just a hard working, blue collar dude who grew up super poor and never imagined that owning a house was possible for him.  He needed something... More


Anthony and Jocelyn were referred to me by my lovely client/ friends Jake and Kirsten. I knew from the moment we met that I would love them.  I think we made inappropriate jokes and took an hour longer than the meeting normally does – cause we were talking too much! As it goes when I really enjoy working with someone, it was too short.  I feel like I could have shown Jocelyn and Anthony a million houses and it would have been fun.  Alas they found their “one” and we made a super strong offer within a few weeks of working together they had a house. A couple of things that make me smile about this transaction; 1. Anthony and Jocelyn never argued (or at least not in front of me) they were on the same page and it was awesome to watch. 2. The Russian electrician that has the best accent I have ever heard. 3. The agent for the sellers had the same... More


3 bedroom 2 bath ranch in east portland $225,000 I’m super excited about this house and was definitely a meaningful transaction for me. For my client Eugenia (Jenya), who is not only a first time home buyer, she is also a young Russian immigrant (granted I don’t think she remembers living in another country?) this purchase defines the “American Dream”.  Jenya who is a do it yourself type of gal, will make this cutie shine. Overwhelming at times but ultimately rewarding!  How inspiring it is to know that she is the first in her family to own a home. And in this hot market that is Portland no less! She scored an amazing price on a cute ranch charmer with some hints of vintage. Updated appliances, hardwood floors throughout, huge backyard and equally huge garage space. I couldn’t be more thrilled!   Thank you for choosing me Jenya, I cannot wait to see what you do with YOUR house! Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker... More

a spoonful of sugar 


Congratulations and hats off to Jennifer and Jeremy, closing today on an investment property in Manzanita. Dividend? They can sleep in it! A tour of five homes, an offer the next day, a fast close with a great lender. Yes! It can work like this. If you’re looking to diversify a portfolio or get into the vacation property market before it blows up Portland style let’s get to work. I’m ready to join YOUR team and help deliver results. Let’s talk about it – Hans Tonjes – 503-936-4244 More

One Threshold at a Time 

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Coffee. Keys. Locks. Doors. Emails. Phone Calls. Texts. Inspections. Bids. Deals. Whiskey. Here’s to those days when the keys leave the property with you, and you get to deliver them to your deserving client. All shiny and jingly, they might even be looped through a piece of twine that’s tied in a bow around a really nice bottle of whiskey. Lance Marrs and Shanon Emerson + 503-701-5323 + 971-400-4042 Instagram: @realestateofbeing More


Invest in real estate.  Invest in your future. Dan and Kim are just like many other parents.  They work. They save. They want the best for their children.  Dan’s a Duck, but his son’s a Beaver (can’t win them all).  They also grew up in an era where the American dream was to own a home.  Where to invest in retirement was part of life.  They purchased a home.  They chose to invest in real estate. Over the years I have had the opportunity to help them build their investment portfolio.  Purchasing during the run-up to the recession, taking advantage of the downturn (purchasing at discount), and on into the appreciating market.  They now own everything from single family rentals, to larger multi-family units, and commercial properties. Dan and Kim, congratulations on your newest acquisition.  Will it be called Parkrose Place? Howard Greenfield, Principal Broker at Living Room Realty. More

Omaha Collage

Our seller interviewed multiple agents who told her to put her house on the market “as-is”. Sure, it would have sold as a fixer, our market is hot and the house has location going for it.   Multiple offers at a “fixer” price, easy-peasy.  The kicker is, had the house been thrown on the market as a fixer, it would not be under contract for the price we are at now.   A price, WAY over our asking price.   Take away the money that was put into repairing it, and its still WAY, WAY WAY over what it took to get it there. I told our potential client that if she hired my business partner and I, we would help to transform the home on a TIGHT budget.  Gutsy, maybe, but not really.  We have the crews of inexpensive folks to get the work down.  We set up the workers and babysit the projects to see they get done on time.  The seller liked our plan. ... More

Raze or Revive??? 


I can only imagine a time when this 1920’s Craftsman style cottage was so lovely – hardwood floors, fireplace, period molding and built-ins, a covered front porch extending the full length of the house, all on a nice big lot in a great SW Portland neighborhood.  The bones of that home are still here, but the years have not been kind . . . remodels gone bad and a lack of basic care has left this cottage in need of much repair . . . or . . . hate to admit . . . possible tear down. There was interest in the home before it even hit the market.  People dropping by, peaking in windows, what would her fate be?  Once listed, we received multiple offers within the first few hours and most were 10% and more over the list price.  One of the best offers also shared plans for a top of the line, grand remodel.  Too irresistible to pass up – Seller... More

Foster-Powell Starter Home 

4524 SE 60th Ave.

This Foster-Powell home has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Stepping in from the covered entry, the living room has hardwood floors, built-ins, and a fireplace. Beyond that, you find a formal dining room with built-ins as well. The kitchen has original cabinetry, tile counters, a gas range, and a breakfast nook. There are 2 bedrooms on the main and one large skylit bedroom space upstairs. Perhaps the most “Portland-y” space in the house, the upstairs has rustic floors, skylights, and a nook with built-ins that are reminiscent of a sailboat cabin. The basement and backyard provide the spaces to grow. The tall unfinished basement is prime for added living space, storage, workshop, or studio. The extra deep fenced lot could be home to an Accessory Dwelling Unit, a carriage house, a studio, a barn for your urban farm, you name it… (And do your due diligence.) Or, it could be an amazing garden and outdoor living and play space. It’s pretty rare to find deep... More