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Blog posts about Fixers & Investments


I love selling time capsule properties. And even though I know Michael will update it beautifully and make it his own, it was so fun to discover this piece of 1963 with him. When I say 1963 green shag carpeting, you I don’t even need a photo to know what I mean. On top of being a fun glimpse into another era of domestic stylings, the Fontaine is an amazing opportunity. For well under $300,000, we were able to get a 2 bedroom corner unit with a little view of Mt. Hood, downtown, and the West Hills, while being less than a mile from downtown. Congrats, Michael! More

Live/work Oasis 

Labor of love

Jan and Dean created a Live/work Oasis that seemed like a labor of love.  They added a detached studio and built a peaceful, meditative space in their backyard that seemed miles from where it was, on Killingsworth.  When the little one came along, they decided to head west, like other pioneers before them, and move to the coast. They found happiness there, but what were they going to do with their home in Portland?  The short term answer was to rent it, the final answer was to sell.  They had tried a couple of years ago, and could not find a buyer, not even at a percentage of what I was hoping to help them net on the sale. End result, a high list price brought us higher offers.  Needless to say they are happy.  This Live/work Oasis is now a member of someone else’s family. Portland’s influx of new residents, lack of inventory, and recovering economy is helping to propel real estate prices.  For... More

Armed with a budget of $240,000 and an FHA loan, my first-time buyer Jason got it into his head he was going to buy a duplex. I’m a practical dreamer, but even I had a hard time believing this was attainable. Well he showed me and I’ve learned more than once that nothing is impossible with enough determination. Getting there was something else. There are few houses I would refuse to go inside of, but this guy put me to the test. I had to say no more than once. Squatters. Hoarders. Rats. You name it. We saw the underbelly of humanity. But you look through it all and you keep your eyes on the prize. And now Jason can say his next door neighbor is buying his house because hello! Jason bought a duplex. You are good, man! Interested in securing your future? Let me help. T E R I   T O O M B S principal broker 503-522-1691 More

Classic Tudor 

Schoenrock blog1

What a unique opportunity to help my Grandfather buy a home. All clients come with different wants and needs, but when it came to helping my Grandfather purchase an investment property- I made it my personal mission to find the diamond in the rough. I looked at least at 80 homes in the past 3 months. In some cases to preview a new listing, I  would sit in my car early in the morning, waiting for the lockbox hours to allow me to open up. It is nearly impossible to find a home in inner Southeast or Northeast under $400k. The market is so hot in Portland, listings go fast. We expanded the search to just outside of the micro-hoods, looking for a little more land. Almost settling for not the perfect floor plan, smelly, busy road, small lot, or too expensive. I reluctantly scheduled to preview an old 1930′s tudor in Milwuakie, calling the listing agent asking for specifics that would entice me to... More

4542 NE 31st

In the perfect neighborhood on a quiet side street but a short walk to grocery stores, cafes and restaurants, this sweet little bungalow-cottage has sheltered many creative people over the years. The seller bought it for himself then rented it to a friend who rented it to a friend who had a friend move in and… oh, to hear the stories these walls could tell! Wonderful parties and exciting plans of the mostly young, just starting out people who have lived here.  Back NE Alberta had more empty store-fronts and wasn’t so chic but the tenants made up for their lack of cash with their creative talents to fashion a comfortable and charming home and garden. The seller was anxious a developer would tear the house down but the new owners are eager to work with what is there and bring their own creative talents to restoring this small gem. More


I’m not a Smithie  but I lived some of the funnest years of my life in Northampton, Ma back in college.  I rented a house (Cherry 13) with a pack of Smithies, lived in a broom closet in the Friedmans, dated Smithies, and made life-long friends with Smithies.  Anyone that knows a Smithie knows that they are the most loyal little cult members you’ve ever met.  Their sisterhood is unbreakable, it’s pretty remarkable.  My last two clients both went to Smith and once we got talking about our time there, it sealed the deal. My daughter Toni and I go for walks around Kenton all the time.  After a bagel at Posies we cruise over to Give and Take Resale and that’s where I met the owner, Chelsea.  We took to each other right away and when it came time to start looking for a house she called me up.  We only looked at a few houses before this little ranch in Concordia came back... More

dog house

Thinking about getting your house on the market in the next few months but hope to do a bunch of projects beforehand?  Then give Chris and I a call before you pick up that brush or hammer.  We have years of house remodeling behind us and can help steer you in the right direction.  Stop and consult. We don’t want you to go the wrong direction. We can help you choose colors, higher an inexpensive, but great painting crew, and help you decide on low-cost- bang-for-your-buck materials… More


“We want a tiny dump of a house that we can fix up on a BIG lot that we can turn into an urban farm” said Caty. Chris showed our clients a bunch of homes in the Woodstock area, landing on a deal of a  HUD foreclosure.  With years of working with HUD homes under his belt, he was able to send in a blind bid over the web, knowing exactly what the house might sell for with multiple offers.   Caty and Eliot were prepped by Chris as to what to write their offer for.   Chris got the house because he knew the system inside and out.  Even more impressive, our lender closed on time and HUD homes have notoriously long closings.  Our lender, who is simply awesome, gave hand’s on help to our clients, navigating the lending system perfectly so our clients could buy the fixer of their dreams.  Caty sent this message just yesterday:  “We’ve been so busy that we didn’t take... More


Camila and I had never formally met until she was ready to start shopping for a house, but we have many mutual friends.  My old friend Tobi sent her to me, thanks Tobes!! Her mom, Miriam,  came to visit from New York and we all hung out literally every day seeing everything in North and Ne.  I came to grow very fond of them and nicknamed her, “my classy client”, because every time we met, she brought me a coffee. We lost out on several houses until we found this little treasure trove.  This house was an estate and untouched for many years.  When you walked in the back door you immediately saw the biggest vintage beer sign collection you’ve ever seen.  The basement had clearly been the party room and had a jukebox, pool table, bar, pinball machine, and kegerator.  It was hard not to fall for this house because of all this, but there was so much potential waiting to happen.  It has... More


My friend Tasha asked me to help sell her Dad’s house in Woodland Park so that he could buy himself a trailer and hit the road.  He’s retired and on a fixed income so the goal was to get him as much as possible.  We priced it competitively to generate a lot of interest, $239 for a 3/2.  At the end of the day we ended up with 8 great offers, all over asking, one of which was ridiculously over asking and they even offered to throw in extra money if it didn’t appraise that high.  However, one of the offers was Tasha’s best friend and her wife.  It was not the highest offer or the strongest in terms, but it came down to these two offers. I really didn’t know which way this would go because the whole point was money.  I presented both offers detailing all the terms,  and within a minute he decided to go with the friends.  In doing so, he... More