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Blog posts about Fixers & Investments

A Business Built on Referrals 


I just want to take a second to thank all of you who have sent me business this past year.  It means the world to me when you refer me to someone you know is looking and I can’t thank you enough.  It keeps me busy, keeps food on the table, and I’ve made lots of new friends this year.  So thank you thank you thank you!!!!  I have the best clients in the world.  Special thanks to Natalie and Kayla for sending me your brother Chris.  He was super cool and his new house is the envy of all first time buyers. More

house photo

Talyer and Derek have been keeping their eye on the market for a couple of years looking for their next home. They have 2 boys who are growing up fast and have lived for several years on a pretty busy street in the Clinton neighborhood. They have been craving a quiet street and wanted to stay as close to possible as their current home. They decided to keep their home on the busy street as a rental (smart cookies!) and buy a cosmetic fixer to make their own. With an architect in the family and a short term plan to rent the new house until they are ready for the renovations, this family was able to invest now in their next home now while prices are still going up at a nice clip in the Portland metro area. Hats off to these buyers for being creative and thinking long term. Thinking long term with real estate is just so rock solid. It’s not sexy, it’s... More


Rima just closed on her third investment property!  This one is a sweet triplex in the Fernhill Park area and she got a great deal by patiently WADING (through some stinkers!) and WAITING (until some of the Summer’s buying frenzy had passed).  She positioned herself nicely to jump when the right property came up.   We were able to show her the triplex within hours of it hitting the market.  She acted quickly and was able to scoop up this property without competition. Now is a great time to purchase investment properties given the HIGH demand in Portland’s rental market and the historically LOW interest rates.  There are serious financial wins to be had for investment buyers — Kari and Erika can help you find them!   More

Lath and Plaster 

Lath and Plaster- built to last

If you want to experience a dust storm and epic mess- remove lath and plaster from your walls. It is a commitment once you start breaking the plaster off the walls. I personally think lath & plaster is a good material providing sound proofing and quality craftsmanship. Check out the Lath & Plaster ad I found in a 1955 advertisement from Better Homes magazine. Compliments of the dirty attic we cleaned.  I had the first hand experience removing lath and plaster during my renovation. We only removed the necessary areas to prepare our home for a new kitchen and bathroom. Get ready to get your hands dirty. But be careful! Be prepared. You will want to use appropriate gear to protect your lungs. You may need to test for asbestos and it is likely there is lead base paint on the walls. Not every dump site will allow your dumpster to dump lath and plaster. If your lath tests positive for asbestos there are precautions... More


This is the one you’ve been waiting for.  Meticulously maintained ranch on 97th and Prescott, set back from the street enough so you don’t hear the cars.  All new systems, fresh paint, and an over-sized landscaped yard.  This house has been well loved by a really sweet family, but now it’s time for them to move to the country with their horses.  All this place needs is a couple updates in the kitchen and to rip up the carpet and go back to the original hardwoods, or not.  This house is sprawling and the basement is just as big as the main with a bathroom and separate entrance.  It could easily be a rental and off-set the mortgage.  Don’t be distracted by Prescott, this house is a gem.  Close access to freeways and airport.  It’s a steal. More


How to fall in love with a family: Meet them at an open, chat for an hour about mid-century houses! Meet son Sam! Several months later, receive a friendly call: ‘if you’d like to be our realtor, we’d love to work with you.” (HECK YES! What a nice way to put that!) Befriend Sam, rough-house, joke, trade marbles, investigate basements, giggle, save him from mean cats (or is it save them from him?), and coerce him out of trees, laughing the whole time. See dozens on dozens of houses. Houses with too tight of driveways for all our cars, houses with train tracks dividing the lot, houses with rolling floors (thanks for my big marble Sam), houses with shag carpet and vintage wall phones (Sam calls Europe!), houses with piles of comic strips,  houses with steel poles holding them up, and houses with cats (Sam loves cats!). Find a house that’s been sitting for eons, write an offer, find out there are now five competing offers! Thanks Universe! Jokes,... More

St. John’s and Bro tatz 


James and Nadia and I had fun looking at houses.  I like it when people are fun and funny and these guys really are.  Was it fate that brought us together?  Or was it the power of our bro tatz?  At our second or third time out we realized we had these semi-matching Kurt Vonnegut tattoos.  To be fair Jame’s is exactly as Kurt drew it (his is the one on the right) and mine is an interpretation by tattoo artist Cody Zeek (see left);   In regards to the house, he got some instant equity and its a big ol ranch in St. John’s heck ya!  More like this please!! Let me help you find your ranch and our bro tatz. Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 o. 503.719.5588 f. 503.961.8224   More

Back in the flannel-shirt wearing, women-living-on-the-land, post-Eugene days of my youth, I got a crazy idea to abandon my almost architecture degree to pursue my dream of building a cabin in the woods. Armed with no actual building skills, I failed miserably in several initial attempts. It’s a tale told a thousand times. Somehow, the hapless dreamer survives against all odds. I was a real Magoo, but I found help through countless hippies, dykes and dudes that crossed my path. I learned a lot about building, community and life during my years on the land. One of my most impactful teachers was Corinne, who generously taught me lots of building and constructions skills. She and her son Dave had spent years living in many configurations of homes, some built with their own hands. She had mad building skills and passed along a lot of that to Dave as well. So the years go by and little Dave is a big, big man! I was happy... More

That’s A lot for 200K! 


Okay, it was not ‘under 200,000’ as I aspired to find for my clients, with in 1,000 dollars of the goal though – And it is a a great value! I see a manageable to-do list with some projects and serious elbow grease to get the grime off this diamond in the rough – but that is what my adorable clients, Lara, Matt and baby Vivian wanted. These people did some very responsible saving, in fact I find their money skills inspiring, and let me help them find this dirty and well built mid-century; 3 genuine bedrooms in over 1250 square feet – not including the upstairs attic or attached garage. I can’t wait to visit the transformation!! Back to basics; I helped them find a smart deal here in Portland proper and I can help you too. Want to talk about real estate? Contact Me!  andrea langen / 503.890.0609 / More


The sweetest trio Bec ,Karen, and their 6 year old niece were wanting to sell their home because their job situation was possibly going to take them out of Portland.  In the event they were leaving town, they wanted to have the sale of their house over with.  Teri and I went to see the house and were very impressed with how nice and maintained it was.  All of the systems had already been updated and there wasn’t anything standing in the way of an easy breezy sale.  We gave them a short list of things they could do to make it show better and they did them immediately.  They also moved out within the week.  We put it on the market on Friday and it was gone by the end of the weekend with multiple offers. Like we thought, it was easy breezy, especially when you have someone in backup position who will take the house as-is for leverage.  Now these girls are free... More