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Time Takes a Cigarette 

It all started about 32-ish years ago. Teen punk rocker kids running wild in the streets of a California town. From friends to roommates we were thick as thieves. There were all night parties, 50¢ cashmere sweaters and lots of espresso. Then one day CRASH BOOM BANG!! Circumstances flipped a switch and in a blink of an eye we were out of each others lives FOR DECADES. At the time neither of us realizing how long it would take to cross paths again but, as they like to say, life happens. Fast forward to the future is now and a whole new century, TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN, almost FIFTY and STILL ALIVE!!! Older, (somewhat) wiser and wackier than ever. We rebuilt our friendship anew with, that time sucker of a beast, social media. A few trips from San Francisco to Portland later, with her new honey pie in tow, it happened. Weary of the confined spaces that city life can bring and wanting a place to... More


Mindy was determined to be in Grant School District for under $250k.  In the entire time we worked together there were 4 houses in that price range that came up in Grant and they were either tear downs or half of a duplex with no HOA or rules for fixing anything. She is a single mom of two teenagers who has been living in St. Johns for the last 10 years.  Her son desperately wanted to get out of Roosevelt, but it just wasn’t happening for them. We’d go look at these major fixers and she’d say, “Well, it’s not that bad, I can save for a new foundation”.  So we’d stand on the street corner arguing our points about whether or not she should make an offer on these turds.  I begged her to forget about Grant, it wasn’t going to happen, I couldn’t sell her a house that had this many problems.  I pleaded to keep looking in St. John’s where she has... More

Exterior photo

Our client Todd wanted a unique house to rehabilitate.  He was patient and boy did it pay off!  We found this charming mid-century house with great bones on a 1/4 acre in fabulous Parkrose Heights.  It needs lots of work, but Todd and his crew are already on top of it.  It is going to be fabulous once it is cleaned up and fixed up.  Stay tuned!!! More

Malden - exterior

The Transformation of SE Malden – How to Re-do a House on a Very Tight Budget           Week One –  Hired a young guy named Carlos, with lots and lots of neck tattoo’s and a fancy for Big Gulps  to help me remove 8 layers of wallpaper. Carlos proved to be great company and our conversations were enlightening, we stripped paper in unison.:) Wallpaper Removal – $600.00. (paper had to be steamed off). Tracy Dau Sucker for Fixers 971.275.0387 More

Two Love Birds, One Home. 


  Teri and I had clients that came to us frantically because their house was on the market, but their agent had taken off to Burning Man and disappeared.  We agreed to help them sell their house but weren’t sure we could get them the price they needed to stay above water.  Then it occured to us that this house was exactly what our buyers, Kristy and Lara,  were looking for.  It was a long shot but I took them over there and they fell in love with it.  We negotiate a price that both parties were thrilled with and it was a win/win. If you love a ranch, this is the queen of ranches.  Huge square footage, big and open, wide hallways, 3/2, Brady Bunch neighborhood, double garage, mid-century tile, all the good stuff.  It was super important to Kristy and Lara that their house be set up for entertaining, but that they never have to move again and it is both.  We’re truly... More


My best dude friend just bought a house.  He worked with the bas ass Laura Maguire, and myself cause he knew we would whip him into shape (also I would literally kick his ass if he tried to work with anyone else). As Gordy himself said it best, “If I can buy a house – anyone can.”  And it is true.  With the right agent, and the right lender anything is possible.  Here are some embarrassing pictures of my bestie and some of his house too.  Which by the way is on an awesome street, close to freeway access, 3 bedroom, 1 bath on an oversized lot, super solid and ONLY $169,000! Also Laura Maguire is an amazing agent, and a total babe.  What an amazing job she did, and she even remembered the correct close date (unlike some people in the transaction)?!?!? Thanks for taking good care of my Gordus, you are an awesome agent.  And I am so proud to work with you! More


When you think about buying your first house you make a wish list of wants.  Seems like everyone wants the same thing, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a bungalow, a yard, close in location, and all the bells and whistles.  Then you start looking and your list starts changing, often times because you realize certain things are more important than others, some things you can’t live without, and your budget is in the way. Rachel and Kate were realistic and open-minded.  We looked at some doozies until we found this little cutie on N. Hodge.  It wasn’t everything they wanted, but I reminded them that they weren’t buying their dream home, they were buying their first home.  They were making an investment that would give them leverage for the future when they are ready to move on.  Most of us aren’t lucky enough to get it all the first time. This house is solid and inspected really well.  We were able to negotiate them a brand... More


Mike and Lorraine are long time Milwaukie residents and with two kids going into high school and they wanted to stay right in Milwaukie. They were first time home buyers and were looking at a competitive price point and also looking for enough space to comfortably fit the whole family. After a couple of offers on homes that went quickly out of their price range, a home came on to the market that was well within their price range and the house itself was great. It has three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a full basement and huge lot. Sounds great right? This as-is fixer seemed too good to be true. Great price point, great home and it was just a couple of blocks from the Milwaukie High School. It was in the inspections stage of the deal that the other shoe dropped. We found there were a few issues with the home that needed to be fixed to make the home saleable and, here is where the plot... More

Not our first rodeo! 


This wasn’t Shawn and Tami’s first rodeo. They sat me down for the grilling of a lifetime! They definitely knew what they didn’t want, and they knew what they probably wanted, they knew what flaws they could correct, but were new to Portland and  they didn’t know the neighborhood. They also wanted a floor plan that was hard to find. Was I up for the task?  Well, I certainly enjoy a challenge! We set out with a modest budget in mind and a lot of learning to do. I had been through this dozens of times before, but every client’s threshold is different and everyone has to learn it for themselves.. Some houses have been “re-muddled” into ‘crap’ and no matter how great the price, not ultimately worth it.  Some houses are just too ‘odd’, and some have funky floor plans. Some houses you walk into and just shake your head and wonder how anyone ever lived here –  with that supporting wall removed and the... More

front of duplex

My clients needed a duplex with a LARGE garage, turns out that is harder to come by than one would think.  We searched high and low and finally after 8+ months we found the perfect one!   OH AND THE PRICE?!?!!?  $310,000.00 will get you an oversized lot, two units each with a nice kitchen, private yard space, 2 baths, AND a HUGE garage.  the biggest I’ve seen!?!?!  Fits 4 RV’s!  Anyways, it was a pleasure to work with the Dewees family, happy trails my friends. Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 o. 503.719.5588 f. 503.961.8224   More