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Ode to the fixer 

Tearing off the vinyl revealed quite a hodge podge of materials!

When I’m not working on real estate I’m typically working on, well, my real estate. I live in an amazingly beautiful 1911 fixer in St. Johns – in my opinion soon to be the nicest house on the block. It has taken quite a bit of work to get to this point and all of that is due to my wonderfully talented carpenter boyfriend. He found the house via Craigslist and had the vision and dedication to take the leap and purchase it back in 2009. It ended up being quite a bit more work than he expected – both the floor and sub floor were completely soaked through with urine (cat and dog, hopefully not human) and most of the walls needed to be re-framed. Fast forward five years later and it’s still not finished; The vinyl siding came off recently and we’ve just started the scraping and repainting process, the kitchen is all plywood counter tops without any cabinets, the walls are bare... More


  Alex and his sister Kristina (best looking brother/sister combo ever) came to me referred from my buddy Moira in LA (thanks dude!).  Alex was looking for an investment property, something he could easily rent out with little maintenance.  Kristina and I pounded the pavement while Alex was at work and looked at a few doozies.  Then we all went out one Saturday and found this really well kept house in Portsmouth.  It has two bedrooms on the main, and two bedrooms in the newly finished basement.  It’s set up in a way that is basically a duplex because the basement has it’s own entrance.  Not only that, but the garage is half way to an ADU. We struggled with what to offer in a multiple offer situation riding that fine line of not wanting to overpay but not wanting to lose it either.  Alex decided to go all in and presented them with a very generous offer, but also gave them a free month... More

Emily signing

5517 SE Knapp St Portland OR 97206. Working with Emily was such a pleasure, and despite this crazy market and competing with multiple offers, we were able to find a darling bungalo with tons of potential in the Brentwood neighborhood. Emily’s father is a builder and he is making the drive west from Vermont to help with the restoration work. I look forward to seeing this house again once they’ve put some sweat equity into it! As a first time buyer (and investor) Emily stayed level headed and kept her eye on the prize, I couldn’t be more excited for Miss Emily! More

7835 SE Raymond Street Exterior 1

Nancy Letonsa and her daughter Donna wanted to sell a rental that had been purchased by Nancy’s husband years before. They contacted me to get it sold, and then began the work to get it ready. With the help of a neighbor, they cleared out years of tenant’s left-behind furniture, overgrown landscaping and some pretty gross carpeting. We were able to sell this sweet little house and property that sits right next door to Marysville School quickly to an investor who I’m sure will do great things with the house and property. Win-win!  Amanda Haworth | Realtor®, Living Room Realty | 503-453-7698 | More

9840 N Lombard

This St. Johns duplex is a great investment opportunity!  Located near “downtown” St. Johns with easy access to the St. Johns bridge and downtown Portland or points west on Hwy 30. The downstairs unit is 2 bedrooms/1bath.  The upstairs unit is 1 bedroom/1 bath. 9840 N Lombard / Portland, OR / 97203 / Asking $249,900 Greg Washington / Principal Broker / Living Room Realty / 503.422.6299     More


Last year we sold two of my favorite clients the dreamiest ranch house in Dekum and they have since built an ADU for their mom to come live in.  Ian calls me two weeks ago because the house directly behind them is up for sale.  We go look at it and it is probably the grossest house I’ve ever been in.  The old lady had 7 cats who apparently went to the bathroom all over the house.  It was so bad I got a chest cold the next day and refused to step foot in it after that.  It was unclear whether this house was worth salvaging, but the opportunity to own one giant piece of land and possibly restore the house for his Dad to live in was too tempting. We were up against all the investors in this price range.  When we submitted our offer there were already 11 other offers.  I’m not sure if it was their personal letter or the fact... More


Kala and Natalie are pals of mine.  They knew they wanted to stay in St. Johns, but weren’t sure they were in a rush to buy because they are busy planning their wedding.  We casually started looking at stuff, but everything was just too much of a fixer in their price range.  Then one morning we found this little flip over on Seneca.  It was still under construction, it was not really clear what they were going to do with most of the house, but what they had done so far was cute and the yard and location rule.  We call the agent and of course offers have to be submitted within the hour and he already has 5.  We whipped up an offer and somehow snagged this little house. Things after this quickly got worrisome.  There were so many things wrong, and so many things left unfinished I just didn’t think it was possible to keep this deal together.  The repair addendum was two... More

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Congratulations to my super fantastic clients, Jessica, Suzie and Matt on the sale of their investment property in inner NE Portland. This is the second sale of this property that I was able to work with them on. Last winter they bought it as an investment property to remodel. unfortunately the timelines didn’t match up like they had hoped so they decided to put it back on the market. We sold it to another investor that has great ideas for it and my clients still ended up with a great investment,  we are all looking forward to another awesome project from the buyer…bravo!!!   Give Jennifer Watson a call if you are thinking about selling or buying a home in Portland 503-954-4790     More

7116 SE 35th Street Portland OR 97202 This long time family home resides on a 75 X 100 lot. Private setting situated high off the curb in the heart of the neighborhood. Mature grounds with beautiful plantings. Large living room w fireplace. Eleanor Roosevelt was a guest here. Beautiful opera was sung here. Beautiful window lines. Handsome exterior. Hardwood floors. Wood paneled party room in basement. Updated electrical panel. Gas furnace. Lance Marrs and Shanon Emerson + 503-701-5323 + 971-400-4042 Instagram: @realestateofbeing More

Buyers with a Vision 

Barb's house

In 2010 Emily purchased a simple 50′s Ranchelo that had some great interior details but the curb appeal was a little lackluster.  She didn’t mind that it wasn’t the cutest house on the block . . .  she had plans  . . . I’d noticed subtle changes over time, but was amazed at what I found on a recent visit.  What had been a shabby ’50′s Ranchelo, was now sporting a mid century “Mad Men”  sexy vibe.   The changes were subtle but what a difference! From Emily’s I headed to NE to visit Barb.  Barb has an amazing green thumb.  Her previous home was adorable and I knew she would work some gardening magic on this Plain Jane English Cottage. . . .  I just didn’t realize how much!  I actually drove right by the house and didn’t realize it until I was a couple blocks away. Crazy impressed with what Barb has accomplished . . .  and I love the new color.  There is... More