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So you’ve bought your mid-century home. Perhaps it’s a pristine time-capsule and you just want to add to it’s glory. But more likely, it’s a mish-mosh of vintage and remodeled rooms and you feel a keen desire to restore it to what it once was, or could have been. Maybe you just want to drool over vintage homes and finishes you’ll someday have (after you call me). Regardless of your purpose, for mid-century restoration, is your source. For years now, Pam and her assistant Kate have been hunting down and squirreling away the sources you need to finish your projects. Need a fancy personalized name plate made on the same machinery since 1949? Need vintage starburst tiles? Perhaps a front door with funky windows is what you seek. Maybe it’s a reproduction (but perfectly beguiling) 60′s mail box?  What about some striated plywood tiles for the rumpus room ceiling?  Retrorenovation has found it, and more. So much more. What’s more, is that Pam has... More

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Just kidding.  Not really.  No, seriously, just kidding.  Kinda.  Really, just kidding.  Kidding.  Matthew and Shay just closed on an amazing mid-century ranch in Argay Terrace.  Co-agent Erika agreed that said ,amazing Argay Terr. mid-century was truly exceptional and couldn’t stop imagining the party she could throw in that house with elegant & unique designer details and a fantastic L-shaped picture window view of Mt. St. Helen’s and a peek-a-boo view of  Mt. Hood.  The Daylight basement added grace and flow to the indoor-outdoor spaces.  Erika quietly plotted her back up offer in silence.  AGAIN, just kidding. Erika and I understand the importance of truly representing your clients best interests.  That’s why Matthew and Shay ended up not only with a fantastic, noteworthy mid-century home but a noteworthy home with full tear off, brand new roof installed prior to closing, just days after Wind Storm 2014, (and not one back up offer from Erika or anyone else!).  Welcome to Portland, Matthew & Shay.  We look forward... More


Everyone always asks me why I’m still bar tending at Sloans if I’m doing well in real estate.  Well,  besides that it’s the best bar in Portland and I love the family I work for, I meet a lot of people there, and sometimes they turn into clients.  Kristin and Michael are some of my favorite regulars.  They are restaurant folk too and own Garage Bar up in Vancouver. They were looking for something solid that had a big garage or shop for Michael’s motorcycles and a big yard for Kristin to garden.  It was looking kind of bleak for a minute until we stumbled upon this well-kept granny ranch (my favorite).  The owner was needing to sell to move into assisted living and there was another interested party.  Knowing the other offer was cash, we pulled every rabbit out of the hat to be able to compete.  The seller’s agent let me know that we were neck and neck but that, because I was... More


Mindy was determined to be in Grant School District for under $250k.  In the entire time we worked together there were 4 houses in that price range that came up in Grant and they were either tear downs or half of a duplex with no HOA or rules for fixing anything. She is a single mom of two teenagers who has been living in St. Johns for the last 10 years.  Her son desperately wanted to get out of Roosevelt, but it just wasn’t happening for them. We’d go look at these major fixers and she’d say, “Well, it’s not that bad, I can save for a new foundation”.  So we’d stand on the street corner arguing our points about whether or not she should make an offer on these turds.  I begged her to forget about Grant, it wasn’t going to happen, I couldn’t sell her a house that had this many problems.  I pleaded to keep looking in St. John’s where she has... More

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Our client, Rima, loves it when her parents visit from their home in Lebanon (the country, not the town in Oregon)!  Her real estate goal was to  find them a space for their extended stays, so they can enjoy their grandchildren during the day and retreat to their own private space at night.  The Harrison West Condominiums turned out to be the perfect match!  It offers downtown, hassle-free living, with easy access to the best shops, restaurants,  theaters and museums downtown Portland has to offer.   The building (which comes with parking) is a short drive away from Rima’s house in SW Portland, and just a street-car’s ride from the South Waterfront or the Pearl.  Even better, it comes with a pool, which means lots of fun quality time with the grandchildren.   Rima’s unit has stunning views of the river and the west hills, so her parents will be able to relax on the balcony after a long day of playing.   Not sure life gets better!... More

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By now it’s definitely old news that the market has been booming in Portland.  What’s new is how quickly things are selling in some of our outlying neighborhoods. This elegant and well cared for Happy Valley home in the sought after Altamont neighborhood sold for full price ($419,000) in 1 day, and closed with conventional financing in 14 calendar days.  So maybe that’s not exactly the speed of light but in terms of real estate financing, that’s pretty darn quick. The crux of the matter was definitely the one level living aspect.  In our experience, Baby Boomers are out in droves all over town looking for ways to “downsize” or “resize” with the ability to age in place.  With a master suite on the main floor, this aspect featured prominently in this great listing, and our sellers, Joy and Hong-Ming, closed on the sale of their property, yesterday. Kari McGee, Principal Broker:  971.322.6612   Erika George, Broker: 503.349.5449       More

Small Small Gay World. 


Jen and Ari came to me through a Facebook blog post I did about selling my best friend a house.  Turns out we have several mutual friends but hadn’t crossed paths til now.  They currently have a really nice house, but with two (really cute) little girls, they needed something off a busy street, with a bigger yard, and an in-law apartment for Jen’s parents who visit often from Florida.  Their search took many twists and turns but ultimately it came down to two houses.  One was a house that sat on Fernhill Park that will forever be filed in my memory as “When I grow up, I want a home like that one on Ainsworth”.  The other is very similar in layout, but the giant master bedroom upstairs has been turned into a really cool apartment.  In addition to that,  the garage is also an apartment. It was a tough call for them to decide between those two houses because while Ainsworth is a... More

2530 SE 26th Ave #206, Portland OR 97202. This desirable 2 bedroom, 2 bath northwest corner unit is beautifully detailed with an emphasis on dark walnut flooring and cabinets. It features a gourmet kitchen, high ceilings, radiant flooring, floor to ceiling windows, and a west facing deck with city views. Great community in this stunning, award winning building by Holst Architecture. Walk and bike score of 91. More


Last year we sold two of my favorite clients the dreamiest ranch house in Dekum and they have since built an ADU for their mom to come live in.  Ian calls me two weeks ago because the house directly behind them is up for sale.  We go look at it and it is probably the grossest house I’ve ever been in.  The old lady had 7 cats who apparently went to the bathroom all over the house.  It was so bad I got a chest cold the next day and refused to step foot in it after that.  It was unclear whether this house was worth salvaging, but the opportunity to own one giant piece of land and possibly restore the house for his Dad to live in was too tempting. We were up against all the investors in this price range.  When we submitted our offer there were already 11 other offers.  I’m not sure if it was their personal letter or the fact... More

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  My amazingly awesome clients had a house in Corvallis they were renting out they needed to sell, Marieta was temporarily living in Long Beach, CA and her husband Ray was working in Palm Springs. With three granddaughters in the Portland area, it was time for my clients to consolidate their three residences and make the move up here.  When I met with them earlier this year, their only requirement was a house with river frontage on the Willamette and either a dock or the potential to build one. Marieta is a master rower and every morning she wakes up and heads to the river for sculling. During visits to Portland to visit their kids and grandkids, we looked at all houses on the river of which there were few and far between. The day before we were scheduled to see the most promising option for them, the house went pending. Drat. But the universe worked it’s cosmic magic and their house in Corvallis sold... More