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Everyone always asks me why I’m still bar tending at Sloans if I’m doing well in real estate.  Well,  besides that it’s the best bar in Portland and I love the family I work for, I meet a lot of people there, and sometimes they turn into clients.  Kristin and Michael are some of my favorite regulars.  They are restaurant folk too and own Garage Bar up in Vancouver. They were looking for something solid that had a big garage or shop for Michael’s motorcycles and a big yard for Kristin to garden.  It was looking kind of bleak for a minute until we stumbled upon this well-kept granny ranch (my favorite).  The owner was needing to sell to move into assisted living and there was another interested party.  Knowing the other offer was cash, we pulled every rabbit out of the hat to be able to compete.  The seller’s agent let me know that we were neck and neck but that, because I was... More


Mindy was determined to be in Grant School District for under $250k.  In the entire time we worked together there were 4 houses in that price range that came up in Grant and they were either tear downs or half of a duplex with no HOA or rules for fixing anything. She is a single mom of two teenagers who has been living in St. Johns for the last 10 years.  Her son desperately wanted to get out of Roosevelt, but it just wasn’t happening for them. We’d go look at these major fixers and she’d say, “Well, it’s not that bad, I can save for a new foundation”.  So we’d stand on the street corner arguing our points about whether or not she should make an offer on these turds.  I begged her to forget about Grant, it wasn’t going to happen, I couldn’t sell her a house that had this many problems.  I pleaded to keep looking in St. John’s where she has... More


This week Eliot Njus of The Oregonian reported that a Multifamily Northwest survey found that 3.66 percent of apartments were empty during the fall survey period, up from 3.45 percent in April. This slight increase was a result of the 9,300 apartments built since 2013. Living Room Realty is one of the few companies in Portland to offer tenant placement services. Tenant placement is not uncommon in larger cities like New York City and is increasingly more in demand in Portland’s difficult rental market. “You have to be the first one call a landlord, first one to get your application in,” said Jenelle Isaacson, the owner of Living Room Realty. “And how many people with demanding jobs and children can just get up and drive to Eastmoreland and fill out an application — just to hope they get it?” Read the full story here. More

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Congratulations to Living Room Realty owner, Jenelle Isaacson, who has been named as a 2014 Knowledge Universe Rising Star. This fall, Portland Monthly and Knowledge Universe honor the second annual class of Knowledge Universe Rising Stars: emerging business, political, or arts professionals who leverage their time and skill in creative ways to build community. After a public call for nominations, we vetted, deliberated, and narrowed down more than 300 names to come up with 21 honorees. About the Light a Fire Awards Now in its 10th year, the Portland Monthly Light a Fire Awards celebrate local philanthropic organizations and leaders both in the pages of the magazine and at the Light a Fire Awards dinner on October 21. Driven by a public call for nominations, the awards consist of 12 categories, including Most with the Least, honoring an organization doing big things with minimal resources and fewer than five paid staff members, and Lifetime Achievement, for an individual who has shown a tireless commitment to the nonprofit community over a... More


This is the third profile in a new Intel Small Business Series focusing on Small Business owners and how they are reacting to the demands and opportunities presented by emergent technology. This article was posted by Vishal Sanghvi for Intel Small Business. To read the full article, go here. Jenelle Isaacson is founder and owner of Living Room Realty, a forward-thinking real estate agency founded in 2008 that specializes in the urban neighborhoods of Portland, Oregon. In 2013, Living Room Realty became the first real estate company on the west coast to meet rigorous B Corp standards. These requirements take into consideration a company’s commitment to its workers, the community, and the environment. Prioritizing Paperless One of the things that helped Living Room become a Certified B Corporation was their decision to go completely paperless. The decision to ditch paper can be a tricky one, but it has benefits beyond saving trees. Rather than carrying around bulky binders full of listings, the company has started using tablets to showcase their... More


Living Room Realty was recently named to the Portland Business Journal’s list of women-owned business. Living Room is 100% women-owned and came in at number 16 on The List based on the percentage of women working at the company. In the survey for The List, Portland Business Journal asked women-owned businesses to rate how much more diverse the local business community and workforce is today compared to 10 years ago. Nine percent felt it was either the same or less diverse, while 48 percent felt it was slightly more diverse, and 43 percent felt was either significantly or way more diverse. Jenelle Isaacson, owner of Living Room Realty recalls a meeting on workforce challenges with 10 Oregon business leaders last year. “I was the only woman at the table,” she says, “something that’s more common for me than I ever expected before starting a business… Slightly intimidated I managed to work up the nerve to remind the group that women with young children under the... More

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Starting a Real Estate company is not something I thought that hard about doing. In fact, my entire thought process between wanting to start the business and deciding to actually do it, happened on the way to the bathroom and back. In the middle of a marketing campaign my former company was launching around “green” real estate, they had switched the hand soap to antibacterial soap. It may seem like a small detail but one that mattered to me. It illustrated the uncomfortable gap I was bridging between what the company was advertising to the market and what we were actually doing.  I felt exposed, frustrated and in the need of a change. By the time I got back to my desk I was already making plans to start my own company. My business plan was not much more than a loose set of ideas around the general theme of being connected. To connect buyers and sellers to each other, to the community and back... More

Living Room Realty celebrated the grand opening of it’s third office on April 2, 2014. Brokers Hans Tonjes and Tosha Reinmiller contacted Jenelle Isaacson to inquire if Living Room had any plans to open an office on the Oregon coast. Jenelle had many clients interested in having a second home on the beach so opening an office in Manzanita, Oregon was a great fit for a full-service brokerage focused on client care. Click here to the full Tillamook County Pioneer article! More


Online news site, Investor’s Beat, caught up with Living Room Realty owner Jenelle Isaacson to learn more about how she got into real estate investment. Click here to read the full article! More

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Living Room Realty owner Jenelle Isaacson was recently interviewed for Business Info Guide, a resource hub for entrepreneurs. In this interview, Jenelle shares how she has grown the Portland, Oregon company as well as challenges she’s faced since starting a real estate company in 2008. Click here to read more!   More