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Living Room Realty was recently named to the Portland Business Journal’s list of women-owned business. Living Room is 100% women-owned and came in at number 16 on The List based on the percentage of women working at the company. In the survey for The List, Portland Business Journal asked women-owned businesses to rate how much more diverse the local business community and workforce is today compared to 10 years ago. Nine percent felt it was either the same or less diverse, while 48 percent felt it was slightly more diverse, and 43 percent felt was either significantly or way more diverse. Jenelle Isaacson, owner of Living Room Realty recalls a meeting on workforce challenges with 10 Oregon business leaders last year. “I was the only woman at the table,” she says, “something that’s more common for me than I ever expected before starting a business… Slightly intimidated I managed to work up the nerve to remind the group that women with young children under the... More

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Starting a Real Estate company is not something I thought that hard about doing. In fact, my entire thought process between wanting to start the business and deciding to actually do it, happened on the way to the bathroom and back. In the middle of a marketing campaign my former company was launching around “green” real estate, they had switched the hand soap to antibacterial soap. It may seem like a small detail but one that mattered to me. It illustrated the uncomfortable gap I was bridging between what the company was advertising to the market and what we were actually doing.  I felt exposed, frustrated and in the need of a change. By the time I got back to my desk I was already making plans to start my own company. My business plan was not much more than a loose set of ideas around the general theme of being connected. To connect buyers and sellers to each other, to the community and back... More

Living Room Realty celebrated the grand opening of it’s third office on April 2, 2014. Brokers Hans Tonjes and Tosha Reinmiller contacted Jenelle Isaacson to inquire if Living Room had any plans to open an office on the Oregon coast. Jenelle had many clients interested in having a second home on the beach so opening an office in Manzanita, Oregon was a great fit for a full-service brokerage focused on client care. Click here to the full Tillamook County Pioneer article! More


Online news site, Investor’s Beat, caught up with Living Room Realty owner Jenelle Isaacson to learn more about how she got into real estate investment. Click here to read the full article! More

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Living Room Realty owner Jenelle Isaacson was recently interviewed for Business Info Guide, a resource hub for entrepreneurs. In this interview, Jenelle shares how she has grown the Portland, Oregon company as well as challenges she’s faced since starting a real estate company in 2008. Click here to read more!   More

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Living Room Realty owner Jenelle Isaacson was featured the April 2014 issue of the Portland Monthly which focuses on Portland real estate. Pick up a copy at your local New Seasons Market or take a peek at the accompanying online article. More

After Craftsman Renovation

Broker Jenelle Isaacson’s craftman renovation was featured on HGTV’s Front Door. Click here to see the article! More

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Pinterest for Real Estate

Living Room Realty owner Jenelle Isaacson shared how Pinterest can make communicating your ideal home’s desired features more effective. Click the image below to read the article on Deseret News. More

Design Sponge Feature

Living Room Realty owner Jenelle Isaacson was recently featured on the well-known design blog, Design Sponge. The profile gives great insight into what makes this chick tick. Be sure to check it out! Today’s Biz Ladies profile comes to us from Jenelle Isaacson of Living Room Realty.  Jenelle first decided to venture into business owning after having an “ah ha” moment one day. With the goal to transform the traditional real estate realm into a more creative one, Jenelle has created a company that focuses on developing vibrant communities in the Portland area. Today she shares a bit about her career journey with us. Thanks for offering this glimpse into your path, Jenelle. Read the full post here.   More