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Kenton 4 LIFE! 


Cori and Brian picked me off the Living Room website.  Man, that will never get old.  They saw I live in Kenton and wanted to keep it in the neighborhood.  They couldn’t have been sweeter or easier to work with, dream clients. The deal was, they had twin girls and have outgrown their house.  They own the cutest little bungalow anyone ever saw, but it’s tiny. They were very much on the fence about whether to sell.  They LOVE this house.  Brian spent 2 years restoring and painting the exterior siding.  The landscaping is immaculate.  The systems are new, they love their neighbors.  They really didn’t want move but they were going to have to eventually.  Why not try to strike when the market is hot? The other piece was that they needed to net a certain amount to be able to move on.  I really wasn’t sure we could pull that kind of money out of that house with such small square footage.  We... More

Sweet Victory For My Buyers 

I love signings. The client is just days away from the close of the deal and the start of their new life. All that is left to do is just sign a few loan documents, right? The negotiations are done. The repairs are complete. It’s sort of like the salad course before the main course: closing! Not this time. The twists and the turns never end in this business and this time the unwelcome surprise was an oil tank that the seller put off dealing with, hoping for a clean soils test. They waited too long and their luck turned on them. The truth came out on signing day. Instead of a sweet dance to closing, this one clunked all the way to the end. Dirty soils. A doozy of a cleanup. Delay after delay. Uncommunicative seller. This went on way past our original closing date. These buyers are the greatest, had held up their end of the deal, and certainly didn’t deserve this. As... More

The Valley of the Happy 


We sold a house in Happy Valley within three days of it going on the market. If you don’t know much about Happy Valley, you’ll be pleased to discover that it offers a little bit of everything. From miles and miles of stores to the annual Pickathon music festival held on an 86-acre farm. While Pickathon may be so very Portland, this festival could not happen in Portland. It would be something entirely different. Pickathon is happy in Happy Valley. Here’s how Pickathon answers the question of how to be the best music festival of the year for music lovers: “This question has driven us to highly refine an experience that is truly unique. Innovation has always been at the center of this process and through the years many important elements have come together; collaborating widely on yearly diverse lineups that are built on the idea of great music being the sole criteria; refining six unique performance venues designed to create juxtaposing alternate realities; trusting... More

Picture Perfect 


Reza, a professional photographer, and his wife, Helen were seeking to downsize from their “picture perfect” home in Southeast Portland. Reaching out to the creative world was key in connecting the design savvy buyer with this special home. We were able to find the right buyer in just five days!  Having recently made the move “across the pond” from the UK to work with one of our local shoe companies as a designer, the buyer was looking for more than a roof over his head. He wanted to be inspired! This light filled, architect designed home with clean lines and lush landscaping is a true modern oasis in the city, and perfect find for the new Portland resident. If you are thinking about making a move, and want to get connected to the right home, or need help finding just the right buyer for yours, call me, Cristen Lincoln, at 503-260-2414.  I’m ready to help! Love where you live! More

Lucky Number 3 

Brian and Shawna can really bust a move. I mean it. It’s like watching professional movers. It seems like just a few years ago that I met Brian, but in truth it’s been well over a decade. It’s funny the things you remember about meeting people that go on to become lifelong friends. I remember him as the sweetest guy. I remember his tip about adding dried flowers to rolling tobacco for a sweet smoke. Back when we smoked, lingered after barbecues, and spoke of such things. Fast forward to 2014. Brian and Shawna are unloading a perfectly packed moving van like nobody’s business. Packing these things is like a rubik’s cube for Brian’s scientific brain.  He remembers how he has packed every single van. They move efficiently amidst the cacophony of children — slinging the baby, hustling boxes. Everyone chips in. This van is emptying out quickly — you can tell they’ve done this before. From NE Portland to California to SE Portland to... More

hood to coast map

This is my 6th year in a row for running in the notorious Hood to Coast relay which begins this Friday August 22nd. I would say most commonly when my participation comes up, the question I hear from people that don’t know me so well or don’t run for exercise and enjoyment is why would I continue to put myself through this 200 mile up-all-night logistical nightmare. I don’t fully understand why just yet.. there is time to figure that out I suppose, but I can say the beer at the finish line is one of the best beers ever, year after year. But for 2014, I can say with certainty there is joy and pride being part of a fundraising team for my first time. Our group of 12 ladies, aka team VooDoo Dolls (sponsored by Voodoo Doughnut and Lincoln Dental), have along with our sponsors notable help raised over $11,000 for the underlying cause #finishcancer. contact me : andrea langen / 503.890.0609 /... More

1204 - old front house shot

I write this blog post at 2:30 PM with glass of wine in hand (yes, that’s right). This tale is one of moving to Portland and the first home I ever purchased and lived in for 12 years with my ex partner, which just recently sold. I found the house before I ever had a real estate license, on my own, by scouring the SE Hawthorne/Mt. Tabor Neighborhood on my bike, camera and notebook slung across my shoulder, whizzing around the hood looking for a dilapidated fixer that I might be able to afford.  Spending back-to-back Summers in Juneau Alaska working 5 jobs at the same time, we had saved enough cash for a healthy down payment.  My sweetie and I would be able to move out of our rental in NE Kerns, ditch our Evil Kenevil-neighbor-next-door, and settle with our yellow lab Alvah and grow a garden. I hand wrote 400 letters to folks with run-down-fixer homes and 18 people responded.  Mind you, this... More

new seasons on lombard

Portland’s rapid gentrification has been a hot topic of debate in the past couple years.  Neighborhoods have been changing quickly as old buildings have been torn down and new buildings constructed in their place.  New bars, restaurants, and grocery stores have been eagerly filling in these vacancies.  With new places to shop, eat, and drink where there once was none before Portland has seen shifts in preference and popularity of trendy neighborhoods.  For years Portlanders have whispered and wondered when these changes would reach out as far north as St. Johns.  With the announcement that New Seasons is officially expanding and has planned its newest store on N Westana and N Lombard this talk is only going to get louder.  Having just sold a house in St. Johns these thoughts are fresh on my mind.  Click the link, enjoy this article, and read the comments as locals, critics and fans alike, debate how the arrival of New Seasons will affect their community.  New Seasons announces... More


Rhubarb-Ginger Chutney For many years I have enjoyed canning chutney to giveaway at Christmas or as hostess gifts; and each year I search for a new and different variety of fruits and vegetables to experiment with…This year a neighbor had an over-abundance of rhubarb and I became the recipient! In my search for recipes I came across this one in The Oregonian Foodday published May 30,2014. Makes about 7 cups or about 50 2 –Tablespoons servings (I tripled this recipe) INGREDIENTS: 2 lbs. diced (1/2 inch) rhubarb 1 ½ cups coarsely chopped onions, (Walla Walla sweets, if possible) 1 ½ cups golden raisins (I chose to use dried cranberries and chopped dried apricots) 1 cup sugar ½ cup light brown sugar 4 cloves of garlic, minced 3 Tablespoons finely minced fresh ginger 1 Tablespoon kosher salt 3 teaspoons mustard seed 1 teaspoon ground allspice 1 teaspoon ground coriander 1 teaspoon dried red pepper flakes ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon ¼ teaspoon ground cloves 2 cups cider... More

Sweet Home, Carolina! 


My clients Kristen and Dan searched high and low, from Hillsboro to St. Johns, Linnton to SW, to find the right place. As first time buyers, it was a learning experience from day one.  Some houses were hovels, some were on freeways, some were awkwardly flipped, some were down right creepy, others had broken locks or unwilling tenants.. Then, there was the “right one”.  The one with the dream kitchen, the  huge deck with a stunning territorial view, big picture windows, and a truly private entry… “Sweet Home, Carolina”. If you don’t know this hidden segment of  SW Carolina Street (and you might not, since it’s a minuscule winding road) it’s situated perfectly between Hillsdale and Multnomah Village and flanked by Gabriel park, and darling Bertha Blvd. It comes with a view of Council Crest and Bridlemile, and might be the sweetest home on Carolina Street! Congrats Dan and Kristen!! I hope you enjoy your new home! More