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Congratulations to my amazing clients Martie and Steve on their purchase of a charming home in Portland Heights! I met Martie and Steve thru their daughter Mikola and her son Valentino. Mikola and I both live in Clinton Condos and have babies close in age. After talking about starting a nanny share together, can’t more convenient than being a few doors away, Mikola mentioned her lease would be up in January and was getting ready to start looking for homes. Well I know a great realtor you can help you out with that, ME! I meet Mikola’s wonderful parents, Martie and Steve, at the first home we toured. I learned they were ready to stop throwing away money on rent and buy an investment property for Mikola and Valentino and their son Patrick. Savvy investment with the average sales price up 8.1%, and median sales price up 9.8%, over the last year in the Portland Metro Area. Criteria was two separate living spaces, close to... More

No pressure. Our clients were in Portland from New Orleans for an extended weekend. They had a goal for themselves and a challenge for us. “Find our house while we’re here in Portland so we can go back to New Orleans, pack up our belongings and drive back across the country before winter weather slams us.” They essentially stepped off the plane and into the Subaru for a 4 day tour of our fair city and it’s surrounds. We hit the ground running searching for THE ONE. From Argay Terrace to Milwaukie to Cully to North Portland we burned rubber and covered it all. Finally landing in North Portland they found a sweet mid-century ranchalo and fell in love. It was a nail biter with multiple offers but we all worked overtime and cinched the deal. Yay team! Welcome to Portland Heidi & Rob! More

2114 NE Highland AFTER

It is always a great feeling to be able to represent my Concordia neighbors.  This home was in a state of ruin before Will got his hands on it.  We bailed the previous owner out of a bad situation and were able to save the home.  It was a win-win.  Not all developers are determined to squeeze as many units onto a lot as possible.  There are plenty that do, and I don’t work with them. Yes the neighboring lot (which only had a defunct garage and a bunch of scattered detritus rotting into the ground) was sold and a house was built there… and not necessarily the kind of house that I like, but hey, who am I to judge?  There is a lot of sensitivity these days surrounding the infill of PDX.  Sometimes the balance of “boutique” and “genuine” seem to be tipping already (eg the sad, sad closing of the Magic Gardens).  The moral of this story is that an existing Craftsman home... More

My New ADU :)

So Paul searched all the land (that is in SE Portland) for a perfect opportunity to incorporate an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) into his home buying agenda. Low and behold he found a gem! A great detached garage currently converted into a heated shop… some vision and ingenuity will likely score Paul a great little studio to... More

2 days to buy a house?!?! 

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Sherry and Jim have lived in rural Missouri for over 35 years.  Both of their daughters landed and have stayed in Portland for many years – conundrum?  I think not.  They had decided to move to be closer for life’s big events, and they wanted something that would be nearly their forever home, so low maintenance with a master on the main.  In two days time we covered all of the houses within their budget in Oregon City, Milwaukie, Beaverton, and Fairview.  I think it was the second to last house we looked at, and it stole Sherry’s heart.  Fairview is a little treasure, lots of good houses out there for good prices.  And it is still super close to everything!  Anyhoo – I love the Bingaman’s and hope for their never ending happiness. Details; $295,000 3 bed 2.5 bath .10 acres hardwoods, great floor plan, two car garage, updated kitchen.   Chandra Noble-Ashford cell 503.933.6538 licensed broker in Oregon 2625 SE 26th Avenue Portland,... More


This property has kept me on my toes from the very start. My clients, Noah & Sarah, came to me in a mad rush to sell their coast home in Rockaway Beach, Oregon. They were making the move to Cincinnati, Ohio at the beginning of October for Noah’s new job. I was able to meet with them that weekend to tour their home and sign listing docs. As soon as we sat down to talk specifics, it was very apparent that they wanted to list their home THAT DAY. It was a challenge but I gladly accepted…and we made it happen. Within a week, I received a phone call from a man that was curious about the house. He made a quick trip from Portland the next day to view the home. That evening, my buyer, Mohsen, had an offer for my seller’s. For the next few days, the negotiation process was similar to a ping-pong game…several quick counters from both parties. A month and... More

Two Love Birds, One Home. 


  Teri and I had clients that came to us frantically because their house was on the market, but their agent had taken off to Burning Man and disappeared.  We agreed to help them sell their house but weren’t sure we could get them the price they needed to stay above water.  Then it occured to us that this house was exactly what our buyers, Kristy and Lara,  were looking for.  It was a long shot but I took them over there and they fell in love with it.  We negotiate a price that both parties were thrilled with and it was a win/win. If you love a ranch, this is the queen of ranches.  Huge square footage, big and open, wide hallways, 3/2, Brady Bunch neighborhood, double garage, mid-century tile, all the good stuff.  It was super important to Kristy and Lara that their house be set up for entertaining, but that they never have to move again and it is both.  We’re truly... More

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My client, Kate, is a travel agent and is very knowledgeable about the best places to visit. After several months of phone conversations and emails, she was ready to escape the heat from her home in the mid-west.  She quickly jumped on board to purchase land in Rockaway Beach. She fell in love with the coastal charm of Rockaway Beach. Made an offer on her birthday as a birthday gift for herself….oddly enough it happened to be my birthday as well. A few weeks later, Kate has a wonderful piece of land on the Oregon Coast where her and her family can build their beach dream home  and celebrate many more birthday on the coast. Congrats!   More

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Wow… do you ever wonder if solar power really is all it’s cracked up to be? I know I have. Also… solar panels can be a bit visually obtrusive… hmmmm… Do you see them here? Nope! This amazing Rose City bungalow now costs next to nothing to power up. The sellers installed the system in 2011 and immediately started  producing more energy than they used… at PGE that means credits on your power bill! Congratulations Dave and Sandy on the sale of your fabulously efficient house… it’s no small wonder you received multiple offers! More

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February, it’s my first day in the new coast office. It’s 9 in the morning. 9:10 the phone rings. A sweet sounding older lady is calling from a nearby community. They bought their lot in 1961, built their beach house in 1971 on 1/3 of an acre, ocean front. “Can we come talk to you about selling our home?”. Slow forward nearly 6 months, handful of open houses, many showings, myriad phone calls and still unsold. Someone has to ‘get’ this place, it’s special. A lifetime of care and memories. The phone rings. A young family staying at a relative’s home is walking by, sees the sign, wants to look inside. A couple of weeks later everyone is on the same page, agreement reached. Today I meet the sellers, the original owners, to sign. All the work leading up to that moment blurs. After many pieces of paper pass through hands and under pens they look over and thank me. They are thanking me? I’m humbled, they’re... More