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This two bedroom, one bathroom bungalow had been on the market for 162 days with two Realtors when an understandably frustrated seller walked into our Northeast office here at Living Room Realty.  He had seen more than a few of our signs in the neighborhood so he choose us to make one more attempt at getting his home sold.  The seller had grown up in the home, his father had run a business from this home, and he was ready to let it go.  The seller and I quickly established a price point that was consistent with other similar homes sold in the same neighborhood and got him the price he wanted.  With an agreement to work together and a price to work with I set out to find the right buyer for the little blue house that had been on the market for so long. I conducted a targeted marketing campaign focusing on the rental potential of the home and the converted two car... More

Grady Gadbow

You know when you’re sitting around at your local motorcycle club’s club house, sipping a beer, shooting the breeze and the talk turns to real estate..? this happens all the time. No actually it doesn’t, it almost never happens. But one time it did.. Grady asks me, ‘Why do I NEED a realtor?’ Perhaps a bit tipsy, I retort what seems like hundreds of reasons.. pricing expertise, contract negotiation, we have the key –  but mostly my point was “we keep the crap storm from hitting you.” I’ll probably never know what changed Grady and Jessa’s mind about using a realtor, but a few weeks later I get a FB message:  We’re on! At that time I had this dream listing in FOPO. It’s going to go fast, and it’s going to go “expensive”. Jessa has fallen in love, but it’s a bit fast for Grady. It’s way more than anyone wants to spend, and it’s one of those ouchy situations.. It also sets a... More

Time Takes a Cigarette 

It all started about 32-ish years ago. Teen punk rocker kids running wild in the streets of a California town. From friends to roommates we were thick as thieves. There were all night parties, 50¢ cashmere sweaters and lots of espresso. Then one day CRASH BOOM BANG!! Circumstances flipped a switch and in a blink of an eye we were out of each others lives FOR DECADES. At the time neither of us realizing how long it would take to cross paths again but, as they like to say, life happens. Fast forward to the future is now and a whole new century, TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN, almost FIFTY and STILL ALIVE!!! Older, (somewhat) wiser and wackier than ever. We rebuilt our friendship anew with, that time sucker of a beast, social media. A few trips from San Francisco to Portland later, with her new honey pie in tow, it happened. Weary of the confined spaces that city life can bring and wanting a place to... More

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I met Susanne about a year ago when she was just beginning to think about purchasing a beach home and just getting her toes wet in the Manzanita real estate market. It was quickly evident that she had the perfect beach home in mind already but it wasn’t for sale–or so she thought… Fast forward  to October. Susanne and Michael became more serious about a beach home this fall and made a couple of trips to view homes. They were ready to dive into the  Manzanita real estate market and make their purchase. After one of their trips, we had a great conversation about their home search and homes they have rented in the past. The conversation always went back to a vacation rental on Spindrift. I immediately went through homes on Spindrift and the surrounding area. I quickly pointed out an amazing condo on Spindrift–great location, finishes and outdoor spaces. It just so happened that the condo for sale was the perfect beach home that... More


Mindy was determined to be in Grant School District for under $250k.  In the entire time we worked together there were 4 houses in that price range that came up in Grant and they were either tear downs or half of a duplex with no HOA or rules for fixing anything. She is a single mom of two teenagers who has been living in St. Johns for the last 10 years.  Her son desperately wanted to get out of Roosevelt, but it just wasn’t happening for them. We’d go look at these major fixers and she’d say, “Well, it’s not that bad, I can save for a new foundation”.  So we’d stand on the street corner arguing our points about whether or not she should make an offer on these turds.  I begged her to forget about Grant, it wasn’t going to happen, I couldn’t sell her a house that had this many problems.  I pleaded to keep looking in St. John’s where she has... More



Congratulations to my wonderful clients Carlo and Katherine on the purchase of their first home! We found this remodeled Boise-eliot bungalow in the nick of time. Carlo and Katherine were planning a wedding and simply did not have enough time to look at homes. The days were counting down to their big day, I found one last home that was not on the market to check out before putting it off until after the wedding. At first it was hard to imagine because there was so much construction, and it was in a completely different neighborhood. They had vision and put in an offer and beat another offer that was already in. The wedding and honeymoon were amazing. They came back signed closing papers that day and moved in a few days later. The house is a 3 bedroom 1 bath in a HOT,HOT neighborhood. N. Williams Ave. is right around the corner. Even though this house was a major remodel, it has the original... More


With the holidays approaching it is hard not to be reflective.  As I begin to look back at what I have accomplished this year and all the awesome wonderful people I met while serving at Living Room Realty I realize I have a lot to be thankful for. Here are a few clients from this past year that were thankful for my service at Living Room Realty.  I am equally thankful for their kind words and grateful to have them as part of my story for this past year.  I hope all of you are enjoying your new homes this holiday season. “We had a great experience working with Matthew Brennan back in April!  Buying a home for the first time is overwhelming, and Matthew made the whole process go extremely smooth from beginning to end.  With Matthew’s expert help we secured our house for under asking price and got the house completely re-roofed.  We felt he was attentive, professional and genuinely interested in getting... More

A Plan For Your Needs 


Ian and Kate were originally working with another realtor until they were tired of missing out due to their agent acting for her own self interest.  They came to Living Room Realty after seeing our signs around and finding out we operate from a values-driven business model.  Upon meeting with this awesome couple we discussed their goals and motivations and then developed a custom tailored plan that best fit their needs for moving forward.  After a little while we found the home that spoke to them.  We acted quickly and strategically to ensure that their perfect house did not slip away.  I am excited to be congratulating them on their first house together as newlyweds.  I wish them the best of luck as they begin to settle into their new home throughout the holiday season. If you are looking for someone to speak with regarding your housing transition I would love to be the one. Matthew Brennan | 503.421.4525 |   More

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Congratulations to my amazing clients Martie and Steve on their purchase of a charming home in Portland Heights! I met Martie and Steve thru their daughter Mikola and her son Valentino. Mikola and I both live in Clinton Condos and have babies close in age. After talking about starting a nanny share together, can’t more convenient than being a few doors away, Mikola mentioned her lease would be up in January and was getting ready to start looking for homes. Well I know a great realtor you can help you out with that, ME! I meet Mikola’s wonderful parents, Martie and Steve, at the first home we toured. I learned they were ready to stop throwing away money on rent and buy an investment property for Mikola and Valentino and their son Patrick. Savvy investment with the average sales price up 8.1%, and median sales price up 9.8%, over the last year in the Portland Metro Area. Criteria was two separate living spaces, close to... More

No pressure. Our clients were in Portland from New Orleans for an extended weekend. They had a goal for themselves and a challenge for us. “Find our house while we’re here in Portland so we can go back to New Orleans, pack up our belongings and drive back across the country before winter weather slams us.” They essentially stepped off the plane and into the Subaru for a 4 day tour of our fair city and it’s surrounds. We hit the ground running searching for THE ONE. From Argay Terrace to Milwaukie to Cully to North Portland we burned rubber and covered it all. Finally landing in North Portland they found a sweet mid-century ranchalo and fell in love. It was a nail biter with multiple offers but we all worked overtime and cinched the deal. Yay team! Welcome to Portland Heidi & Rob! More