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We were having a rough go of it, months of writing supremely strong offers on popular homes in coveted neighborhoods. It was getting down-right depressing, but we carried on vying for pole-position, looking into that misty (and wholly absent) crystal ball of mine and begging for the right combination of money and terms to magically appear from the ether. It never will. You write your strongest and best, most personable, emotionally compelling offer, send a pic of your clients and their dog, and wait to hear back. Perhaps you don’t even get to do that. And then something clicks. A life change, a paradigm shift – a whole new set of priorities washes the old ones away. And that’s what happened for Yumi and Adam. Standing in the foyer of a too-expensive, too-small, really cute but really unrealistic house, in the middle of the city on one of the worst and busiest and most crime-ridden roads in town, they dropped a bomb on me,  ”We’re... More

Garth front

When Johanna and Jared decide to mix it up, they really go big.  After living in this beautiful Laurelhurst traditional home for almost ten years, they relocated to the D.C. area.   While the decision to sell their elegant, historic home was not an easy one, they are excited to pursue dreams of modern living on the East Coast.  In fact, due to the quick and relatively painless (no move is easy!) sale of their Portland home, they have already zeroed in on a impressive, architecturally significant 70s Modern home in Virginia.    Congratulations and Best Wishes Johanna and Jared — we won’t say “good-bye” — just good luck!!   Are you looking to make a change, big or small?  We can help — call us!!   Kari and Erika More


Their current home is “funky cool”   With bedrooms located in different parts of the house and a kitchen this family of four had outgrown.  They just wanted a nice traditional style home.  Didn’t need to be fancy,  something large enough to invite the extended family over for Sunday dinner, a nice yard would be a bonus.  Despite this crazy market, Matthew and Kimberley looked for just a short time before finding this spacious newer construction (all the bells and whistles)  classic (charm intact) traditional craftsman home. A nice dead end street, adjacent green space and a big yard and deck for entertaining. All located in the same area as their current home.  Perfect! Let me help you find your perfect SW home! Diane Moreau, broker 503.680.5836 More

pearl farm

My buyers are always very interesting people, that is all there is to it! Josh and Celeste have a myriad of interesting jobs/projects/hobbies in their background; Celeste has authored over 50 Lonely Planet books, they own a sustainable pearl farm in Tahiti, sell pearls and handcrafted jewelry,  Josh is an accomplished photographer… and they now own a beautifully crafted one bedroom urban farm in FOPO – complete with an entire second two bedroom dwelling on their property! Interested in checking out what a pearl farm might look like? Kamoka Pearls is a beautiful story and website. Want to talk about real estate? Contact Me!  andrea langen / 503.890.0609 / More


I love selling time capsule properties. And even though I know Michael will update it beautifully and make it his own, it was so fun to discover this piece of 1963 with him. When I say 1963 green shag carpeting, you I don’t even need a photo to know what I mean. On top of being a fun glimpse into another era of domestic stylings, the Fontaine is an amazing opportunity. For well under $300,000, we were able to get a 2 bedroom corner unit with a little view of Mt. Hood, downtown, and the West Hills, while being less than a mile from downtown. Congrats, Michael! More

Live/work Oasis 

Labor of love

Jan and Dean created a Live/work Oasis that seemed like a labor of love.  They added a detached studio and built a peaceful, meditative space in their backyard that seemed miles from where it was, on Killingsworth.  When the little one came along, they decided to head west, like other pioneers before them, and move to the coast. They found happiness there, but what were they going to do with their home in Portland?  The short term answer was to rent it, the final answer was to sell.  They had tried a couple of years ago, and could not find a buyer, not even at a percentage of what I was hoping to help them net on the sale. End result, a high list price brought us higher offers.  Needless to say they are happy.  This Live/work Oasis is now a member of someone else’s family. Portland’s influx of new residents, lack of inventory, and recovering economy is helping to propel real estate prices.  For... More


This home is a stunner! River views on a gorgeous quarter acre lot complete with a white picket fence. Congratulations to Grant, Celeste and their three kiddos on finding their storybook family home! So happy to give you the keys this afternoon, and excited for your family’s next chapter in OC. Kate Webb | Broker licensed in Oregon | Living Room Realty | 503-957-2833 |         More


The Elizabeth Lofts is arguably one of the most desired buildings in Portland’s Pearl district. This building has a contemporary feel with open, loft-style spaces and expansive windows, all in the heart of the Pearl. I’m so happy that my client made the leap, and after much deliberation, decided on this gorgeous condo to call home when he is in Portland. Kate Webb | Broker licensed in Oregon | Living Room Realty | 503-957-2833 |         More


I have the best clients, interesting, talented, fantastic humans. One such pair, my friend Sue, along with her husband Walt, decided to sell the St. Johns townhome with a view in favor of a farmhouse around the corner from their kids and grandson. Over the past few years Sue has resisted her interest in scouring the daily home listing updates on the internet, instead completing a wonderful novel as well as a year long painting assignment. If you can’t find a show hanging her her wonderful work you could pick up her book. The title is Now I am Here Doing This , by Sue Schaefer – available at Powells. Want to talk about real estate? Contact Me :  andrea langen / 503.890.0609 /   More


Art just started his first year up on the hill as a med student at OHSU earlier this month. Art was referred to me earlier this spring from a mutual friend, his goal was to stop wasting money on rising rent and buy a property where he could comfortably live throughout med school, and potentially keep as an investment for longer. His expectations were realistic, he had a solid budget, AND he was cash, we got this… right? Well, not in the Portland market, where inventory is slim and cash buyers seem to be a dime a dozen. We ended up writing three strong offers before our fourth was accepted, at 13% over asking. In the end everything works out how it’s meant to, and this is the perfect home for Art! I’m thankful Art stuck with it, and with perseverance and diligence is now a home owner! Kate Webb | Broker licensed in Oregon | Living Room Realty | 503-957-2833 | More