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Omaha - front ext.

5604 N Omaha $329,000 Two bedrooms One bath Detached garage Covered screened porch A+ location that faces green parkway strip Wont last long!! More

We met at many a home. Wherever we met, whoever was around it didn’t matter. This little kid would yell out “Terrrri Tooooombs!” like I was the next contestant on the Price is Right. I mean, besides being a little startled, what’s not to love? This is a sweet, sweet family and I wanted to do everything possible to help them find their home. When Emily wrote her personal letter to the seller, it was pretty easy for me to add my own note to the listing agent: “Here is my client’s offer on your listing at ****************. Why shouldn’t a single mom who pulled herself up by her bootstraps, put herself through nursing school and works at being the best parent she can be, along with her son,  get a chance to live in an architecturally designed and built space? Who says these two have to settle for anything but the best they can get right now? This house inspires them and fits them... More

John Ross1

The South Waterfront is quickly becoming a very hot location for the urban condo buyer. Not yet as pricey as the Pearl, buyers can get more for their money in this very up and coming neighborhood. I’m so happy for my clients Ali and Jake who just bought their first property in the John Ross in the South Waterfront. This unit is gorgeous, 1,200+ square feet, west facing overlooking a park and the west hills, with two parking spaces. Not too shabby for your first home purchase. This young couple was amazing to work with, and they did not hesitate when this condo came active. We wrote a full price offer the weekend it was listed, only to beat out a cash offer that was one day too late. Congrats again to Ali and Jake! Can’t wait to watch this area and your investment grow. Enjoy home ownership. Kate Webb | Broker licensed in Oregon | Living Room Realty | 503-957-2833 | More

Davis Home PhotoApril2015_3

After contemplating the advantages of moving across the river, Autumn & Randy decided to take a jump from NE Alberta St in Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, Washington. They discovered Living Room Realty walking by the NE Alberta location just a few blocks from their home. I had the privilege of helping this dynamic duo in pursuit of a place to call home. We compared market values and neighborhoods between Portland and Vancouver and the result is- More for your money in Vancouver. Between busy schedules working as a school teacher and nurse at OHSU, we made it happen. They found a classic 1950’s ranch with updated amenities, in a quiet neighborhood- a perfect place to relax and get away from the busy city. Congratulations on your purchase! Thank you for the opportunity to represent you in the purchase of your first home. Thank you Living Room for connecting us!   If you are interested in making a move, lets connect! Julia Robertson | Living Room Realty | 541.505.1111... More


Front Ext

Even in this low inventory market there are sleepers.  Those properties that perhaps were overpriced when first they listed.  Properties that maybe didn’t get the best listing photos, or homes that aren’t de-cluttered, staged, painted, neutralized and cleaned to perfection.  Who knows why some great homes get overlooked but we at HouseLove are always on the lookout for those quiet little sleepers.  After loosing out on a charming, remodeled home with a fabulous art studio in SE Portland, Bay area artists Ellie and Dustin were quick studies on our competitive real estate market and started thinking about other homes we had  seen that had potential but didn’t have the pizzaz to grab the attention of the masses. This home on N Oberlin was one.  It had an adorable remodel kitchen, a tidy main floor , a spacious back yard, and two options for art studios; a large, dry basement, AND a dry garage with attached tool shed.  It’s wasn’t pristine or perfect, but it will... More

Bird In Hand 

Front of House

Twenty years ago my dear client Jonathan purchased a sweet little Bungalow in Buckman for $80k. The house was a wreck, the seller died during the transaction, death certificates had to be recorded and the sellers heirs who happened to be tweakers had to be tracked down. Once it was all over, Jonathan and his very good friend Robert moved in, gutted the house to its studs and then rebuilt the home with all new systems all while keeping the 1908 charm, feel and character intact and finishing the basement. Eight years later in 2003, I met Robert and two years later we got married and of course Jonathan was our best man. Jonathan moved out of state in approx. 2006 and has been renting out the home since then. Fastforward to 2015 where  Jonathan lives part time in NYC and part time in PA. It’s hard managing a property from a distance, but luckily the house has been home to fabulous tenants  James and... More

I am inspired by my clients. The determination to create a better life for yourself is spine-tingling. No one has more grit than this one. With the fierceness of a mama bear, Erin made sure her new home would be close to family, near the school she wanted for her girls, and have the bones that would support the sweat equity she will be investing in her new home. With laser-beam focus, she honed in and made it happen. Honestly, there was not one single hurdle this woman didn’t overcome in buying her home. It’s like she has wings. More

…to a deluxe one-level with peaceful surrounds. I couldn’t help singing that song to myself as I drove over to the sweetest ranch that suits these two to a T.  Who knew when this journey started where it would end? But here we are, and this is where it began. In NE Portland, where Jessica grew up and where Jessica and Kate owned their home for the last 9 years. They decided to sell and buy in this crazy market. Yeah, they say it’s a seller’s market, but it’s not as easy as it sounds for a seller turned buyer. We started by looking for the replacement home. The Mt. Tabor cottage showed us how stiff the competition could be. They almost struck gold with the Woodstock bungalow. I will never forget the Multnomah Village house with the incredibly high end wood-burning pizza oven in the bedroom. Despite still not knowing where their new home would be, they went all in and put their place... More

Realtor Science 

Realtor scientific research has shown that if there’s a pencil sharpener in the basement, BUY THE HOUSE. More


David is the nicest guy ever.  When I met him it was at a creepy house that didn’t have any power and looked like the roof might collapse.  I don’t usually meet people I don’t know in vacant houses – good rule of thumb when you are trying to avoid being stabbed – so I let my friend who lives down the street know that I was going to need her to call and check on me.  Needless to say it was very much unnecessary as David is the nicest dude ever.  Also, ironically, because Portland is one of those small big towns, he knew my friend who lived down the street!  Anyways fast forward a couple of months and David is getting sad about the Portland market, understandable, its rough out there.  He and Laura (my awesome business partner) stumbled across a little gem of a house just inside of his ideal St. John’s neighborhood!  Also we got an offer accepted of less than... More