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2004 NE 51st photo.aspx

Congratulations to our client, Rick, and his daughter, Allyson, for landing this cute home in the Hollywood neighborhood.  Although not as “polished” as some of the remodeled houses we looked at in the same price-range, the house is in good condition, has a great floor plan, and is in a superb location — close to parks, restaurants, shops and Allyson’s school!  Rick’s ability to look past some of the more dated finishes allowed him to scoop up the house below the listed price, without that dreaded competition from other buyers. It seems that many of today’s buyers are heavily influenced by a home’s cosmetic features and finishes.    However, we like to encourage our clients to pay as much, if not more, attention to the overall general condition and “bones” of a house.    Updating finishes are not always as daunting as they may seem and can sometimes be fun!  More importantly, if you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease, you, like Rick,... More

To buy in SE or NE Portland? 


NE VS SE   Your moving to Portland and wondering where to buy? You could throw a dart on the map and be happy in most of Portland. I’m an east side girl. I’ve lived in SE for 18+ years and don’t wish to leave it. I always find it tricky when clients ask me whether they should live in NE or SE. My east side neighborhood (Belmont/Hawthorne), doesn’t feel as if I am living in a City. It feels sort of like a small cool town, with hip residential pockets that have restaurants, parks, bars, movie theaters, coffee and tattoo parlors (lots of coffee). I see my neighborhood folk several times a week. They are a mixture of small business owners, artists, hipsters, outdoor enthusiasts, earthy mothers and long-time-crusty folk.  I know the names of the local homeless guys at the corner store and know what they prefer in their coffee. In the summer I play corn hole with the guys on 35th that... More

front of Yamhill

Stand out as a buyers agent and be prepared to work your butt off. This house had many offers written on it (what’s new). It is selling for $25,000 over asking (what’s new). Our buyer was over-the-moon-to have her offer selected.  She knows she got a good house in a great location.  The house will go up in value. In this crazy market it can be more difficult to get repairs for your buyers.   Makes sense, because it’s a sellers market. The seller most likely has a back-up offer in place behind your buyers offer. The back-up offer sits in the wings, chirping away with eagerness should your buyers deal fall apart. This is the reason you must work smartly as a buyers agent to make a solid case to the seller/listing agent if the house needs repairs. I treat the inspection period like a litigator might prepare a case. My true worth in any real estate transaction is determined by how much more... More

On to greener pastures… 


This past year we’ve had several clients buy property out by Sandy, Oregon.  With Portland getting so crowded and traffic insane, more and more people are talking about getting out of the city.  This client was doing a giant loop around NW Oregon everyday.  She lived at 97th and Prescott, works in Tualatin, drives to Damascus to feed her horses every night, then back to Prescott.  By the time she got home at night it was almost 8pm, totally exhausted.  She finally decided to live out her dream of buying a horse farm. We started off our adventure visiting every rural horse property between Newberg and Sandy.  The drive was beautiful but the properties themselves were super weird.  People just do what they want in the country.  Nothing is up to code,  there’s lots of hoarding, lots of run down crappy houses with tweaky neighbors, etc…  Her standard got lower and lower as she realized she might have to settle for something not so great... More

Not Listed? Not a Problem! 


Sean and Diana knew they were going to sell their beautiful vintage Sunnyside home at some point, but the timing was still up in the air.  They wisely asked us what they could do to get their house ready for “if and when” they were ready to sell.  Over the course of the last year, they undertook several projects that substantially improved the curb appeal AND functionality of their home.  Then, as if a sign that the Real Estate Gods were well-pleased, out of nowhere they received an “off-market” offer they couldn’t refuse.  Three weeks later they have closed on the sale of their house (but don’t worry, we helped them negotiate a significant rent-back period).   The moral of this story?   If you’re even thinking about selling, please give us a call so we can help you be in the best position if and when the time comes. Congratulations Sean and Diana — you made it look easy!! Kari and Erika More

n fargo-3 - Copy

Sometimes the timing just isn’t right to get the perfect neutral paint in a sellers home before it hits the market – no problem! With a creative + talented staging, your personal color preferences can be a hit! These bold choices below still garnered 9 offers for this adorable little condo in Boise-Eliot that had a challenging floor plan as well, so very worth the expense. Want to talk about real estate right for you? Contact Me!  andrea langen / 503.890.0609 / More

Already Home… 

Franklin Condo Photo

Daniel and Alexis came to us with a quandary:  Should we stay or should we go?  Should we pursue an option to purchase the cute, adorable hardwood floored, 2 bedroom condo in a fabulous SE location, or get out there and search for something new, better or just different? You active buyers out there reading this probably already know how this one turned out!  Properties that just kinda fall in your lap without competition, are few and very far between in this competitive buyers market.   After some fun weeks of house hunting, Daniel and Alexis came to the same conclusion and wrote an offer on their current rental. Daniel and Alexis have put their renting days behind them and are now the proud owners of a lovely condo at SE 51st and Division.  No moving boxes required.  They’ll just have to wait for real estate purchase number 2 to get the full scale moving experience! Need some help figuring out your real estate quandary?  Give us a... More

Something about Lois made me feel super protective of her. She’s such a sweet lady. I didn’t want her to land in a dump in a rough neighborhood, though she was on a pretty tight budget. We had to look at some real stinkers. She stayed positive throughout and kept saying “we could fix this up”. I was thinking “I wouldn’t want my mom to live here”, then I started saying it out loud to her. She was on the line between buying in Portland or continuing on as a renter. Then we found her neighborhood. Cherry Park. Then we found this great place that had been nicely rehabbed. There will be no “fixing up” or “making due” with this home. It’s smaller but finished nicely. Lois did her due diligence on the house and we negotiated some repairs that buttoned up a few loose ends. And I feel good knowing she found a safe and happy place to call home. More

Front exterior

Part of my job as an agent is to hold homes open for my sellers. I do this to market the house for the seller, but I also do it to screen buyers for my seller. I would call it “sizing up”. This is not to say I am passing judgement nor discriminating, I’m just getting a taste of how a potential buyer relates to the home. I’m looking to see if the house fits the buyer. And maybe, just maybe, how they will perform under contract should we get that far. Here’s a hint: When you are walking through a house and really love it, show how nice and awesome you are as a buyer. Share yourself with the listing agent. As an agent, I want to listen to your excitement. I realize some folks are quiet and process differently. That you might be collected on the outside, but internally your tummy is turning summer-salts, your heart a happy dance, and you feel light-headed... More

Home for the Holidays! 


Congratulations to first-time home owner Tiffany on finding the perfect home just in time for the holidays. After having little success with her previous Realtor, Tiffany was afraid she might not be able to find the right place before the new year. Tiffany needed a Realtor that could anticipate her desires and make sure she felt supported in her search.  After discussing her needs, we came up with a game plan to find her dream home. Less than two weeks later, we visited this beautiful mid-century modern home with a large yard that Tiffany quickly fell in love with. Newly back on the market after the previous buyer had walked away one day before the closing, the home seemed to be Tiffany’s own holiday miracle. The home even has a fireplace and hot tub that were sure to add warmth to the season if only we could close in time. Moving quickly, we ultimately won out in a multiple offer negotiation. The deal closed Christmas... More