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A business for the community. Elizabeth and the gang met me at Anna Banana’s, in downtown St Johns. They had just moved here and were looking to lease commercial space from which to base their west coast operations. When researching Portland, they were drawn to St Johns’ neighborliness and charm. They didn’t just want to operate a business, they wanted to be part of the community. A twist of fate found a space being vacated at Leavitt Station, the perfect spot for their offices. With their plans to do teacher workshops, have a small retail space, and bring in neighborhood children for events, the location could not have been more ideal. Please welcome STEAMBridge, an offshoot of Ten80 Education, to downtown St Johns as one of our newest businesses.     More

Fix-It Fair

The (27th annual!) Fix-It Fair is a free City of Portland event geared at helping Portland homeowners improve their home and lifestyle skills! Come and learn simple ways to save money, connect with resources, and ask the experts! There will be a number of workshops to teach you tricks for improving your home. In addition, featured exhibits include weatherization, recycling, and yard care. Plus more! The event takes place on Saturday, January 25, 2014 from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will be held at Rosa Parks Elementary School located at 8960 N. Woolsey Ave. Check out the full schedule here! Highlights include: 10 a.m. – Rain Gardens: Building a beautiful sunken garden bed designed to capture rainfall. East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. – Repair Cafe: Bring one small appliance or clothing item to be fixed by a Repair PDX volunteer, while you learn how to make the repair yourself! 11 a.m. – Creating a Budget that Works:... More

Punks know best. 


In our 20’s we crammed as many bodies into a house as we could to keep the rent cheap.  The same goes for our 30’s, but instead of everyone being under the same roof,  we put them in the garage or the basement.  So,  when Darin and Katie found this little cutie with a gigantic garage, it was a no-brainer.  With a new furnace and upgraded electrical negotiated in,  they are ready to roll.  But possibly the best part is being right down the street from Bui Tofu.  Congrats you guys! More

In love with a turd 


Sometimes you have buyers that fall in love with the wrong house before you’ve started working with them.  They have visited the house a million times on their own and are obsessed.  It was a tiny crappy house on the most beautiful over-sized lot in Ne Portland.  Nothing you can say to them can taint this love.  No crumbling foundation or amount of electrical issues can sway them.  It becomes tunnel vision.  I knew what this looks like because that was me when I bought my house.  Only I could see the beauty and potential.  No matter what my realtor/home inspector/contractor said, I was determined.  Luckily for these guys, after a foundation contractor came in and said the whole foundation was toast, did these buyers finally walk away.  Not a week later we found them the most solid little house on the second most beautiful over sized lot in Ne Portland.  Now we can all sleep at night.  zzzzzzz…. More



It’s hard enough to find a solid 2 bedroom house in North Portland for under $250k, but imagine finding one with a detached, brand new, modern adu in the backyard?  Our buyers have the option of choosing a safe steady monthly rent, or pimping this bad boy out on airbnb and probably covering their whole mortgage every month.  This is another win/win situation and we couldn’t be happier for you.  Congrats Erica and Marie!!! More

Wells Fargo

For all first-timers in need of some financial assistance, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!! December 13 -14, 2013 at the Oregon Convention Center, Wells Fargo, in partnership with the Portland Housing Center, is launching the NeighborhoodLIFT Program. For all qualified buyers, this program offers $15,000 towards the down payment of a home in the City of Portland.  For all the details and to register for this FREE event please visit!   More

kayak baja image(1)

Its been almost two years since my own divorce, but I remember what a struggle it was to keep my head above water. I spent many a night crying myself to sleep on my IKEA bath mat, aching for my children when they weren’t with me, and wondering if things would ever brighten. In that cloud of depression and worry, I felt completely lost.  Who was I?  What were my dreams?  How would I fair as a single parent?  How could I be apart from the man I had been with for 19 years of my life…?            In order to part the clouds within me, I ran  to what made me feel most alive and whole —-  water.   I spent 10 days paddling the Sea of Cortez solo last March to find myself.  To also find healing after a deep sickness that raked me from within.  This would be an experiment of sorts, friends called me ‘crazy’.  Would I be strong and... More

Brown Bag Lunch

Do you have trouble coming up with breakfast and lunch ideas during the school week? You’re not alone! #wegetit Last night Living Room hosted Stephanie Pearson, clinical herbalist and nutritionist and Daily Nectar contributor. Stephanie packed our hour long workshop with tons of inspiration for both breakfast and lunch. To understand the different types of food, she broke them down into categories: Stow Food, Grow Food, Glow + Go Food, Mo’ Food (super foods), and Mo’ Food (treats). Stow Food consist of fats like pastured butter, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, and whole fat dairy. Meats, fish, cultured non-GMO soy, and nut/seed/grain/legume combinations make up the proteins that are Grow Food. Glow + Go Food are complex carbohydrates like vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grains, yams, and squash. Mo’ Food falls into two categories — nutrient bombs of super foods like herbal teas, pesto cubes, fish oil, vitamin D, green smoothies, and herbs and spices or treats with fats or protein, fruit, and unprocessed sugars like... More

Brown Bag Lunch

Join Living Room Realty for a free, informational evening with local nutritionist, Stephanie Pearson.  Leave full of ideas and inspiration for packing nutrients into simple breakfasts and lunches that will keep your family healthy, growing, and fueled throughout the year. Stephanie is a functional nutritionist with a special focus on women and children’s health. She distinguishes herself in her field for her unique integration of traditional nutrition practice, peer-reviewed research, and constitutional assessment. She is a a consultant for Daily Nectar, a published writer, the Vice President for the Oregon chapter of the American Herbalist Guild, and an appointed board member for the Multnomah Food Policy Council. September 19, 2013 | 7:30pm at 2625 SE 26th. Free childcare provided. If you need childcare, please rsvp to with Workshop Childcare in the subject line. RSVP to the Facebook event here. Stay tuned for future workshops every month! More

NE23rd Island

One of the things I love most about this sometimes crazy real estate world is when my conversations with clients about their dreams and visions for a home come to fruition.  This project was designed by Mike Leckie of Campos Leckie is exactly that, a vision and dream seen through to reality.  Keep your eyes open for Campos Leckie, this might be their first time you have heard that name in Portland but I am betting it will not be the last.  Here’s more about the project from Mike himself: This project is a prototype for retrofitting the ubiquitous Pacific Northwest cottage to accommodate a more modern lifestyle. The original floor plan consisted of a series of separate rooms on the main floor, with a small kitchen at the back of the house that was closed off from the rest of the spaces. The removal of several of the main floor partition walls and relocation of the kitchen to the middle of the house creates... More