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Living as defined above can be interpreted to be a beautiful balance between work and play. The sufficient funds to live and a means to earn it, integrated with the lifestyle you seek. Our clients come to us to help them find a place to live that hopefully strikes a balance between their work, commute, careers, adventure, relationships and life they are hoping to create.

One of the most important things to our clients is living close to great businesses that contribute to the fabric of their communities and their lives. Pioneering and established businesses often put neighborhoods on the map for home buyers. Great business brings vitality, attention, desirability, and value to our neighborhoods.

Portland is made of many small businesses. The makers, dreamers, thinkers, designers, and small business people who strive to do good, to work hard, and find better ways forward. In getting to know these individuals while serving their home needs, we have realized there is a gap in commercial realty services. A place where our clients wont be talked down to and that each transaction gets the same level of in-depth attention, regardless of scale. Someone to help our important builders and creators of our neighborhood businesses find Living Room.

We have heard the call and are pleased to announce, Living Room Realty now has a commercial division that can help our clients find space to make a living and do good work. The Living Room commercial team has a broad range of experience with retail, industrial, office, and multi-family residential properties throughout the Portland area.

With the addition of commercial services our team is now able to help our clients with every facet of real estate purchasing, leasing, management, and selling.

Adding commercial services is just another way we are excited to help you answer "Where’s your living room?" Where and when is it, you feel most alive? Where is it you are fulfilling on your dreams and vision for your life? Because that’s your true living room as we define it. Wether it’s where you work or play, own or rent we want to know what living room means to you.

Where’s your living room? Where is the opportunity for you to earn an income and what is the space that best offers you the means of earning a living. How do you want this space to relate to the rest of your lives narrative?

Where’s your living room? is an important question. If we can help you answer it, then we can do more than find you a house or an office, we can we help you in the pursuit of a lifestyle. Because for us, here at Living Room Realty, Living Room is the joy of being in service. Supporting our clients to take action towards creating the meaning and joy in their work and lives that shape the vibrant community we all share.

Living Room Realty is proud to be named as a top metro-area commercial real estate firm in 2016 by the Portland Business Journal.

Our Commercial Agents

Howard Greenfield

Principal Broker | Commercial & Residential
T 503-936-6723
F 503-961-8224
I love real estate, plain and simple. From its ability to provide foundation for family and community, to its value as an investment vehicle, my job is more than just land and buildings. My job is to listen to you, learn what you want, and help you to achieve it. Whether residential or commercial, buying,... More

Stacy A. Looney

Principal Broker
T 760-550-8670
F 503-961-8224

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